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23-01-08, 03:23 PM
Earlier this evening, a lady who I had never met, pulled up in her car, with her 2 small children and a little dog, a female, desexed Pom. My OH was at our gate (we live on 6 acres) and she explained to him that she had found the little dog up the road from us and was stopping at each property to see if anyone knew who she belonged to. As she had 2 large dogs of her own, she wasn't keen on taking the dog home with her, but didn't want to see the little dog get run over or get hurt.

My OH, being the softy that he is, offered to let the little dog have - in HIS words - 'a sleep over' until the owner was found. (Now, any-one with young children, try explaining to a 4 year old and a 9 year old, that the little house-guest we have is not a fixture!!!)

About 2 hours later a young man and his mother and brother came calling, absolutely distraught, looking for their lost dog. I have never seen a 19 year old man have such tears in his eyes when his 'Mystique" wriggled in his arms and licked his face. It was absolutely beautiful!

They had only moved into our area a month ago, from SA. We are in SE Qld. They were so grateful and wanted to know if we wanted anything for our trouble. I thought they were kidding! We had only had our house-guest for 2 hours!

This may only be a small, insignificant incident to some people, but I feel so good. My children have seen first hand that one small act of kindness can impact on people. The youngest boy is now coming down to play with my son on the weekend, while my OH and I have drinks with his parents, and Mystique comes to play with our dogs.

You gotta love life!!

23-01-08, 04:08 PM
That is a lovely story miss magnum. New friends are sometimes found in the strangest of ways aren't they?

I love it when pets are reunited with their loved ones.

24-01-08, 12:53 AM
Definitely a 'feel-good' experience! Good on you! Regards!

24-01-08, 01:20 AM
I'm not sure if i am felling a little sorry for myself being at home here as i had a fall last night off my horse. But i have a couple of little tears in my eyes after that story. (silly me) :o

Thats a start to a great relationship i think!!!


24-01-08, 02:19 AM
Clovies, it's not just you. I have a bit of a tear in my eyes after reading that story too. We had a similar thing happen a year or so ago here. Two lovely dogs, an old rotty and a retriever pup, were wandering along our road looking pretty lost. It's a busy road and they were undoubtedly going to end up hit by a car if they stayed out there much longer so we brought them in here and put them into one of our yards.

We put a sign up outside the front gate saying that the two dogs had been found and were here and thank heavens the woman who owned them, who lived a few ks away and on a different road, happened to be driving past the next day and saw the sign. She was so overjoyed to have found them and told us that the rotty was 14 years old and had been with her all her life so she'd been worried sick about her especially. We all said our goodbyes and then the woman, the two dogs, and her car load of children drove off.

Later that day, when I went out to the letter box to check the mail I found two huge crates of canned dog food left just outside the gate, no note, just the dog food. The two dogs had only been here for a day and we certainly hadn't wanted anything in return, which we'd already told the woman who owned them, we'd taken the dogs in because if the shoe were on the other foot I'm sure someone would have done the same for our dogs. So it was the loveliest gesture of appreciation from her to have done what she did. I wanted to go and thank her and tell her that it hadn't been necessary but I suddenly realised that in the fluster of the moment we hadn't got their address or her last name so we couldn't find them to thank them.:-)


24-01-08, 03:10 AM
I sort of got on the "other side" of a similar story.

My brother caught a kelpie on our property - while it wasn't doing anything naughty it was scaring the horses a fair bit while it looked for people. He locked it in the stable and rang me.

I went round to the vet and feed store and then - lo and behold - there was a notice outside the general store. When I rang the number the bloke at the other end shouted with joy and then when I described the dog he burst into tears because it wasn't his.

He rang me for 2 days to see if I'd found another dog - it made me so sad the I wished I hadn't called him. There are still reward notices up for his lovely dog - everyone is certain it has been stolen not just run off. So sad.

24-01-08, 08:24 AM
I pick up every dog I come across on the road (and every other possible animal for that matter). I figure if it was mine, I would want someone to do the same for me as it would break my heart finding my dog dead from being hit by a car.

It is magic seeing the relieved expressions of the owners when reunited and worth every ounce of trouble I get in for being late for work or bringing yet another dog home 'until it's real one is found'.

It is hard though when you find you are returning the dog to a bad home though, particularly if it is a very sweet dog (which they usually are!). If in an area I go through regularly then I keep an eye out for it so if I see it out again I can 'rescue' it!

24-01-08, 08:50 AM
Don't you just love animal lovers. I've got a tear in my eye as well.