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24-01-08, 01:55 AM
So just heard on the tellie Thats he's dead. Found at his house.
##### such a short life!
What a waste, and i am not saying this cos it is drug related cos its not, but because it's soooo young.


24-01-08, 02:01 AM
It really is incredibly sad, especially for someone so young.

24-01-08, 02:11 AM
I guess more info will come out in the next few hours.
So sad


Princess Paris
24-01-08, 02:16 AM

24-01-08, 02:56 AM
Well its not so much sad for Heath - he's dead...its sad for his family and especially his daughter.

Another stupid famous person who didn't think of the consequences of his actions.


24-01-08, 03:17 AM
This time I actually agree with Bindi...

So many people in this world clutching to life. People with cancer or other issues.

He was a very good actor though. Stupid boy.


24-01-08, 03:39 AM
How dreadfully sad for his friends and family... found naked surrounded by pills - not a good way to exit stage or be remembered. A talented young man who may have been happier without so much fame and money - I imagine that perspective is difficult to keep when you are a lonely boy sitting behind a giant wall of fame covered in posters and neon lights of a perfect Hollywood life, and everyone assumes you ARE the wall.

There will be many grieving fans around the world. If it is suicide, as it appears to be, it was the ultimate selfish act.


24-01-08, 04:11 AM
I agree with Bindi too. Drugs are such a bane on our society. I really can't understand why people get involved with them.

It's poor Matilda I feel sorry for. Poor little thing has to grow up without a father. Poor Michelle later on has to tell his little girl 'Daddy died of a drug od'.

24-01-08, 04:22 AM
OMG!!!! HEATH? no way. oh geez, that is a shock. i thought he was more sensible than that. this is gonna be all over the news.

24-01-08, 04:30 AM
If he couldn't stand the heat he should have gotten out of the kitchen.
I don't mean to be cold, I felt sick when I heard the news this morning...such a waste..but it's true, there are so many people clinging to a life much less privileged than his was, and here he is throwing his away either intentionally or by abuse.
Sad...in a multitude of ways. Very sad for his family and friends.
I always spare a thought for the countless road accident victims and unknown faces dying in hospitals around the country when I hear of a famous person who's self inflicted death captures the hearts of the public.

24-01-08, 04:50 AM
You nor I know anything personal about this man. He must have had so much cxxxxp going on in his head, it's as good as having cancer etc because you can't see anything positive. He may have been clinging to life too, it's just that it wasn't exposed as a physical disease - it's a mental one. No one can judge each persons own anguish, what is one person's nightmare is another's challenge. We all have different ways of looking at things.

24-01-08, 05:14 AM
well said vellutosera. we don't even know if it was suicide for sure. we'll know soon enough i'm sure. :( terribly sad and a waste as it is when someone i've never seen gets hit by a car.

24-01-08, 05:55 AM
I love the way everyone has jumped to the "he overdosed" theory.

I hate to tell you all, but the man has been depressed for months, the anti-depressants are not a new thing. He also, allegedly, had pneaumonia as well, so I think we should all stop jumping to conclusions about what happened and wait for the official press release, which wont be for hours until they autopsy the body, complete blood tests and tox screens, etc.

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24-01-08, 06:10 AM
People can still overdose on prescription medication. No one is implying that he was an illicit drug user. The fact that one suffers from depression or any other mental illness does not make suicide any less of a suicide.

Assuming he was prescribed medication for depression many months ago, he would have been made well aware of their implication and use. It is 'very' difficult to overdose accidently?

Whatever his reasons, suicide is not an answer. Having lost a niece at age 30 leaving 3 small boys I can tell you, its never an answer.

There is always someone you can talk to.


24-01-08, 06:38 AM
If this is a deliberate overdose as a result of long term depression for Heath Ledger then I feel all the more sad for what Heath himself must have been going through. It must be an incredibly difficult thing to be both unhappy and a celebrity at the same time, with everybody looking at you, envious of you, thinking how lucky you are, and basically begrudging you any right to feel any real unhappiness.

Most of us take our privacy and our freedom so for granted, but when someone so much in the public eye is going through a difficult stage in their lives it's as if they don't have that same right to privacy that we all do, and surely that must make their pain and their feeling of isolation all the more enormous? I don't imagine many of us are in a position to really comprehend what that must feel like.


24-01-08, 09:29 AM
My deepest condolences to Heaths family!

It goes to show you can have everything and still have nothing :(

Suicide is a tragic waste and incredibly damaging for those left behind!
but unfortunately when you are that deeply stuck in a "blackhole" not a lot will pull you out again :(

you could win lotto or celebrate the birth of a new baby,
but the pain is so great and all extinguishing,
that nothing makes sense and the pain that their mind is going through, eats them alive, till all they can see is black :(

TD just had a friend die this way, he was a beautiful soul
who would have helped anyone but unfortunately he couldn't help himself :'(

24-01-08, 10:29 AM
What a callous, coldhearted and selfish bunch of people you are :(

Calling someone "stupid" because of how they died is just pathetic and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. How would you like it if your beloved son/daughter/sister/brother died under similar circumstances and you happened to come across comments such as the ones above?

First of all, nobody knows how (or why) Heath died. In time, we will find the answers. Until then, it is disgraceful that people are making such comments.

Secondly, if it was accidental then that is what it was - an accident. Have any of you ever been so ill/exhausted that you have done something that made you go "oh dear, that could have been nasty?"

I remember as a youngster (early 20's) when I was working in a large law firm. We had a huge case going on and I wanted to impress the people around me. I was very sick with a virus and should not have been at work but I wanted to make a good impression (and I had only been working there for a few months). I came into work sick and worked long, exhausting hours. I remember being so sick I took a sudafed (I usually never touch any form of tablets unless totally necessary). After running around frantic for what I thought was a few hours (it was just one), I felt no better and someone offered me a codral cold and flu tablet. I took that and within half an hour was nearly passed out. I had a racing heart, felt cold and dizzy and you could literally see my heart beating through my chest.

I had inadvertantly taken the codral half an hour after taking the sudafed. I had no idea of time (due to being so busy and also being sick and exhausted). It was a mistake on my behalf and one that frightened the living daylights out of me. I also found out that day that I am not able to take sudafed as it does not agree with me and makes me feel very odd and increases my heart rate to the point of making me feel faint. I made a mistake that probably could have been fatal if I was suffering from some weakness. I have never touched sudafed again and am very careful what medication I take, if any at all.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if HE DID take some form of medication and then took some sleeping pills, it does not make him STUPID. Mistakes can be made. Until we find out the reason for his untimely death i think you can all restrain yourselves from making such horrible comments. A young life has been cut short, and a family has been forever changed.

And lets not forget he has a daughter who will now never know her father.

24-01-08, 10:50 AM
Kylie, I know exactly what you mean re the cough medicine. I had a VERY embarassing situation a few years ago (which my kids and husband have no intention of ever letting me forget :-)) where I was really sick with the flu and was having a lot of trouble breathing and swallowing due to congestion. I've usually got a pretty strong constitution and can often get away with doing things I probably shouldn't, like taking medication in greater quantities than the doctor or chemist recommends.

Anyway, so this day my husband went out and got me a bottle of quite strong cough medication (I can't remember now which one it was). It did of course have instructions on it as to how much to take per day but as I was often inclined to do back then I ignored the instructions and took 10ml or so of the medication whenever my symptoms got hard to cope with.

Eight hours later I found myself in the emergency room of Logan Hospital, fainting, vomitting, dillusional and just generally a huge mess. My heart was apparently racing to a dangerous degree and I was admitted into hospital that night and was kept there under observation for 36 hours until my heart rate had settled back to a safer rate. And all of this from some extra strength over the counter cough medicine!

You're absolutely right about the need for people to show more compassion regarding Heath Ledger's tragic death. Regardless of whether it was accidental or deliberate, both he and his family deserve to be spoken about with nothing but compassion and empathy as far as I'm concerned.


24-01-08, 11:29 AM
You are totally correct and I am sorry if my original post lacked compassion.
His death is a tragedy. I admired him as an actor and watched every one of his films. I think he was a fine person, from the little we saw of him.
My apologies, but I think death affects everyone differently and when I first heard the news I put it down to another overly self indulgent... I should have not posted before thinking longer and harder because you are right, there could be many reasons for his untimely death, or a combination of many reasons.
Whatever the cause, his family deserve absolute compassion and respect.

24-01-08, 02:34 PM
yes we don't know yet, so it could of been a reaction to sleeping pills.
I have a story about them. Missed my flight back to London last year and had to be at work. Managed to get a flight back landing on the morning I had to be back at work. My mums friend has perscribed sleeping tablets and gave me one to have on the plane.

I took it and literally don't rember falling asleep. One minute I was awake the next I was asleep, having this weird dream I was falling in a spiral type motion, like going down a plug hole. I woke up 7 hours later ( I had checked my watch before taking the pill) Scary, as I never fall asleep on plans and I hadn't moved that entire time. I can just imagine that if you are not very careful with them, something horrible could happen. Probably why doctors are very reluctant about perscribing them.

agent smith
24-01-08, 03:40 PM
well said kylie and jamie. a tragedy for those that were close to him and a timely reminder to the rest of us to value every day...

24-01-08, 03:56 PM
When I found out I called one of my friends and she said
"Yeah I know. what a shame... I didn't even get to marry him."

25-01-08, 04:36 AM
Morning all,

What a tradgedy! I have been sort of following the story...am getting sick of all the tv stations cashing in on it though and all the rumor generation when the man hasn't even been dead for 24 hrs.

I feel so sorry for his family, they are going to be hounded by paparazzi for weeks. I wish those evil paps which show some respect at a time like this.

So here is what I have heard:
The drug story is still being pushed. Apparently a $20 note was found rolled up in his apartment. It was tested for drugs and none were found.

There are a lot of stories about packages of illicit substances being found - so far unsubstantiated.

There are many claims out there that he acted like he was on drugs when interviewed. If you watch even his early interviews, he always fidgets and looks away. He apparently was a very nervous character in this sort of situation and hence stayed very private.

He did admit he was taking Ambien, which is what Stilnox is called in the U.S. Considering so many people have had strange and dangerous experiences and side-effects, maybe this horrible drug has finally taken someone's life? This is my opionion, though no reports yet....

Anyway, he was one of the only original actors in hollywood, who chose roles that he could act in, not roles that generated money for the production companies. He was a great actor, a nice guy and will be missed - especially as it is seems he was in his prime, and had so much potential. Hopefully people will talk about his career, rather than speculate about all the horrible rumors that the gossip sites are generating to try to make money..that is so low!

RIP Heath. all my wishes to his family and little girl in these tragic circumstances.

25-01-08, 04:40 AM
Do you have news that the rest of the world doesn't? It has been said by the NYC police that it does not appear to be suicide at this stage...How do people know he was depressed or abusing drugs? Did he tell you or did you read it in some trashy tabloid?

Kinda hypocrytical that you say its sad for his family and friends and RIP and then to judge and say he abused drugs!

25-01-08, 04:46 AM
i was at home when i first found out and mum called me and went sit down..
then i did and i knew something bad had happened then she told me he had just been found dead in his NY apartment.

i was so devistated .. he was a allround great bloke and most of all a gorgeous aussie.
i feel for his family and friends

RIP heathy

25-01-08, 08:09 AM
From news report today it seems that it might not have been only prescription drugs involved in his death.

Sadly, if he was using a rolled $20 bill and taking prescription drugs for depression then it was a lethal cocktail.

And this was no accident obviously.

A person may not want to die, but they are certainly in control of what they swallow, inject, or sniff.
Heath joins a long list of famous people who's ultimate last "bad decision" cost them their lives. River Phoenix, Jim Bullushi just to name a few.

Taking drugs IS stupid, whether you are after a little time out, or the big sleep!

If tests prove he took illicit drugs, I'll feel saddened by the death of one so young, but I won't feel sorry for him.

Save your sympathy for his family, and those young people who are fighting terminal illness.


25-01-08, 08:32 AM
Bindi, if this was just a pointless drug bout on Heath Ledger's part then you're right, it was a pretty stupid choice and a waste of a hugely promising young life, but if Heath was suffering from severe depression as has been suggested then that's an entirely different situation.

Have you ever suffered from severe depression? Because it is an incredibly difficult thing to rise above when you're suffering from it and something that only those who've been there can fully understand. And if this was the situation with Heath Ledger then none of us really have a right to judge him until we've walked in his shoes.

I'm speaking from experience, because way back when I was a sixteen year old kid I took an overdoes of sleeping pills and very nearly died as a result (I spent the Christmas/New Years period in hospital that year after having my stomach pumped). Now, I tried to do what I did back then over nothing more than a handful of pretty relentless school bullies, which seems quite ridiculous to me now when I look back on it, but that didn't change the gravity of how I felt about it at the time. Had my mother and stepfather treated my situation as seriously as they should have at the time things wouldn't have gone as far as they did. But like a lot of other parents they assumed it was nothing serious and told me I was just being 'silly', because more often than not that's the general assumption with depression.

I'm lucky, I got through it all okay and no doubt became a wiser person for having been through it. But a lot of people aren't so lucky and even after all these years depression is still too often treated lightly, with situations like this being the result. Obviously, regardless of what the whole story is behind Heath's death, his family thoroughly deserves all of the sympathy and compassion we can offer.


25-01-08, 08:47 AM
I too am speaking from experience, personal and family. I know the devastating effects of mental illness, from mild anxiety to schizophrenia.

If HL mixed prescription drugs and part drugs, then he did a stupid thing. How in Heavens name are prescription drugs going to help someone suffering depression (or any other mental illness) if they ALSo take illicit drugs? Answer is they won't and they don't.

I wonder if he told his treating physician that he had or was thinking of, taking party drugs?

If he had help (prescription drugs are from a medical person), then he knew he had a problem.......Regardless, party drugs mixed with anything are lethal, party drugs on there own are lethal.

He didn't strike me as an idiot, so I guess he knew what he was doing. Knowing he was willingly taking drugs for his illness and then mixing something else......

But he's dead now, and his ex-partner and child along with his family will be left to constantly wonder...."Did he mean it, or not?"

The end result is still the same.


25-01-08, 09:12 AM
But that's the problem, isn't it? People who ARE clinically depressed DON'T think or care about the consequences of their actions, that's all part of the 'illness', so they're not going to be worrying/thinking about whether or not the 'mix' they're about to take is a potentially lethal one. Let's just be a bit easy on the guy rather than being judgemental, can we, because apart from all of the other reasons to do that, according to stastics there'll undoubtedly be people right here on Cyberhorse going through the same thing at the moment and the last thing they'll need is to be beating up on themselves for feeling those same sorts of feelings?

25-01-08, 12:25 PM
>But that's the problem, isn't it? People who ARE clinically
>depressed DON'T think or care about the consequences of
>their actions, that's all part of the 'illness', so they're
>not going to be worrying/thinking about whether or not the
>'mix' they're about to take is a potentially lethal one.

There is a very big difference from being clinically depressed or suffering anxiety, to being suicidal.

>Let's just be a bit easy on the guy rather than being
>judgemental, can we, because apart from all of the other
>reasons to do that, according to stastics there'll
>undoubtedly be people right here on Cyberhorse going through
>the same thing at the moment and the last thing they'll need
>is to be beating up on themselves for feeling those same
>sorts of feelings?

Kelly the last thing people should be thinking is that Heath Ledger was justified in his actions. No matter how bad things are, there is ALWAYS help!!......ALWAYS.
No matter how hopeless, how terrified, how lonely or how worthless anyone feels, there is always someone who can help you. Professionally and through family.
Sadly the repercussions of a famous death lead many to think that "its an honorable way out". It isn't. There is no honour leaving your family to pick up the pieces of your life and your death.

To ANYBODY reading this or any reports about Heath Ledger, DO NOT think that killing yourself is removing your pain. All it does is transfer it to the people you love, and who love you. There is always someone who loves you enough to never judge you and to always have time for you. A problem shared is a problem halved.
Don't sit and dwell on your negative feelings, speak to someone and tell them whats in your head. You see, because they love you, they will want to wrap you up and protect you, and together you can tackle whatever is hurting you. Big, small, imagined or real, love really does conquer all.


For Jo.

25-01-08, 01:06 PM
Bindi, you seem to have misunderstood what I've meant here. Yes, of course clinical/severe depression and being suicidal aren't the same thing. However, suicide IS all too often the eventual result of ongoing severe depression, and if Heath Ledger was suffering from long term severe depression as has been said and if his death was in fact deliberate, then sadly that's likely to be the case in this instance.

Also, of course I wouldn't suggest that Heath was justified in his actions. What I've said is that all of us sitting here being judgemental about what's happened to him is not only unfair but is also counter productive. And I'm sorry but I also need to disagree with you when you say that there is always 'help'. Because while there are almost always people who care when someone is feeling this way, that isn't automatically a help in itself.

Because, sadly, caring alone isn't enough. To help someone who's feeling deeply depressed to this extent requires at the very least that there are people who REALLY listen to, RELATE to and UNDERSTAND what that person is going through and feeling, because otherwise no matter how much love there is around that person, the world remains a very empty and lonely place and they'll continue to be stuck in that black hole.

Anyway, this is an awful, heartbreaking subject and one that's obviously close to your heart, as it is mine, so I don't think it's doing either of us any favours to be going over it any more than we already have, so respectfully I'll sign off on the subject.


25-01-08, 01:13 PM
geez guys wouldnt it be better too wait for the results to be concluded before we jump the gun

25-01-08, 01:41 PM
might I just add that i'm very impressed with k8's 'apology'. If more people in the world did that sort of thing, and weren't afraid to take things back that they'd said, it would be a better place!

25-01-08, 01:44 PM
yeah, we don't even know what happened and everybody is screaming 'he deserved it, 'he was a druggie', 'he was selfish because he suicided'...geesh. lay off a bit.
and kelly makes some really excellent points, exactly what i would say but better. suicide is not selfish, it is what it is. personally i don't think it was suicide. a tragic accident maybe.
you guys have also got to consider how rife drugs are in hollywood. it amazes me that there is not enough policing there. some might remember the story of when 'ghost rider', with nicholas cage, was filmed right here in melbourne. the producer ordered a MASSIVE amount of drugs to be shipped in for cast and crew. they got caught out. i don't remember anyone going to jail for that.
drugs are actively pushed on actors and crew by the powers that be. it pushes them all through gruelling 16+ hour days. i worked on a short film once being filmed at docklands. not everyone was using, but there were some. out of all the jobs i worked i think the first day there was the most exhausting day of my life. i was up at 4am and didn't get to bed till late at night. then i was up at 4am again. after two weeks i began to understand why so many people took stuff to get through it all. i don't think i could have managed what i was doing for four months straight. no, i thought it was bullshit how many times actors would say how gruelling it was to work on a film. you really have to do it before you understand. they are loooooong days and there is a tight budget and a lot of stress and long periods of intense concentration and physical stress too. i don't like how the industry works, but i understand why.

25-01-08, 02:03 PM
Nobody else's opinion really matters at all.....
Poeple may think they identify, people may think they know what happened, people may think they have shared experiences with him, but in the end he will be the only one who will ever know what really happened....and that knowledge has, sadly, died with him.
The rest is just conjecture....and guesswork.
I have read nothing here which I have not seen on the TV news...so none of us are experts when all we have to rely on is the popular news media.
We can sympathise...but we can not let our own petty agendas and squabbles overtake the sadness of his death...however it happened.
Respect his memory, his family and his career.
Then lets just leave the posturing to the medical reports....people will always believe what they want anyway....but let's rely on the known facts as they may be exposed in ten days or so.
Then leave it at that....eh?