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24-01-08, 05:01 AM
Can anyone tell me if there's somewhere I can find out vehicle towing capacities?

We're towing a large 2H angle with 1-2 horses, so max weight approx. 2500kg, but really don't want to push something to it's limits so also wantto know what safely tows 3T???

Any sugesstons.... We've looking for used 4WD. Thinking about 2002 Pajero (I know not rated for 3T)

thanks in advance:+

24-01-08, 05:09 AM
These all generally tow over 3 tonnes:

Land Rover Discovery
Land Rover Defender
Toyota Landcruiser
Nissan Patrol

There may be a few others... I can vouch for the diesel Discovery myself :)

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24-01-08, 05:46 AM
I would be double checking the Patrol's tow capacity.... we went through this not too long ago... ended up buying Patrol's little brother Pathfinder because he WAS rated for 3t, where as the Patrol WAS NOT....

24-01-08, 05:50 AM
I would be personally going for Landcruiser or Discovery.

Discovery is actually rated to 4T, get a diesel for fuel economy.

Patrol should pull a float without an issue.

You can find out about towing capacities from the manufacturer's of the vehicle. If you just search for Nissan, for example, you will be able to look up the patrol and find its towing capacity without picking up the phone or leaving the house/office.

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24-01-08, 05:55 AM
See here regarding current model Patrol and towing capacity



Obviously will vary a little according to model etc but generally speaking a Patrol will tow over 3000kg.

Still love my Discovery though ;)

24-01-08, 05:55 AM
The Patrol is not that high, it around the 2.5T

Dont forget that you need to check your tow pack, it's ok to have a car that can tow that much, but the tow ball etc must be able to carry that as well.

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24-01-08, 05:56 AM
My new Ford Ranger has a 3T towing capacity but I have no idea why. No way i'll be towing 3T with it! I would trust my Patrol much more, but it is only rated at 2.5t? Some of the newer 4WD's have very high towing ratings for the weight and engine capacity of the vehicle. Did the rules change recently?

24-01-08, 07:33 AM
Re the patrol, it depends on how old the vehicle is. Mine is a 92 and it can only tow 2.8 but the newer models can tow 3.5 I think.

24-01-08, 10:25 AM
I have towed with a Landcruiser V8, the new Landcruiser turbo diesel, a 2000 model Landrover Disco and a Landrover Defender. I currently have a 4.2L diesel Patrol and it is rated 4T.

I loved the Disco, the Defender needed aircon, but would tow anything anywhere. I prefer the Landcruiser to the Patrol, but I have the Patrol at the moment.

It will depend on the model and make (even the Landcruisers), but generally speaking, Patrols, LandRover Discos or Defenders and Landcruisers are your best bet and are all rated. The other thing to note re towing capacity is the size of the vehicle and its weight distribution. For instance, a Landrover (example only guys!!) freelander is rated 2T (from memory), but with such a short wheelbase, towing is really unpleasant.

For all intents and purposes, the rig has to look balanced. There is nothing more frightening than towing a long float with a short car and having the "tail wagged by the dog".

I would love a cruiser as the tailgate folds down rather than the back doors onthe patrol which are a little unfriendly to negotiate.

Hope this helps.

24-01-08, 10:28 AM
The newer Nissan Navara Utes can also tow 3T. But like someone else said you need to check the actual towball for its rating as some are heavier duty than others and there is something to do with down pressure on the ball. Someone else might be able to explain that better.

24-01-08, 10:56 AM
This article may assist:


24-01-08, 03:03 PM
reg..i think you need to get your facts right before posting...
nissan patrol GU TI

ENGINE 4.8-litre, DOHC, 24-valve, in-line, six-cylinder
MAX. POWER 185 kw @ 4800 rpm
MAX.TORQUE 420nm @ 3600 rpm
LENGTH 4930 mm
WIDTH 1930 mm
HEIGHT 1855 mm
TRACK(FRONT/REAR) 1605 mm/1625 mm
(UNBRAKED) 750 kg
TOWING CAPACITY ****************************************
(BRAKED) 3500 kg
DRIVING WHEELS Rear/part-time 4WD
STANDING 400M 19.0 secs
ACCEL. 0-100km/h 13.2 secs
BRAKING 80km/h-0 (m) 33.0 m
(AS TESTED) 22.9 litres/100 km
FUEL CAPACITY 131 litres (incl. sub tank)
(AS TESTED) 570 km

the older ones only 2800kg

24-01-08, 03:17 PM
Can I query the 4 tonne rating please?

The current ADRs (Australian Design Regulations) wont mark any of the current 4WDs to be rated over 3.5 tonne. Even though a fair majority (bigger ones) can comfortably tow 4 tonne.

Also current car licensing in Australia only allows 3.5 tonne for towing.

maybe this is another car that Nissan slipped through the ADRs? Like the Navara until it got revised back under 3t?

Also at the high end of the weight spectrum have electric brakes as well as load levellers. Makes for better performance.

24-01-08, 03:44 PM
If you go to redbook you can look up specs for all car models and year and it will tell you the towing capacity for them.

25-01-08, 05:23 AM
I dont trust redbook.... it had landys at 2500.... which I am sure is wrong....

Maybe I was not looking properly :)

25-01-08, 05:36 AM
My partner is also looking at a Ford Ranger, and I was pleased but slightly wary to hear it can supposedly tow 3t. I think this is because they are designed as more of a commercial workhorse than many of the large 4WD's.

25-01-08, 06:16 AM
Sorry!! I meant 3.5. Having a brain fart. Comes from having a long day of writing lots of numbers. Wonder how many others I got wrong. Eek!

25-01-08, 06:19 AM
Hi Cybergirl. I'll be towing with the Ranger for the first time this weekend. One horse only. Will let you know how it goes. I wanted to run it in and get the first service done before I was game to tow with it. Will let you know how it goes.

25-01-08, 10:47 AM
hi all, thankyou so much for all this advice and suggestions!!

We just spoke to a dealer about a 2002 Pajero, and he said it does 2.5T and towing that weight once a week up our big hill (Perth hills)it would be dead in a year or two!!

So my new question, to those who tow a large load regulary up big hills what do you use? and how is your vehicle coping?

Cheers :-)

25-01-08, 11:18 AM
Hi, just a little bit of advice (from experience)don't just check out the motor size of the vehicle you will be using, please also check out the gearbox capacity. We had a lovely new 4x4, 6 cylinder and ended up a few years down the track with a problem that the motor was more than capable towing around a 17hh horse but the transmission (it was an auto) was not. Ended up trading it in & after doing alot of research on 4x4's got a new Nissan Patrol 4.8ltr who's motor & gear box/transmission is more than capable of towing 2 x big 17hh Warmbloods without a prob 4 years later.

Hope this helps.
PS Also look at diesel, great workhorse although you still need to check out gear box capacity.