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24-01-08, 10:32 AM
Gosh I'm blue at the moment. I have about 6 and a half months left in the world's worst job, currently living in South Western Sydney. Just to give you an idea, it is never quiet here. We are right under Bankstown Airport departure route ( Boyfriend loves this because he is a pilot - now we never have a full conversation because he runs outside to view whichever plane / helicopter is flying over). Even at night it is never fully dark, as the lights of Sydney make the sky glow. Everywhere you drive you get tail-gaited, even if you are already 5ks over!! And there is nowhere to go anyway, just the mall. Perfect for a spendthrift saving for a house deposit!! No horses, not even a saddlery within reasonable driving distance.

Oh, bring on August. I am hoping to move back home - Toowoomba or north to Maryborough maybe. Anywhere I can find some peace and quiet. It's so sad, I pick up the RM Williams catalogue just to dream of the country!!

Anybody else got the urban blues?

24-01-08, 10:50 AM
ooohhh yeah. i know exactly what you're going through, sunline. :( blue, blue, blue.
living in the city sucks! i hate it! i love to visit, i love the art scene, films, shopping, restaurants, food, bars and night scene, but i'm too darned sleep deprived to enjoy as much as i should. give me the screaming silence of a one horse backwater anyday. well at least for a few days, lol. i need peace. peace from the drunken idiotic teens leaving the nearby pub, the burnouts, the traffic, the dogs, the neighbours, the traffic, the stench of urban life, the smog and pollution, the traffic, ye gods it's driving me nuts!
and i need space, and fresh air, and to be closer to my horse so i can ride more and have access to farmer's markets with fresh produce instead of the shrivelled crap i'm forced to endure from supermarkets. everytime me and my mum visit the horse we drop by some berry farm or local produce store to pick up some good goods.
*big sigh* :(

24-01-08, 11:39 AM
Yep im hearing you both too! I live in the burbs, not to bad an area nice and leafy and my house is great BUT i work at Wynyard in the City, hate the smell, to have a conversation outside you have to yell over all the traffic noise especially the buses, dodge people, stand in Q's, catch trains. My job is so so but pays good. I have to drive 50mins on the F3 every weekend just to see my horse and even that dictates what time i leave as the traffic on that Freeway gggrrrr... I want nothing more than live in a nice quiet, country town on some acerage with my ponies in the backyard. Oooh I miss the country.

I grew up in the country and took it sooo much for granted, couldnt wait to get out.. now i cant wait to get back in. :-(

sighs too!

mayville lodge
24-01-08, 12:13 PM
I know what you guys are going through, just in reverse. Grew up in a small city where you couldn't keep horses except in the next shire, had a father who didn't like horses (great dad in many ways and nobody is perfect) and wouldn't consider living anywhere where we could be reasonably near them. Got married to a darling man 28yrs ago who foolishly didn't know what he was letting himself in for, and we moved to a broken down old house with no windows, doors, electricity, plumbing, 10,000 sparrows, 2 dogs, a cat and 14 horses. Poor hubby had never even had a pet! The place has come a long way since then and every day I wake up and remember what it was like to have long distance animals. I hope you all get lucky too!

24-01-08, 12:14 PM
hey you should come where i am i am thirty minutes outside the city
but have the perfect country life 5 acres quiet streets ponys when i look out the window any window of my house cause we live in a horse dominated suburb its nice to look out the kitchen window while doing the dishes and watch next doors horse in his paddock or eat my breakfast luch or dinner at the table and see my ponys.... i have to addmit though when i love up at kurrajong (40ks the other side of windsor i hated being so remote the closest shop was 20ks away

24-01-08, 01:47 PM
Sillyfilly, I had to move here from Richmond - near Windsor. I loved it out there!! Kurrajong is a beautiful part of the world. It's a shame that 5 acres and a house in the Hawkesbury will set you back close to a million dollars; otherwise I would never leave.

24-01-08, 03:10 PM
I know where you guys are coming from, but I have a bee in my bonnet at the moment about people bagging SYDNEY when it's just the PART of sydney they're living in!

It seems that countless country people I meet, upon learning i'm from sydney, start down the 'oh i lived there and couldn't stand it...' My next question - 'what part of sydney'? Without fail it's the west/south/combination of those two. So everyone who hates it - spare a thought for the people to the north!

I hope it doesn't sound snobbish. I realise I'm probably never going to be able to afford to live on the north shore when I buy somewhere!

But Sydney IS a beautiful wonderful city...just depends where you go.

Having said all that, my lifelong dream is to go out to the country so that I can have my darling horses/dogs/cats etc right there with me :). But there'll always be a soft spot in my heart for the gorgeous leafy safe quiet area i grew up in.

24-01-08, 03:18 PM
Mona, I know there are some die-hard Sydney-ites out there, and I truly don't mean to offend! I guess it gets me down because at the moment my life is just about 180 degrees the OPPOSITE of what I truly want my life to be. This hectic, materialistic, rushed lifestyle doesn't suit me one little bit!

Having said that, I DO love the Harbour. As I said, My boyfriend is a pilot, and we often do flights over the Harbour and down the coast, and in a small plane you realise just how beautiful it is.

24-01-08, 04:55 PM
See I think Sydney is one of the best and easiest cities to live in on this earth - and I've lived in a few. Just last week I was back in Germany where it was cold and still dark at 8.30am in the morn and then dark again at 5pm at night. Not fun.

I'd be depressed if I lived in Bankstown as well! Can't you live somewhere else? Do you really have to stay in your job? One of the best things about Sydney is you have so many work opportunities and most organisations are pretty mature about you working from home 1-2 days a week.

What I love about Sydney is I am only a 50min peak hour commute from work. During my work day I overlook Sydney Harbour and after work I get to live on acreage with my horses! Can't do that in Singapore, or Hong Kong or London or Frankfurt or New York. Sydney salaries allow us the financial freedom to have our horses.

When I am feeling blue I remind myself "I'm in control of me". So if I don't like what is making me blue I can remove it or make a change.

I'm guessing I'm at a different stage of life to you (ie: considerably older!). Even so, when you are young you make personal sacrifices either to get ahead in career or because you think you have found you life partner. Just make sure your decisions are balanced and you haven't sacrificed to a level where you are miserable.

25-01-08, 01:51 AM
Hi Everyone,

I too live in Sydney, to the north and commute into the City every day for work. Im not a huge fan of public transport or the claustrophobic feeling I get every day when I step of the train to start my working day but I do manage to balance out by visiting my horse once or twice during the week and at weekends.

The only way I keep my sanity is to keep this balance. Its important when working/ living in the city to maintain the balance otherwise you go insane and that aint a pretty look.

As soon as I earn some money, pay of a whack of the mortgage down here and can afford to move again, its off to the country for me... Gimme the simple life..

Good luck to all in finding you balance and much needed solitude of wide open spaces.


25-01-08, 02:13 AM
I live about an hour out of Sydney and I like it where I live but there are so many developments going on I just cringe. These beautiful properties are broken up and sold off to have these huge houses put on them without breathing room between you and your neighbour let alone any yard. It makes me sick. My lovely little town is going to be ruined.

How can you say ONLY a 50min commute to work? I hate driving to/from work, traffic is awful, the air is filthy, its noisy and its just getting worse. The people are so materialistic and rude. I love my weekends cuz I can get away from it and instead of staring out an office window at a concrete wall I can look out at green paddocks *sigh* I donít know how anyone stands living in the city I would go crazy its bad enough that I'm there during the week.

I canít wait to start tafe then at least for part of the week I wonít have to travel to the city and hopefully at the end of it I will be able to get a job far far away from Sydney.

You know what I think is funny though? The guys at work think I'm crazy for wanting to live out in the country and I know they are crazy for wanting to live in the city. Though if they didnt I suppose they would ruin the country for me :)

25-01-08, 03:07 AM

Donít bag the Bankie

I was born there as was my parents and it was a beautiful place.
Just got my birth certificate, as usual the govt demands a full unabridged copy for passports apparently.

And there it is, in black and white, fatherís occupation, Ice and Fuel Merchant.

being the only blue eyed blonde in a tribe of black haired brown eyed boys, heard the neighborsí discussing me and one said I was the milkmanís daughter. Being too young to know what the old bitch was referring. I happily chirped up, "no, Iím the icemanís daughter".

To which she tut totted and said poor child, even she knows.

N me thinking, whatís her problem, doesnít she know dads an iceman?

Bankstown was a childís delight.
Beside the railway line was a huge drain full of taddies, frogs, fish, and turtles.

Black Charlieís hill was over 100 acres think it was 250 of untouched bushland, bower birds, finches of every kind including Gouldian. (YES GOULDIAN.) We would take a bag of sandwiches and disappear for the day. It made me cry to remember how much those council mongrels destroyed to build their precious council chambers. (To raise the money to build it they sold every piece of public parkland donated to em that the donator was no longer alive to object.)Yet when it burnt down the idiots had never insured it, so now itís Keating Park or as many call it Piggery Park. He doesnít seem to have lived that bit down yet with some. Either way a pretty poor exchange.

And yep we lived under the flight path,

U just make sure you donít put the glasses close enough to touch, there was one idiot liked to break the sound barrier and they would smash.
Enough complaints and he was banned from it. PEACE.

At the top of the hill on Marion road on the left was a RAAF base with an underground bunker and 7 foot barbed wire fence. My herd of horses ran in there for many years after it was decommissioned. There were many areas you could graze a horse.

Even today i believe there are some 700 horses in Bankstown and Condell Park although most are trotters.

In the car park of Bankstown trotting track my ex stock horse Aeneas taught me you can work wild rabbits.
Even if itís only possible after dark when they have come out of the scrub to graze.

Bankstown pony club was where i learnt so much and explored every inch of the scrub behind the car park and we had our one day evens. The drain the car park was where dear little Darmack bolted along backwards after he fell into it having a hissy fit. Only stopped when his bum hit the pipe where it went under the factories. Lucky he couldnít fit or goodness knows where we might have ended up.

There is good to be found if you look for it.

Although have to admit they have just about built on every paddock i used now. The high flyer hotel stands on the birthplace of Garthowen Boy, Judith (The Seekers fame) Durham's dad bought him from me and won many races with him, he told me later.

So go to the High Flyer and drink a glass the days i spent fencing that paddock, to the innumerable sheep skins I had to dispose of (some mongrel kept dumping them and the guts after heíd done home kills)

Ho and the guy who dumped his trash and forgot to keep the envelope with his address in it.

LOL redumped the lot on his lawn.

Yep Bankie was a fun place and still have heaps of relies there.

So remember it once was a little village where the local delivery man (my mums dad) drove a team of 6 percherons and stabled (used to play in the stables) them in his backyard in Rickard road (they were 2 Ĺ acres blocks where Bankstown Square now stands.

And everyone knew everyone else. Bit of a handicap that couldnít do a thing that wouldnít get relayed back to the parents.

25-01-08, 04:18 AM
Hey Sun Line,

I soooo soo soo know what your talking about. Im a queensland girl too and I dont like Sydney either! Been here for a year and a little better as now iv got a pony now! I also cant wait for the day to go back home!

25-01-08, 04:20 AM
Hey Mindari,
Thanks so much for that, I love local history and that story was really great, thanks for taking the time to write it out :)
That's what I was thinking that Bankstown still has heaps of horses, most trotters but as recently as 2 years ago you'd still see small horse paddocks around there.

What I can't fathom is that people drive 50 mins to see a horse???!!!!! jeez I realise you dont want to get rid of them because you like them but isn't it time to give it up when you have to keep them that far away? and 50 mins to work?! ! jesus christ!!
It just seems incredible to me. No I'm not a rich person who has a country estate and thinks life is just easy, but I know if I had to move my horses more than say 15 mins away from me I'd move house and take them with me cause it wouldn't be worth the commute.
For a start I was taught - and can see on my own without being told - that if you can't see your horse every day for whatever reason then you shouldn't own one. Why would you want to anyway? out of sight, out of mind, you may as well just pay for a trail ride every so often. I realise, well hope to god! that your horses are on full board so they have supervision and care which is the reason for seeing them every day but I know that I personally woudln't even feel like a horse owner only seeing them weekends or once, twice a week. I feel sorry for you all and hope your lives change for the better soon. How frustrating that must be!

25-01-08, 04:52 AM
Just moved out of Punchbowl to Canberra so I know exactly how you feel.

Things I donít miss about Sydney:
Looking out my office window to see a couple having sex on their balcony across the street (not good when you are on a teleconference).
Having to wait forever for a train at Town Hall when it is 30 degrees outside and at least 40 on the platform and you are there with at least a thousand people as the platform is so crowded that you are in fear of falling off it.
Having very, very large people just sit on you on the train as they think that it will get you to move (yes happened to me very frequently, the joys of being small is statue).
Having the person sitting next to on the train just lean forward and throw up.
Having people try and feel you up when on a crowed train or bus.
Having people stop their cars as you are trying to cross the road so that they can talk dirty and lude to you (because you are female and have blonde hair) or offer you drugs.
Having neighbours who like to shoot up in the air every night with their guns or let off fireworks right outside your bedroom window.
Having neighbours who sell ice and other drugs and donít care who sees them doing it.
Having the neighbours 8 year old brother doing the drug running (i.e. running out of the house and giving it to people waiting in their cars).
Only having Indian Miners in the bird variety around the area.
Having no trees to look at.
Having to deal with large crowds in the city.
The smell of the city (it stinks like a homeless person all the time which makes me gag).
Unreliable, scary and sometimes very intimidating taxi drivers (ended up getting one taxi guys card (lovely older gentleman) so that I could call him if working back late as I was too scared to get any old taxi).
Watching kids playing on the streets and they will not move if a car comes speeding round the corner (I am talking about 3 year olds and one who can barely walk) and their mother will not come out of the house due to religious reasons and the father is away a lot with his religious duties.
Being able to hear a constant hum all day and all night (I love silence).
When going somewhere having to leave early just so that you can take into account the traffic or travel delays.
Not being able to do things without having to pay some sort of money for it.
Not being able to see a real horse everyday (need that fix)

Things that I miss about Sydney:
Hubby is there for work
My cats are with Hubby at the moment (I have them every so often)
Chicken rolls from Chop Chop Chicken on York Street
The money I was making


25-01-08, 05:31 AM
Hey if you have nice neighbours would be amazed how many horses sheep and pidgeons n dogs u can keep in a Bankstown backyard.

we had three horses, one sheep, 15 pidgeons, two dogs and a cat.

umm should i count the budgies? and Guinea pigs 250 (used to show em)

forgot the goats.
two nannies

be nice to the neighbours and offer to let em eat their grass n save em lawnmowing and your "grazing" areas increas nicely

used to offer a lawn clipping collection service too.

would roll and dry the clipping and then bag em for the sheep and goats.

in one summer would have enough stored for winter for em

oppps forgot the peacocks. had two males and 3 females.

kept em hidden in the stable n yard under one of the trees. thanks goodness they calls cant easily be traced to source.

one neighbor was out to get the kid with the claxon horn.

they used to sing out to bill arnolds male two miles away and he would sing back. boy they carry.

25-01-08, 05:35 AM
250 guinea pigs? Jeepers and I thought 40 or so that we had was alot.

25-01-08, 05:37 AM
yes i got a bit of a shock when dad counted em.

had to do a cull after that. he put a cap on 100 was selling the extras for weeks to mollify dad

come to think of it, a new neighbor moved in and wanted em gone but the inspector said as the stables had been there over 20 years and were built before permits were required they could stay.

we were packing it as i also had an orphan foal under the house in the garage but lucky he was asleep and he didnt notice him.

the complaint was we had horses too close to the house. lucky he forgot to add he was literally in one way in the house.

25-01-08, 05:46 AM
we did have a blue kangaroo for a while but believe it or not their urine stinks as much as a mouse's?

the little dear was so cute but he insisted on hopping up the back stairs and doing his business at the back door.


Gave him to an unsuspecting childrens zoo.

he was so spoilt he could climb or jump over anything to get to where he decided he wanted to go. gave em the sheep and the goats too when it got all too much.

25-01-08, 05:59 AM
lol, hedgewitch, know and feel your pain. though i live in melbourne.

25-01-08, 06:17 AM
Hey why dont you check out the trainers round condell park and find out any with an empty stall you could keep one there?

or if your a good rider offer to help work one?

some trainers not only work em in harness but ride em too.

cant remember names right now but worth a ask.

get back your horse fix at least.

25-01-08, 06:19 AM
Hi Bareback girl
I take my daughter twice a week to see her horses & ride which is 1hr away (1hr 20 if she's driving- on her l's).I live near Menai & travel M5 & M7, Richmond Rd through Windsor & up 2 Wilberforce for the last year.
Previous to that I kept 1 horse (pony clubber, interschools)) that we had 5 mins from us for 3yrs but spent countless times in the car going to feed, unrug, clean stalls, work etc(sometimes 5 times a day). I grew up in the country for 20yrs before moving to Sydney when i got married & when my daughter at my suggestion tried riding we were both hooked. My daughter is passionate about her horses & when our instructor suggested that we move the horse up to her property & take over her 2 Star horse to event with we felt it was an honour.
There are 5 families that commute from my area to Wilberforce to the same property so we carpool as much as possible.I kept this going as what better healthy way than to work with your passion, have great friends to ride with, learn skills & keep her so busy she doesn't have time to wander the shopping malls.
I do find it difficult financially as it costs me $20 in tolls per return trip & $20-25 in petrol per trip but I have also made new friendships & I enjoy the drive. My dream is to move onto 5 acres & not have all the suburb chaos around me but I do have to be mindful of where my husband works so I need to wait for a few more years ( I have an 8yr old that is also into horses).I have also learnt a few skills like towing a float etc & I don't see us giving up our passion for a while yet.
Anymore mum's that travel out there?

25-01-08, 12:56 PM
Thanks for the replies everyone! It's nice to know I'm not alone. It's also nice to see that someone loves this area! In answer to your question ALLIE, this isn't the sort of job you can just leave. You sign up, you're there, and you go wherever they tell you to. I have as much control of my life as possible - I have been studying for a degree at nights while chained to this job so that I will have some viable options when my time is up.

To the poster who said they wouldn't have a horse if it were 50 minutes away. Well, I have always agisted. I am utterly determined to achieve my goals in this sport, and enjoy my horses. If that's what you have to do, that's what you have to do! I personally wish there was a lovely horse waiting at the end of a 50 minute drive for me!!

Mindari, thanks for the suggestion.

25-01-08, 01:32 PM
I don't live in Sydney (thank goodness!) but I have gone from being a "country girl" to a "city girl" and so preferred my former lifestyle. I drive an hour each way to visit my horse on the weekends and I guess that's what I'll be doing for a very long time! My dream of living a secluded life in the country in a quaint little cottage don't look like they'll ever be a reality. My O/H enjoys the beach/clubs/shops etc and has a need to be in the "hub" so I guess this is where we'll stay - You can't help who you fall in love with!

I was glad to read everyone's responses - makes me realise I'm not alone lol

25-01-08, 01:38 PM
So many people have to agist more then 50 minutes away, I persoanlly would rather travel and see my horse, then not travel and have no horse- and I do see him practically everyday. But then I guess it depends on how dedicated you are. But for the record, i'd do anything to get out of Sydney!!! Although I have to agree Sydney habour is beautiful.

25-01-08, 01:53 PM
You know i can kind of understand where some you are coming from and reality is unfortunately, that I choose to stay in Sydney for the time being, so to set ourselves up for the future. Pay off the mortgage so we can too get our dream property in the next 3-5years (unless we win lotto).

I also choose to have my horse 50mins away for his sake, he lives in full board in a nice size paddock with plenty of grazing getting fed twice a day and rugged/unrugged when needed. I see him religously on weekends and during daylight savings some afternoons during the week.

The best bit is when i get there and call his name i get the BIGGEST whinny and he trots off to meet me at the gate and that just makes the frustrating drive all worth while.

25-01-08, 03:58 PM
Sun_line - can I ask what type of job makes you sign up and then go where you are told? Are you in the army or airforce? Don't answer if you feel uncomfortable dislosing what you do. Or PM me if you want to express yourself or just talk about how hideous your job is.

I'm concerned that you describe yourself as "chained" to the job. August is a long time away especially if you are sleep deprived and studying as well. If you are blue now, I'm particularly concerned you may be feel even worse in a couple of months.

If you had access to horses on a regular basis would that help the way you are feeling? PM me if you feel like it.

26-01-08, 01:56 AM
Hang in ther Sun_line, and the rest of you stuck in cities! I'm sure there are others, like myself who suffered through a few years of the same in order to create a better future for themselves. I hated the tram ride up Swanston St to Melb. Uni (usually walked to save the tram fare! Got very fit!) for four years, dreaming of a country property and horses outside the door. When you're young a year seems so long, and four years like a lifetime. Sometimes you just have to do what must be done and suffer through, knowing it will benefit you in the long term. The main thing is to feed your dream whenever and however you can. You can things like find a school, a good instructor, and get some lessons to keep your dream alive. I also got a job strapping, fantastic experience. (Lousy pay!) I had my own horses that I saw at weekends to get me through, too.

Hope this doesn't sound like a lecture full of wise words - not meant to, just speaking from experience! Sympathies but if you want something badly enough and can feed your dream, you can ease the suffering and frustration a bit! Regards!