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24-01-08, 03:29 PM
Has any one had any funny experiences where a horse has acted up with one person, yet been an angel with the next? Well here's mine...

This afternoon I was riding with one of my friends and her horse was playing up. Her - having a realy short temper - got frustrated and hopped off. So I decided to swap horses, anyways... I got on and this horse was an angel! It tried a little pigroot at the start but that was all. So my friend - who was very red in the cheeks by now - was just like "PFFT whatever!" And she got back on acting all high and mighty to cover her embarrasment... Well, straight away her horse dumped her itno the dam. I rode over in hysterics and she just stared at me acting all mad, then burt into fits of laughter. Then she slipped further in and straight under the water. (It drops off about 1m in)

... So has anyone else had a similar experience. I'd love to read them and have a good laugh.

24-01-08, 04:22 PM
That's funny, Jasmine - a chuckle is always appreciated.

Oh, I have just too many stories on this topic but most of them are embarrassing so I'll just admire yours. Horses do have a way of deflating the ego.


24-01-08, 05:05 PM
Yes, well we need some humor with the current debate going on.
I'm staying out of it completely :) Probably the smartest thing to do.

24-01-08, 05:13 PM
Yo - hearin' you there, babe!

Hey, what are you doing up so late? Isn't it past midnight down Mexico way? I'm heading off to knock out the zeds right now and up here in cane toad paradise it's only just past 11pm.

Not long till school hols finish... had a good break?


24-01-08, 05:41 PM
LOL sorry I have no idea about Mexico, I live in Aus :P

Holidays have been alright, except for the fact that we sunk a boat.

24-01-08, 05:56 PM
Aww Lea. No reminders please :(

6 days and counting :(

But my funny story invovling Lucky..

Once upon a time there was a tin of boiled barley that a young strapper decided to put on a chair on the other side of the horse fence. Along came the noble steed Lucky who knew what the tin was full of barley, so he lent over the fence. And he strained and he strained and all he could do was just touch the top of the grain with his lips, but he couldn't for the life of him, lean over far enough to actually eat any of it. So him being the smart and talented noble steed he is, went over to the step that was used by the young strapper to get over the fence (it's a bucket with a plank on top) as this was only about 1 m away. So he tipped the bucket over and picked the plank of wood up which was only about an 2 inches thick, and he dragged it so it was on the other side of the fence opposite to the grain. He proudly placed his 2 feet upon the plank and stood on it and reached over and dug his mouth into the well deserved reward of boiled barley. :)
The end..

And I watched the hole thing laughing that he couldnt get the grain.. until he did that and I was like :( too clever for me :P

Ahha.. he is a clever boy though.
I put a lid on that same tin of boiled barley the other day and tried to get MOnty to take the lid off using the handle on top. But of course he just nudged it until he pushed it off. So I went and put him back in his yard and Lucky came along and grabbed the handle in his teeth and tossed the lid away (like 2m away)..

Gee he's a clever boy :P

Hehe those are my funny/clever stories :)

Cheers PB

25-01-08, 12:32 AM
Have a 5 yr old here that was just broken in before EI hit... he'd had about 4 or 5 rides out after coming home from the breakers. He was going pretty well at that stage.

So, lock down happens and he hasn't been touched since! On Tuesday my 14 yr old junior rider gets on him in the arena, and he's an ANGEL! I couldn't believe it! He did everything right!!

Wednesday my 37 yr old 'tough guy' rider gets on him. BUCK, BUCK, BUCK, BUCK, BUCK. It was VERY funny! The rider was mortified that the junior girl watched the whole thing! Then, she got on.... horse was an ANGEL!

You had to be there.......

25-01-08, 03:38 AM
I know a very smart ex recehorse who had a different funny habit with eack person who rode him. Aparantly he was famous for returning from track work without his rider. He'd do a few laps, quiet as you like, then when he wanted to go home he would just spin around, dump the jockey and trot back to his stable. With his next rider he used to bolt. Did several laps of the local showground during the hack classes before they could stop him. With his next rider he decided to be girthy, and would buck if you didn't do the girth up one hole at a time and walk him in a circle between each hole. With his trainer he was headshy, and with me he always tried to bite when I did up the front strap on his rug. He always did the same thing with each person, and never got his weird habits mixed up. I could do the girth straight up and clip his ears without a problem but for me he was a bugger to rug!

25-01-08, 03:48 AM
Oh I love the one about the ex racehorse lol!

When I was selling my QH x mare (who was perfect in the saddle but an utter cow on the ground) the person who ended up buying her asked me to ride her first. That was fine, I hadnt ridden her in ages, but when I got on, she just walked and trotted, plodded really as she was ever so lazy, even tried her stubborn thing and I soon got her out of it. I might at this point add that she had been abused by men in the past and didnt really think much of them. The fella got on, and as soon as he put a foot in the other stirrup, that was it! She tried to back him into teh barbed wire, tried to do the bolt, just didnt want him on, and he ALMOST came off, but to her dismay he didnt.
It was just so funny coz she was happy to plod with me on, but didnt want him to do anything with her!

They are funny creatures!!

25-01-08, 04:12 AM
OMG YES!! It happened yesterday! I went to see this stallion who I always say hello too (WB). anyway his owner was there so he patted him first then i went to, he had his ears slighty back and when i turned around his mouuth was wide oipen as much as he could and realy tried to hurt me! I was quiet shocked!..

25-01-08, 04:38 PM
I've had many funny/embarrassing experiences (I think we're asking all asking for it being horse lovers lol).

A few years ago I moved my girl and another mini to my friends property. On the day they arrived we (the two horses, my friend, her brother & sister & myself) were trotting down to the arena across the lawn. We went past the shed and in a shelter next to the shed there is the horsefloat and a tractor. Nilla spotted the tractor and freaked, running to the left and into my legs and I flew over the top of her as she kept going. Everybody thought it was hailarious. Actually even I did, lucky she isn't a big horse.

Another time I was blocking Nilla from getting out the gate, she decided she'd had enough of waiting for me, so she stuck her head down and ran between my legs. I got caught on the bulge of her belly (she's not quite small enough to stand completely over), I tried to hop backwards to keep up with her but failed dismally and fell over. The amount of times I've "fallen off" my miniature horse probably exceeds how many times I've fallen off the big ones lol.


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25-01-08, 04:47 PM
Oh these are all good for a laugh!
My boy has a bit of attiude on him! One day I was mixing up his feed in his feed bucket in the POURING rain on the otherside of his fence. Puddles were all in the paddock, and even more so at the fence. He was getting impatient so he stomped one all mighty stomp right besides where I was mixing his feed together, needless to say I was DRENCHED! And I bet he was laughing on the inside!

If he is stading there and I dont put his feed bin close enough to him, he will grab the side nearest to him and pull it closer! Its actually quite funny to watch!

Poor boy has not had a very happy experience over the past few years, basically been left in a paddock to fend for himself, but he is much happier now, loves his feed and attention, and loves to give a bit of cheek!

25-01-08, 04:57 PM
Hi Jasmine - quick 'fractured geography' lesson. Mexico IS Victoria! It's just crazy slang. I think Queenslanders borrowed the lines from the American song about, "Down south of the border, down Mexico way" to refer to Victorians who are way down south... (on the continent of North America, Mexico is south of all the U.S. states, just south of Texas which used to be part of Mexico, hence the importance of the Alamo and the American heroes who died there like Davie Crocket, Jim Bowie ). Quite often we simply call Victorians "Mexicans" and if there's a trip to Melbourne planned you may hear someone talking about heading down to Mexico. Maybe it's an old people thing, lol. I'm a Cane Toad now (Qld - home of the cane toads) but I WAS a "Mexican" once, and the Cockroaches are the New South Welshpeople and the Sand Gropers are from WA. I'm sure there are worse terms.

Funny stories.

25-01-08, 05:03 PM
Puddles Monty always does that to his feed bin.
One day I was doing up his rug and i had him just out of reach of the feed in his feed bin. So he grabbed it and pulled it out of the shed. Mind you he only has to move it about half a meter. So I pulled it back in. So he looked at me and quickly dragged it out. So I pulled it back in. So he turned his head to me and looked me and the eye and slowly turned around and slowly pulled it out. So i pulled it back in. And he glared at me. And stood there. So I did up his rug and walked away and he quickly pulled it back out. So I ran back and pulled it back in and said "ha you dont like that do you" So he pulled his top lip up at me. And this was whie he had EI so dribbly nose and everything. So as I was walking past he turned around and wiped his nose down my front then blew it. I was LIKE ARGH YUCK EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

So he beat me :P

25-01-08, 05:07 PM
Why ever are us New South Welshmen cockroaches?


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Dare to be all you can be
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Miss Positive
25-01-08, 06:35 PM
This is not so much funny as strange and inconvenient...

I have a pony that from the day he arrived has absolutley DESPISED my mother. Didn't like the smell of her perhaps. Mind you this fellow is gentle as a lamb. The kindest, most gentle giant.

Even now if mum stops with the best of intentions to fix a slipping rug or bribe him... snort, stomp, ears pinned. It's the strangest thing!!!

Anyone else ever experienced anything like this??

26-01-08, 03:46 AM
Yes - my older bloke has a very strong idea of who he does and doesnt like.
At the old place we were at I would worry every time I had to go away.. I had a lady feed, water and rug for me, but the horse really hated her!
She was an experienced horse person, but he would bluff her like mad about the rugs (teeth on show, rolling eyes, ears back, sometimes charging around the stable), and then the strangest thing was - he wouldnt eat! I actually asked this person if they really did feed him when I got home one weekend and found only one feed gone!!
As soon as I got home, he ate again...

But yes, horse are very good levellers....you will never end up with an over-inflated ego if you ride... horses will soon bring you back to earth, and successfully make you look like a twit!

My old boy has done this on many occasions... We have one video that often comes out.. We were at a large show, and had been having a wonderful day - we had won the hack sash, and I had also won champion senior rider... I thought I was pretty good! The judge asked champ. and reserve rider to do a lap of the ring before leaving so we did... I thought would be really speccy to do a nice collected, canter..which was all good until we passed a pusher, on which its occupant proceeded to chuck a hissy fit and hurl its drink container..which hit my horse, sent him sideways at the speed of light, then he put his head down and put in two (just two!) good bucks... And there I was sitting on my butt in the ring (still with that tri colour sash across me!) watching my horse buckjump his way across the ring to the judge, who caught him and held him until I got my breath back and could slink over to take him back....


26-01-08, 03:53 AM
Not strange at all. Horses always know a handler/riders level of ability (or lack of it in some cases). :)

26-01-08, 03:19 PM
I posted earlier in this thread about a 5 yr old that bucked a 'tough guy' off after a 14 yr old girl rode him with ease. Well, the next day the 'tough guy' gets back on the horse! Here, in his own words, is his experience:

Well what a difference a week makes.Had to get on a horse that I thought would give me trouble and nothing.Nada zip.A couple of rides and still nothing.C'mon 5 months off give me some curry.Nope This is too easy.Right,next horse please.Young grey broken just before ei 5 months off.Mmmm,could be interesting.Give him a rub and let him know I'm going to get on,swing the leg over ass hits the saddle and he's off.Buckidy buckidy buck buck buck buck buck.Wakes you up doesn't it.Managed to stay on no worries.After the bit of circle work he's ok,a bit touchy but things are looking up.Next day lets go out on
track.No bucks at the start so everything looks ok apart from that look in his eye.You know the one.Then on the way back he goes a little close to the fence and I gently try to tuck in my leg before it snaggs on the wire and buckidy buckidy buck buck buck.No saving
this one I'm off before I hit that fence as I fall he decides that he'll stand on me just to finish me off.Little prick.So I fall into 4 foot high cobblers pegs and come up covered from head to toe in the sticky buggers and to add insult to injury he runs off.Little prick. Did I mention that he was ridden earlier in the week by a 14 year old girl.No problems for her.If she had been bucked she could well have been able to high five the yankies on the space station as she only weighs 256grams.No he saves that for me.Little prick.
Isn't it just fantastic to be riding again. Even the little prick.You don't know how much you miss something till it's gone.

26-01-08, 03:31 PM
Hey Royal, You are cockeroaches as in state of origin!! And us QLDers are the cane toads! :)