View Full Version : THS and going to shows

25-01-08, 01:29 AM
Hi rod & others,
Now that competition has begun again in NSW, do we need a traveling Horse Statement for every green zone show that we attend?

25-01-08, 02:10 AM
Hi Tallyho

From what i understand yes, and a copy needs to be given to the people running the event. Pretty sure you need one for everytime you leave your property, unless you are going to the same venue via the same roads withing 7 days.

25-01-08, 03:16 AM
Yes you need a THS every time you move a horse in the green zone.

In the purple zone it is similar except from 4 february you will also need proof of immunity.

The organisers need to take a note of your THS number. This can be done when you make entries or buy tickets etc. If the organiser want to check THS at the gate - that is up to them. It is not a DPI requirement. The organiser is not required to check the details of the THS - it is the horse owners responsibility to provide correct details.

25-01-08, 06:39 AM
thanks guys - will get onto it now.