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25-01-08, 11:53 AM
Anybody got one these?

How do they tow, how do they drive etc.

Any opinions welcome.

25-01-08, 12:13 PM
My OH recently bought a BT50 freestyle cab turbo diesel ute, and he just loves it! He needed a new ute for work, but he uses it to tow the boat on weekends and a bit of 4WDing.

He tows a 1.5 tonne excavator behind it when he is working and it goes like a dream. I have not towed my float with it (I have a Landcruiser for that) but I'm sure, going by how it easily tows the boat & excavator, it would do it no trouble at all. It is designed to tow 3 tonne so should happily tow a double float.

We shopped around before deciding on this ute, and it was by far the best value for money compared to the others. It was also voted 4WD ute of the year last year.

25-01-08, 12:21 PM
I'd also be interested in feedback on the Ford Ranger as my partner is pretty seriously considering this one as his next vehicle, which means it will ultimately replace my Commodore as my towing vehicle.

27-01-08, 05:26 AM

27-01-08, 08:04 AM
We purchased a BT50 a few months ago. We are farmers and had always been holden rodeo fans. Test drove both and loved the mazda so we decided to get one. It is comfortable on road and goes well off road too. Pretty economical on fuel. We are beekeepers and we often tow a tandem trailer full of bee hives, and it pulls this load no probs. We have also had a stock crate on the back full of sheep, and the tandem trailer on behind, also full of sheep and could sit on 100 k's quite comfortably. Haven't used it to tow my horse float but I'm sure there would be no problems - it has plenty of grunt (and I only have a mini!!) We love it!