View Full Version : Cytec Shoes Update 3

25-01-08, 04:57 PM
For those that are following this, I have lunged, videoed and had a coach all assess the way my boy is going with his new shoes (it has been four weeks).
He definately has a slightly longer stride (not higher at all) and seems to be coping with all aspects of work at this stage fine.

My worry is any long term issues that may arise due to many opinions on this type of shoe.
Now while I welcome ALL input, I would like a little more than just heresay. After all damage to horses legs can occur through all kinds of ways from poor training methods to what surface we ride our horses on, as well as the weight of the rider and conformation of the horse.

I am still reviewing these shoes, as my greatest concern is the health of my horse.
Every opinion is appreciated.

26-01-08, 02:03 AM
Hi there Oscar,

I used ##### on a young horse (first shoeing ever)that I had bought as I thought I would try to do the right thing by him and had heard good things about ##### and after checking their website thought I would try it. After initially getting them on his movement was great and I thought oh these seem great. Anyway then he started showing signs of lameness and just didn't seem happy. Rang my vet and he said to get the shoes off and never to use ##### again. I got my old farrier to take the shoes off and under where the ##### shoe had been was completely bloodied, he had such intense bruising from where those shoes went and it took months to get him right. I am not saying that it may not work in certain circumstances but what it did to my boy was horrible. My vet said to me that these shoes have an application if the horse requires them for some medical reason otherwise don't touch them with a ten foot barge pole. Just my experiences and opinion. Good luck with them and I hope they work for you just be careful. I must admit I like the sound of barefoot but am reluctant to try due to this experience.

Kind Regards