View Full Version : Bjorsells Briar - a Question for y

25-01-08, 05:00 PM
Can anyone tell me why Briar's near fore is clipped out - is it because his other legs all have distinctive stockings and by clipping out the remaining plain leg, it in fact looks much lighter and more like a stocking so as not to detract from the movement??

I only ask as it doesn't look like the rest of him is clipped - being such a rich liver this clipped out bit makes him look more even.

Anyone else noticed this??

26-01-08, 01:00 AM
It isn't! It just a bit yellower than the rest of him. Must be a bit like the "blue" leg some horses get. It's a funny coincidence (unless it's the result of some treatment in the past) but as far as I can see it has always been that colour.

26-01-08, 08:44 AM
Thanks for clearing that up - I did wonder...