View Full Version : Anything on In Sydney?

Cheeky Chappers
26-01-08, 02:13 AM
Are there any shows on in or around Sydney in the next couple of weeks? Desperately need a horsey show fix!


26-01-08, 02:18 AM

Yeah there are some shows coming up...

If you go to Emmas Show Horses www.emmasshowhorses.com she has all the upcoming shows on throughout Australia, there is a show in Sydney on 2nd Feb all the details are on Emmas.

Cheeky Chappers
26-01-08, 02:47 AM
Thanks Flea!

27-01-08, 12:54 AM
Northside Riding Club at St Ives Showground is also running some members only events in the upcoming weekends.

27-01-08, 07:04 AM
Theres a breed show at Clarendon on 2nd Feb. Come with me I'll need a hleper!

27-01-08, 10:06 AM
Eventing NSW have just run a fabulous clinic for juniors and young riders in eventing, and also had some interschools kids there as well. SIEC was so happy to have the place buzzing again, and the local shopkeepers said it had been terribly quiet.

Anyway, Sydney Eventing has a mideweek (20th and 21st) and weekend (23rd and 24th) February competition coming up.

If you want to come and pencil for the dressage phases or cross country jump judge, please PM me. Or visit the Sydney Eventing website www.sieceventing.com

27-01-08, 12:19 PM
The Olympic Dressage selections are taking place at SIEC on February 4th.

Warringah Dressage is having an event on 24th February.

28-01-08, 07:00 AM
DNSW has a comp on the 10th of Feb at Clarendon


28-01-08, 09:35 AM
Does anybody know if 'just anyone' is allowed to spectate at the Olympic selection at SIEC? Thanks.

Hye CC, I know what you mean. I desperately need a horse show fix too. OH and I realised yesterday that the last thing we watched was last year's CDI; I think that was in April?

28-01-08, 09:55 AM
I can't imaging why on earth we wouldn't be allowed to spectate at the Olympic selection event at SIEC on 4th Feb.

Just turn up!

28-01-08, 10:54 AM
Its on the DNSW website...spectators can attend and its free!

28-01-08, 01:22 PM
I think Camden (about an hour out of Sydney) ODE is on in two weeks (although I heard rumours of cancellation because of low entry numbers) :)

29-01-08, 12:27 AM
Online Shows!!! Online Shows!!! Online Shows!!!

(Promise I'm not advertising!)

30-01-08, 04:15 AM
I am fairly sure Camden will run - everyone is leaving entering to the last possible minute.