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26-01-08, 03:39 AM
Entries close 26 January - midnight - get out there on Saturday and snap some pics of your horses!

This show covers all coloureds - Palominos, Buckskins/Duns, Cremellos/Perlinos, Champagnes, Silvers, Paints, Pintos, Appy's, Palouse....

Classes to suit coloured miniatures, Arabian bred, Warmbloods, QHs and double registered coloured horses....

We've had a really good response to this show so far but some classes are low on entries so you never know your luck!

Check out the details at www.aussiecoloureds.com

Thanks to all those who have entered so far - I am told we have raised enough money to pay Computer Sashes for ribbons that we had ordered and couldn't use because our Championships had been cancelled due to EI. These ribbons will be awarded to winners and placegetters in the online show :)

Hope you can all join in for a bit of fun!

26-01-08, 04:01 AM
Ok, ok - I'll find something to enter! My own photos are so very ordinary - I make great horses look 'nice', but I'll be brave. Going there now and will put an entry or two in JUST to keep you happy!

Leanne O.

26-01-08, 04:22 AM
It's all for fun and fundraising Leanne! :) yeah, c'mon - have a go :) We could do with a few more Cremellos! ;)

26-01-08, 09:49 AM
I'll be depositing a million dollars in entry fees into your account sometime tonight! lol Not really, just seems that way...kids saw the huge programme and just kept ticking class after class after class so I've been washing horses and taking photos - apparently you need to take 40 photos to get one good one but I kept stopping at 39. And with three white stallions, there'll be a few clashes but it will make up numbers for you!

Leanne O.

26-01-08, 12:18 PM
Would love to enter but it wont stop raining here long enough to take some pics and the only ones i have of my boy are paddock and ridden ones hahahaha i wanted to enter but havnt had a sunny day for 3 weeks now ggggrrrrr


27-01-08, 01:28 AM
Palomino_Nut, don't worry if they are paddock shots as long as relatively clean as people I know have entered with just paddock shots.

27-01-08, 02:52 AM
Get your camera out, Pal_Nut - there are lots of fun classes as well as the formal classes: dirtiest palomino, cutest foal, play shots, etc. then all the formal halter classes for all colours (all dilutes as well as paints, palouse, appy, etc.) all broken down into ages and sexes so there are hundreds and hundreds of classes. It IS a horse show with real horse show ribbons, and we haven't had too many of those lately.

Take the dirty shots first, then just hose off one side and take some formal shots. Heck, our daughter's foal is really just paddock condition NOT anything like show condition, but we put her in for the fun of it. The mare has one foal on her and is back in foal so looks FAR from a show horse but we scrubbed her up and tried to stand so the shadows didn't reveal her broodmare status too obviously. The Stock Horse shots were awful - I washed him and he looked magnificent in the flesh, but my camera is not a top of the line one, and it's take a shot and wait, take another... so I had a series of less than perfect shots (legs perfect, mouth yawning; all perfect then a tail swish so he looked like a manx cat without a tail).

But, I've taken part, and it kept the kids entertained all day yesterday picking out the dozens of classes we could enter. So check out the huge range of classes available, get out the camera and I'll look forward to seeing your entries on line when they sort through them and load them up for judging!

Leanne O.

27-01-08, 03:28 AM
all of my pics are copyrighted unfortuneatly but look forward to seeing all the others lined up for judging.

27-01-08, 03:59 AM
In the rules, professional photoghrapy was allowed as long as you had written permission from the photographer and they were taken in the past 12 months.

30-01-08, 05:48 AM
Thanks all for the posts and your encouraging words for those potential entrants :)

Jacqui informs me that there are just a few stragglers coming in now so if you begged and pleaded you might just get lucky....hopefully she had an enjoyable long weekend!

Seems this has been an absolutely FABULOUS fundraiser for UPWBDA and already there is talk of running another (probably January next year...) - that way you have the next 12 months to prepare!

And a little birdie tells me we have had around about 160 entries which is just wonderful!

Thankyou Cyberhorse for allowing me to bore people to death with the details - it has worked wonders! and Computer Sashes will surely be happy for another bill paid in the current environment!

I'd say it will take another week or so to load all the exhibits ready for viewing by the general public during which time our judges will commence their job...it is quite a big task but I am trying to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible!

We will advise a date of when winners and placegetters will be announced.

Thankyou to everyone who has supported and participated in this event - we are truly grateful!