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26-01-08, 04:19 AM
Hi There,

I have horses who have had EI and are now fully recovered.

I have to get the vet out to do a blood test to get a certificate of immunity. Can anyone advise how long it takes to do the blood test normally?

I was thinking of going to a show next weekend and was wondering if I got the vet out next week if this was enough time?

Thanks All


26-01-08, 04:22 AM
It took mine about a week to come back.

26-01-08, 04:23 AM
Depends on which lab, which state and their workload. I would allow a week at least. They are all very busy at present.

26-01-08, 04:30 AM
Mine were done about a week and a half ago - and still don't have them back. Got a phone call to check where the horses were kept and owners details etc last week, so they obviously have them :)
Maybe soon

Princess Paris
26-01-08, 04:34 AM
It also depends on whether your blood samples get lost or not too!We had our blood taken on the 13th December for the immunity test and as of Monday we still hadn't got the results or certificates. And we had chased it up. I received a phone call on Monday morning saying the samples had been lost. Anyway the vet had to come and redraw blood on Monday.So if that happens you could be waiting for weeks! but I am sure you wont have too! Just my experience! Anotehr funny thing, our horses got microchipped at the same time. When the vet came back on Monday he scanned them all to get their m/c numbers for the form and my friend's mare's m/c had dissappeared so she had to be chipped again. All fun and games with these bloody regulations! I still don't understand the need for microchipping when they are clearly branded and registered. But that has been done already so wont go on about it!

26-01-08, 05:11 AM
The info that I got from my vet was that if the horse was branded, it doesnt have to have microchip.. Am I being told porkies?

26-01-08, 05:18 AM
The DPI requirement for movement is that the horse needs to be microchipped OR clearly branded.
It might pay to check with any associations/ competitions that you may deal with, as they may now require microchipping as identification.

And yes, the results are coming through in a very haphazard manner, so I would allow plenty of time. Remember too, that the vet then needs to sort through all the results and sign the forms. This can take hours and not many vets have a lot of time for this additional paperwork at the moment (huge workloads trying to finish vaccination, do clearance testing AND fit in normal vet work!), so it may take a few extra days for the vet to provide the certificate.

So allow plenty of time. I predict there will be a huge rush of people on Feb 3rd wanting certificates so they can move their horse and it just won't happen overnight!!!

Princess Paris
26-01-08, 05:23 AM
I read somewhere, can't remember where, that the EFA are going to make it compulsory to have all horses registered with them to be microchipped by July 2009 or something.I will try and find out where I saw it. We thought we would get it done while we had the vet there as it was looking like we would have to if we were going to compete for the first half of the year.

Found it - this was on an email from Toni Venhaus

FYI - the new EFA Gen regs are on the national web site. Of note is the requirement in future for all horses to be micro-chipped.

Article 114 Horse Identification

1. OCs at major Events such as EFA Australian Championships must give an identification number (bridle number) to each

of the participating horses.

2. The identification number must be worn during the whole Event at all times when the horse is out of the Event stables.

3. From 01 July 2008, to get registered with the EFA, all horse must have a microchip meeting ISO 11784 & ISO 11785


4. From 01 July 2009, all horses participating in Official competition must have a microchip meeting ISO 11784 & ISO

11785 inserted.


30-01-08, 09:30 AM
Hello Everyone!

Just thought i'd let you all know that I took the horse to the Vet at 6pm on Friday night to get blood taken and microchip. I asked the vet to put a urgent request on the blood results (no charge for this) and the results have come through from the DPI today!!! I have my certificate of immunity and we are off to the show..



30-01-08, 09:53 AM

Are you in NSW?

Although, I suppose it is not going to work so well once we start labelling everything "Urgent"!!!????