View Full Version : Horses sick - People sick?

26-01-08, 05:42 AM
I kind of find this funny, just not atm.

The horses get EI, and I, along with a few other horse workers I know, get flu as well. Two weeks ago a few of the horses picked up a cold, now I have one! I know sickness shouldn't jump species, but it's starting to make me wonder.
Anyone else seem to get sick with their ponies?

Brain full of snot... all I can think of.

26-01-08, 08:21 AM
Yes, there has been noted incidence of humans getting a 'cold', flu-like condition when in contact with EI sick horses. Nothing too serious, it seems. (Greyhounds got it too, and they got financial compensation!) Regards.

26-01-08, 08:26 AM
Yep happened to me when mine got sick too.