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26-01-08, 07:16 AM
ok, one of my horses has a small leading problem, during the day, my two horse are put out into a big paddock to graze, in late afternoon i bring them up into their other paddock for the night, it is also where i feed them their hay and grain. but this is the problem, when bringing the horses up, one of them, the gelding will do this little squeal, then bouce around and prance next to me, he doesn't try to run off though. i think it is because he is excited to get his dinner because he does love his food, but it is annoying and it hurts my arm :) so i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to stopping him from doing this? oh, and he doesn't do it for the whole walk up, just the first few meters but then he does rush up. in the afternoon is the only time he does it, but yea, as i said, it's really annoying and naughty :)


26-01-08, 07:47 AM
I would stop him and back him up, the more he does it the harder and faster I would go backwards, it won't take him long to figure out this is getting him nowhere.



26-01-08, 07:52 AM
ok, thanks lots, i'll try that this afternoon when i bring him up :)

26-01-08, 08:14 AM
it may take a few days, would love to hear how he goes. Good luck


26-01-08, 09:07 AM
ok, and yes, i'll tell you how he went, about an hour till i bring him up:)

26-01-08, 09:26 AM
My colt does the same thing so I make an effort never to rush him to his yard.
Infact I take extra time out so we just stand around and he eats the grass and we slowly make our way towards his yard as he's eating and this has worked because days I don't have time to stand around and let him eat he's walked nicely to his yard. Also walking fast can get them excited to get there faster but don't walk too slow because they can get impatient.
If he does go stupid then I've taught him NOT to come over the top of me but to move away but his shoulder isn't to pass me (then they try to cut infront of you and get in your face). Sometimes he does a little jump for joy and he's given a yank and a firm "NO" and he settles down, if his shoulder passes me I say "WOAH" stop and jiggle the lead rope where he quickly walks backwards into the respected position.
But of course he only understands these things because I've done prior training.
I like to remind my OH that EVERY moment your with you horse your training them, and leading them to and from paddocks should be no different then in the show ring (apart from trying to show up your horse).

Elwood stinie
26-01-08, 09:44 AM
He is hurrying to get to his food by the sound of it, make sure the food isnt in the yard waiting for him, have him in the yard for a while before you feed him.
Also everytime he starts to jig jog spin him around and walk back towards the paddock, when he relaxes slowly turn back towards the feed yard. Keep him calm and let him stop and graze on the way?
Hope that helps, otherwise just put skates on your feet and let him take you back to the yard! he he only joking!
Good luck with it!

26-01-08, 10:40 AM
lol, about the skates thing, hehe. but yes, thank you everyone who replied, i brought him up about 20mins ago and he bounced around a bit, i pulled him to a stop and made him stand for about 1min then walked him forward again. he didn't go silly, though he was still rushing a bit on the walk up, but hey, it won't take one day to fix it :)
thanks again :)

26-01-08, 11:51 AM
teddy bear...horses are grazing animals and they would naturally eat 18 hours of every 24....so that being said, by afternoon, your horse thinks he's half starved. ... So imagine you have gone without food for a day or so, you are really hungry, your belly is rumbling with anticipation of being fed...you know dinner is on the table so you run in the door eager to eat. ... not because you're naughty!...but because you are hungry and everything in you is telling you to 'eat'!
However, it is true, you need him to pay attention and walk without jigging whenever he is being lead...not just at feed time. So I would try taking him out of his paddock and doing the lead up to the usual 'feed' spot...many many times a day. Each time I'd pay real attention to where his thoughts are and make sure that he is paying attention to you and not to all the other things going on around him. Don't feed him every time you get him to the yard...just feed him maybe every third or fourth time... a little here and a little there...and yes..I would let him graze at your discretion along the way...make it an enjoyable walk, not a rush to get to the dinner table.
After a few weeks of 'practicing' up and down, it should be automatic that he just walks out relaxed because you've taught him it's better to be that way.

26-01-08, 12:03 PM
ok, thanks :) i understand, i will definatly do some practice sessions with him.
thanks for your help it's appreciated

Elwood stinie
26-01-08, 12:13 PM
also can you feed him before you take him up at night?

26-01-08, 01:36 PM
um, i don't know, i mean i have always fed the horses in their main paddock in the morning then put them in the other one, then brought them up and fed them. i could be worth a try though, thanks:)