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26-01-08, 01:55 PM
My just turned 4 year old daughter Emmerson had her first group lesson today in a full sized arena and rose to the trot by herself for the very first time - all the way around!

As I'm always teaching littlies, I suppose I take it for granted that they can come on so quickly but this afternoon was really special.

I confess I had a lump in my throat as she is so tiny but gutsy.

She went over trot poles and a tiny jump too!!!

Mind you, her feet are still on the saddle itself - it'll be ages until they actually make contact with the sides of the pony!!!

Will endeavour to put up some photos upon return of teenage other kids...

26-01-08, 01:57 PM
EMMI!!!!! So cute!..... Wish i could have been there!!!.
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