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26-01-08, 02:04 PM
Lee Kernaghan has been named Australian of the Year. Do you agree?? or is there someone more deserving??? voice your opinions!!!!
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26-01-08, 03:25 PM
I think it is fab, he is well deserved of the award.

26-01-08, 03:28 PM
he does a lot of charity work, i say good on him pitty more celebs are not like him

26-01-08, 04:22 PM
Inbred W Boat Anchor who cant sing.

Nope can think of atleast 100 others who actually do something of any use, apart from try and sing with a hick twang (which hides thier inability to sing) about sleeping with your sister, your dog dying or running out of beer in your ute whilst holding back homosexual feelings about about your hick inbred mates.

As you can tell, not a country music fan. Except maybe Jean and dean Ween.

My favourite line from the Blues Brothers " Why, we have both kinds of music hear, both county and western."

26-01-08, 04:32 PM
Gosh DO, you've obviously only heard your 'typical' country music and none of the country music made today. Most of it sounds like rock. Atleast you can actually understand what their saying instead of some bad rhyming in rap or silly heavy metal with guys just groaning or screaming like freaks through the whole thing.

He's just as Australian as the rest of us and atleast he's proud to show it. Country doesn't make him a 'hick' thats an american term, this is Australia mate.

Well done to him atleast he got off his butt to persue his dream and repaid it to charity on his way. Don't see you standing up infront of thousands for charity?

Its because of blokes like him that give our farmers the inspiration to keep going that keeps the food on your table. I live in the country, have you seen how desperate the farmers are? And what their doing to survive just so they can supply Australia with food?

Remember DO:


26-01-08, 05:18 PM
Well, he's done a lot of Charity work, but I would have liked the guy from the Choir of Hard Knocks. But Kelsarni has a point - this bloke DOES care for the country.

26-01-08, 06:06 PM
...and he sings a number of songs about horses or riding!!!

27-01-08, 12:00 AM
I reckon it should've been Shane Warne..

Think about it...

He promotes Australia in countless hotel rooms all over the world...

27-01-08, 05:38 AM

27-01-08, 02:47 PM
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Kartika.... thats a good one.... I think Lee does derserve it...
Rhino Rhino. Where you go, I go.(inside Joke!!)

27-01-08, 04:04 PM
Actually I would go with the entire Australian Cricket Team.

I mean who else could endear us more on the sub contintent.

Apart from Lay Lay Hewitt (COMMON) who else could be better to sell Aus overseas.

28-01-08, 05:31 AM
DO - he wasn't made aussie of the yr coz he's a singer, it's coz he raised tonnes of money for drought relief

And don't diss Lleyton - he's hot LOL :P

Lisa an Gypsie
28-01-08, 09:25 AM
I think what he has done for the farmers in drought is amazing...don't see many larger clebs doing the same...

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28-01-08, 01:39 PM
The choir of hard knocks guy won the "Local Hero" award which, albeit not quite so high profile, fits his work more appropriately given that the choir of hard knocks is a local initiative, whereas Lee Kernaghan works on a more national (albeit rural / regional) level.

Well done everyone who won something. Bringing it back to a horsie theme, the people working on the EI assistance package ended up winning an australia day public servants award.

28-01-08, 02:50 PM
He deserves it for his efforts in fund raising.
Well done congratulations.
( Just don't play me that gawd awful music , crawling imitative jingoistic -dislike most of it, and the hype that surrounds it-even the shiney shirts and big black hats ;-(