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nell (Guest)
21-04-01, 09:29 AM
Bows and Brickbats ..
Bows to the wonderful Greencoats at Sydney Royal - guys you sure deserve a super pat on the back .. so here is one for you. You are appreciated.

Brickbats : well people where to start .. should the first one go to the Pony Judge who amazed most onlookers with her decisions (why work the ponies at all - it meant nothing) and then said on completion of judging (over the mic) she excused her champions for not working???. Sigh !!

Bow: to the owner of the Shetland who was so robbed in the small pony championship.
Bows: to the Res. Champion big pony who was also robbed of his rightful place as champion - on this occassion.

Bows: to the Pinto ridden by M.T. who didn't place under saddle - oh my!! and to the other pinto treated likewise.

Bows: to the owner of the Champion Pinto STallion who was robbed blind in the Supreme - oh !!! my!.

Brickbats to all of us who go around saying: gosh such and such just is an awful judge.. and they are...!! It is time to accept that breeding or showing does not mean you can judge.

Worse still - is to do nothing about it.

It is the issue we have to address - 'i.e there are some EFA and A listed judges out there - who are shocking judges. They are NOT doing anyone a favour.
Now please: I am not saying; such and such is an awful person. What I am saying is: We have a number of well known names judging and they should not be!

Brickbatts to the P.C. senior judge: oh my!!! I felt sorry for those kids.

Bows to Maree - she did a great job.

I do hope that this post can be taken in the spirit it is intended, which is not sour grapes.

Riders, Breeders, Parents, Horse Owners and interested people: I invite you to address these issues and band together and lets try to come up with some solutions to these issues.

Jan Heine (Guest)
21-04-01, 10:05 AM
Can I please add a couple of things to this post - a huge bow to sydney for making life so easy to get to the showgrounds - I went up and used the rail system to get to windsor from the airport on Tuesday night and it was efficient and the trains were clean and the security guards were wonderful (must have noticed the frightened rabbit look on the face of this adventurer) and kept popping in and out through the whole trip - then on Wednesday we took the train to the showgrounds and it was easy and efficient again and the same story when I left the showgrounds (in peak hour) to get back to the airport! Exceptionally easy to get around on the train system - so huge bows for that!!!

Brickbats however for the fact that obviously the organisers of the show did not do their numbers properly and there were many things that had run out - like catalogues!!!! Not good enough for information junkies like myself!

But having said all that - it was the first time I have been to this venue and it is awesome - mmmmm what are we going to do a bout Melbourne Showgrounds - dirty and dangerous - perhaps someone from melbourne could pop up to Sydney and have a look - I was so impressed!

aussie (Guest)
21-04-01, 11:25 AM
AUSSIE SAYS! well I love the trains at sydney, onlu been there once but still hehe, double decker and oh so clean!

21-04-01, 12:55 PM
So you were the person on the Windsor to Sydney Show train travelling with the drop dead (lovely skin snd teeth) companion. Others can only watch and weep.
Glad you had a great time Sorry about Tuesday night

Guineas (Guest)
22-04-01, 12:14 AM
I know how you feel about the catalogues. I was lucky and got mine early in the show, but was so disappointed with the showjumping cataloguing. No breeding listed, or ages, or colours of horses. Why??? Can someone at the RAS enlighten me, please. Following the Olympics, a grat many more peole are following the Olypmic disciplines and are keen to learn all about the competitors. I am pretty sure that this is the only section not to contain the pedigrees. Graeme Barker does give it at times, so it must have been on the entry form, so why not put it in the catalogue???

vps (Guest)
22-04-01, 05:32 AM
Yes I felt sorry for Mark Tarrant, what can one say though. Hey yes I feel sorry for our stallion Champ Pinto not to get supreme as well it would have been nice to get 10 royal supremes in a row but maybe Im just greedy. The greencoats are all great guys and of course their wifes and put alot of time and loss of income to do the great job they do. I agree with the Shetland should have been champion small pony with what was in there. Hey this is the Royal people look at the results and decide how they will go with breeding and purchasing horses. I must say I wonder who you are as I am glad someone else thought our boy was hardly done by.

Richard (Guest)
22-04-01, 06:47 AM
I have to agree - time has come that we need to do something about some of the judging. How long would the cattle industry be able to survive if the judges who have to comment on their places say something like; 'although this animal is known to have a bad temper and is unsound' I like it, so I gave it champion. We talk about falling numbers at shows and just about anyone who tries to have an honest say - elicites a negative response from some 'do gooder' who is not prepared to listen and evaluate what is said and offer postive feedback. Oh!! how sad for us all.

We do have a problem with some of our judges. There is NO point in saying otherwise. They may have breed World Champion whatever, or they may have been Champion whoever Hack or Rider BUT IF they can't judge and the general showing population has to go around and say .. OH ! well we all know whatever they pick you would not want to take it home.

If however someone just got beat that day and it was an honest opinion - well that is why we show' and it happens. But I doubt as well that the general horse population goes around saying that person is a hopeless judge - either!

And it is the hopeless ones we are speaking about here - regardless of how nice a person they might be or who they have bred and shown.

22-04-01, 01:01 PM
Sorry to have missed you. I needed you to do my tail again LOL.Hope you are4 keeping out of mischief. Really enjoyed our time in Canberra

vps (Guest)
22-04-01, 03:44 PM
SK can you send me your email addy to jennah@vpstud.com. Our hunt club ball is coming up !!!!!!!!!