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27-01-08, 02:22 AM
Stormy weather and a dodgy Internet connection prevented me from posting this story yesterday ... sorry.

http://www.cyberhorse.net.au/cgi-bin/tve/displaynewsitem.pl?20080126northernhorsesdressage. txt

I urge you to get along to Peppercorn Park tomorrow to get one of the last chances to own a Northern Warmblood Dressage horse (or jumping partner)

Following my trip to the stud last week I am sure that no one wil be disappointed - as usual Peter and Jan have done a great job in the presentation. There are a few lots that the Powles felt were not quite ready for the big atmosphere of an auction sale and they will be available a little later on.

See you there.

27-01-08, 03:20 PM

28-01-08, 04:22 AM
oh how I wish I could...

28-01-08, 05:47 AM
Any results yet?? Would love to know how a few went, but decided not to look too hard due to EI and being in the purple zone (oh, and not needing to spend any money..) LOL!:D

28-01-08, 07:22 AM
What a day! Some absolute bargains! A couple of the riding horses were unreserved and one in particular went for a song! The two and three year olds where a steal. I already own one young northern but being a city dweller, couldn't find the room on our roof top garden for another!!

28-01-08, 09:46 AM
I bid on a couple NFred when I realised what bargains there were to be had but I chickened out 'cause I had not anticipated their affordibility and had not talked to the OH about buying one. Didn't feel as though I could buy with out discussing it with him.
There are some purchasers who must be grinning from ear to ear.

28-01-08, 09:48 AM
Lot 1: Northern Illusion (4 yo broken in and going kindly)- PI 13,000
Lot 2: Northern Invincible (4 yo broken in) - PI 12,000
Lot 3: Northern Flame ( 4 yo broken in. A big, loose gelding with a heap of swing) - An absolute bargain at 8,000
Lot 4: Northern Foxtrot (4yo broken in) - another bargain at 8,000.
Lot 5: Northern Vanquisher (5yo broken in) - 10,000
Lot 25 sold out of order with the riding horses: Northern Mandrake (5 yo going really well) - PI 8,000. I was amazed that this horse attracted so little interest. He is gorgeous with such power.
Lot 6: Northern Capricious (11 yo in foal mare) - 4250
Lot 7: Northern Delva (9 yo broodmare full sister to 2 GP dressage horses in foal) - This mare did not even attract 1 bid.
Lot 8: Northern Vibert (13yo broody in foal) - 3,000

28-01-08, 09:49 AM
Lot 9: N. Fayroux II (2yo) - 2,500
Lot 10: N. Cassablanca II (2yo) - 3,500
Lot 11: N. Alquivara (2yo) - 3,500
Lot 12: N. Austin (2yo) - 1,500
Lot 13: N Andromeda II ( 2yo and one of the ones I bid on) - 4,000
Lot 14: N. Caleb (3yo and another I liked) - 4,250
Lot 15: N. Chancellor (3yo) - 2000
Lot 16 Northern Cassablanca I ( 3yo) - 2,500
Lot 17: Northern Fiona (3yo) - 2,500
Lot 18: N. Versailles (3yo) 1,5..
Lot 19: Northern Imp (4yo unbroken) - 4,250
Lot 20: N. Bo Jangles (yearling) - 2,750
Lot 21: N. Berlington (yearling) - 3,750
Lot 22: N Bo Didley (yearling) - 2,250
Lot 23: Northern Fangio (yearling) - 2,500
Lot 24: Northern Attache (yearling) - 2,500

28-01-08, 12:21 PM
WOW, some pretty small numbers there. Were there no serious buyers?

28-01-08, 12:26 PM
There were serious buyers there, but I don't think the horses were moved out as well as they could have been and prices were reflective of that.
I was with a friend who was looking at the broodmares and the young fillies, but she just didn't see what she wanted.
Definitely some bargains to be had.

29-01-08, 03:48 AM

I think how sad that the market is so flat for such lovely horses. As for preperation its indicative of the fickleness of selling horses that you are expected to "prepare" them.

I am of the firm opinion that if people can't see past the gawkiness of a young horse to see its potential, I'm better not to have their business. I guess that's why we tend not to sell our horses until they are under saddle, or go to a professional home.

I hope that those passed in horses sell for Peter and Jan in the near future! Whoever got the young horses at those prices are extremely lucky.

29-01-08, 09:22 AM
WOW, can't believe how cheap some of those horses went for! Wish I had the room to keep one. Hubby wouldn't even let me go and watch, he was too scared what I might come home with.


29-01-08, 04:23 PM
I was one of the lucky ones who bought a horse, he is lot 3 Flame and I'm glad someone saw him and liked him. I didn't get to the auction and only saw photo's on the sales catalogue. I feel sorry for the breeders but I would've had more confidence if they had made sales videos or DVD's and sent them to interested parties. EI did not get to the west so buyers from here had no problems getting horses back and we haven't had vet bills for illness, but we had to either travel to Vic (during school holidays), or do what I did and just hope for the best. I would not have done this for any stud but Northern because it is just too risky.

31-01-08, 08:15 AM
Well done on buying Flame! I was the losing bidder (I bid $7,500).
I too was shocked at the prices and didn't intend bidding on riding horses as I hadn't done enough home work or vet checking but when the prices were so low I thought I could risk up to $8,000. Flame looked to move well and took in the environment quite well.

I would love to know what Flame is like. My direct email is: ron_sue@ncable.net.au

I ended up buying Lot 9, the first of the young horses and am very very happy with our purchase.

31-01-08, 10:17 AM
We say Flame working when we visited about New year. he was going very well and appeared sensible. I think you will be very pleased with him. We will watch for your progress.