View Full Version : Accommodation At Long-Way-From-Home

27-01-08, 08:17 AM
I have a question that may seem a bit inane to some, but something I would like some information on just the same.

I have just gotten back into horses after a break of several years while I was overseas, and my ultimate aim is to attempt a low level dressage test. The initial aim is to stay on the b@*%$y horse, but that's a work in progress. What I would like to do though is take my horse to the local show in the town where we used to live in central western NSW. It's an 8-odd hour drive with a horse in tow so I'd have to camp out, but what to take? I know other people do the same; I used to 20-30 years ago, but in those days we had a ute with a camper on top so accommodation was taken care of. This time I will have a station wagon and a horse float. The showground I'm staying at has hot/cold showers, but what do I take re cooking stuff, tent etc? Better still, how do other people cope? What do you take, and where do you sleep/eat/cook? I don't want to load my car down with camping gear, but I don't want to freeze/starve either. Any info on how other people cope and what equipment they take to 'camp-out' shows would be appreciated.