View Full Version : Hey harness fans-

27-01-08, 11:04 AM
I was looking idley for ideas for the person who wants a wedding decorations and found this site.
Gees would you trust your wedding party to someone who doesn't know how to fit the harness? Check out the breastplate on the poor grey,;home page"and, on "special occasions"page-although not that important on 4 wheeler the loose breeching.Speaks loudly,and doesn't say 'competent'.
eideted to add-Its pretty turnout but grey poor horse is effectively hobbled by breastplate that droops down under chest.Seems so obvious that it needs shortenng..

27-01-08, 11:59 AM
Seems obvious to me......and I know verry little about harness!!


27-01-08, 03:01 PM
Agreed Yaears ... very odd indeed.
It almost looks like the horse has someone else's tack on and they have not adjusted it for him.
You would think you would pick it up in the editing though.