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28-01-08, 07:17 AM
Hurried up this morning and worked race horse so i could go to club to ride and catch up with horsey friends.
Rushed home and was making sure everything was there to use on horse and my good bridle is not where it should be. I have a tack box in float that everything has its place.Spent an hour or so, hunting and looking in every possible and un possible place. I absolutely hate loosing anything.I hunt high and low to find things, even horse shoes! I only use this particular bridle for flat work etc and I have not used it for awhile (this is why I hadn't missed it till now) as the bridle I use at the moment is for doing clerk of course with a gag bit on it.
The only thing possible is that someone has pinched it while I was working at the races.I can remember just after Xmas I came back to float at end of day and one door for tack box had not been locked.
Why did they take it and not my everyday saddle, good dressage whip etc?????.
So if anyone sees someone with a nice soft and supple, hardly used black kincade performance bridle ( The noseband converter was hanging on the bridle holder with bridle as well has gone too) with the gold chain on browband and gold buckles with a KK training bit attached and reins for sale anywhere please let me know.
Why would a race horse person take a bridle like that and also because of the EI only race horse people have had access to float area p until last week.
I or my OH always lock everything up with F150 and float, but unfortunately this time one door was not.
And I know this is all replacable,but it s just the thought of having to go and find bridle again and the bit I can't remember what size it was and I had trouble getting it as some of the centre peices sit different to others.
Sorry for long post, but I just had to get this off my chest. Hasn't helped though.Still feel sick in stomach.
Thanks for reading

28-01-08, 03:09 PM
I hope you might just have misplaced it what with being grounded with EI and a time since you used it last.
Im with you it sickens me when people think its their right to touch others stuff.
Here is hoping it turns up in some silly place and heaps of red faces.
It maybe to late now but alot of idiots that pinch do try and resell at local saddleries, feedshops ask around someone may recall, it maybe still for sale on a noticeboard somewhere.