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28-01-08, 08:28 AM
alrighty, has anyone got any handy hints/cheap ideas?

anything to try and save a bit of money... :p

ill start off

olive oil instead of neatsfoot oil, just the cheap home brand stuff - its great, won't rot stitching and makes leather sooo supple

nugget shoe polish for make-up - blends beautifully, really natural looking

mr sheen - for sparkley not free tails

and finally...

mayonnaise. yep thats right mayonnaise. best thing ever for removing clip marks after clipping
smother horse in mayonnaise, leave on for about 40 minutes and wash off, then wash horse with shampoo/conditioner
best to do it on a sunny day, so the mayo can get really hot.

but, try it on an inconspicuous spot on your horse first, as a friends came out in lumps... must have been allergic to the egg or sumthing
i've never had a problem

so, anyone else?

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28-01-08, 09:24 AM
Instead of spending a fortune on mane and tail detangling sprays and conditioners......make your own with 1/4 baby oil, 1/4 hair conditioner (any sort from cheap to flash stuff) and water. Put it all in a spray bottle, shake and go! Lasts for about a week and works just as well as the commercial stuff! :D

Lisa an Gypsie
28-01-08, 10:26 AM
Mice love olive oil in leather...though I used it for years without a problem LOL. I've actually found neatsfoot oil isn't too much more expensive than cheap oil in the long run, especially if you buy it in bulk.

I like WD40 for tails as it stops the tail sticking together and gives it a real nice shine.

Baby oil on the legs to give a nice shine instead of makeup...clear vaseline on face...

I use shampoo and conditioner from the $2 shop for washing horsey in...same results as if I use "horse" shampoo

Cotton wool for poltices and cleaning wounds I buy from the $2 shop as it's cheaper than rolls of stuff.

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28-01-08, 11:59 AM
wow never heard of the mayo for clipping before!! How interesting..

This is a good post, i look forward to hearing everyone elses secrets!!

28-01-08, 02:29 PM
We use powder on white horses after clipping to remove the lines.
Instead of expensive plastic checkers we use a packet of plastic combs cut in all different lengths for hind markers and pulling manes.
I have seen not sure how they make them but the blue plastic drums turned into hay feeders, one drum makes two feeders and are bigger than the purchased ones.
Cheap jigsaw and those plastic containers that hold molasses,oil or cider vinegar etc cut in half make fantastic feeders, cheap simple and easily replaced.

28-01-08, 10:16 PM
heres one from my mum- raise budgies instead!

29-01-08, 12:21 AM
There is another post on this subject that was quite recent - you may get some more ideas from that.

29-01-08, 02:59 PM
beware of olive or any veg oil, mice and other pests love it. put a dash of kerosine or metho in to deter them

29-01-08, 03:20 PM
Here's my cheap advice.

Have nothing to do with horses!

I reckon I would own a penthouse at Vaucluse by now.

29-01-08, 03:34 PM
When i was a kid, I had a pony not much bigger than a miniature. As a rug we would get a hessian bag that the bran came in and undo the stitching down one long side then cut sort of a semi circle shape for the neck, slip it over his head and wack a surcingle on to hold it in place.

30-01-08, 01:50 AM
Hey I still do that from time to time when I get time very crude sewing makes a fantastic polishing rug.

30-01-08, 06:59 AM
Go into Bunnings and you can get:
Those great plastic tack boxes which sell for 30+ in stores and are only $15.00
Feed tubs (aka TUFF TUBS the flexible rigid ones with handles) RRP in horse stores $15-45
and are $10.00 better quality too.
Both products are exactly the same if not better quality.

30-01-08, 07:11 AM
anyone got a good recipie to make up some fly spray for horses. I am so sick of spending $25 every few weeks!

30-01-08, 07:19 AM
Also, the plastic tubs with rope handles from bunnings make FANTASTIC feed bins! Only cost about $12. Never dismiss op shops,a nd if youo have a dump shop, always check out what they have!! I got an old picnic set, a plastic box with handles and cups and bowls etc, and was really dirty. I saw it and immediately thought thats a perfect tack box!! Similar thing would have cost around $30 at horseland, mine cost me $2!!

30-01-08, 07:38 AM
While I love Trugs, they don't last long as feed bins. And the cheap Bunnings ones with rope handles are very brittle. Capricorn tyre feeders are the best - and quite cheap.

Sometimes trying to do things on the cheap - by using cheap materials - doesn't pay off. WD-40 is quite toxic - I am a bit wary of even using it in stud holes. But it is probably better used keeping your rug snap hooks working for longer.

Maybe a better idea to save money is to us the right stuff for the job, but become frugal about it - don't splash your quality saddle creme around. Close the container properly. Use recycled rags - not too big, or they just soak up all the good oil, etc.

When washing your horse, don't pour the shampoo on - make a lather by dolloping some in a bucket full of water - it will go a lot further.

Same goes for rugs - really cheap nasty ones often don't fit, and have dodgy stitching, so they end up coming off and getting trashed, and even hurting the horse. Cheap bridles don't last long - but good ones, well looked after - last a horse's lifetime.

But there is some good cheap stuff to use around horses. No- frills Vaseline, baby powder and chux wipes. Bale twine. I even knew someone who kept all the cotton thread out of the tops of the feed bags for sewing plaits! Plastic PET bottles (with some rice grains inside to soak up dampness) are great boot trees for long boots.

Maybe it can go the other way, too. The other day my daughter wanted some very expensive shampoo to keep the blonde nice and blonde. I said she could use the stuff we put on the horses' white socks - and the hairdresser agreed! Much cheaper and just as effective.

30-01-08, 10:23 AM
Instead of buying expensive rug racks for the tack room, hang a fence pole from the roof using chain and hey presto - rug rack. Generally only works if you have exposed beams in the tack room, though I haven't seen many tack rooms that are fully plastered....

Those fancy "stretch" ties I see everybody use because they give but don't snap so the horse doesn't get hurt but can't get loose? Go to your local auto parts shop and buy an inner tube for a car or a bicycle - that's what they are anyway :)

My white horses wash up so much better in wool wash than with the white stuff you buy from the horse shop.

Black raven oil for the legs instead of actual horse make up. Will work in tails too if you don't want the whole dye job for one outing.

My farrier gave me this one - for a cheap and effective hoof grease, speak to a local fish and chip shop and see if you can get the solidified lump of stuff they clean out of the deep fryer. Apparently works a treat on the feet for keeping moisture in.

And this isn't really a "cheap" solution to anything, but for those who clip - try NOT to use cold water on the freshly clipped coat as this promotes that horrible, sparse growth you see on new clips.

And as my new OH is so fond of pointing out....You know, you could have a couple of investment properties by now if you didn't have horses.

YES, money talks - All mine ever says is goodbye :)

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30-01-08, 03:30 PM
Here is another one: Get rid of a large number of friends.
Seriously ask yourself how many times has your so called friends asked:
Can I borrow your clippers,
Can I borrow a biscuit of hay
Can I just borrow your blackit
Can I just borrow on and on it goes no friends no borrowing heaps more to spend on the ponies.