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28-01-08, 02:39 PM

With the later confirmed cases in NSW, either reported or 'detected', can you give me an idea of what sort of man power has been deployed to do surveillance around the surrounding area? Also distance, i.e. 5, 10klms. How many people would have been involved in a surveillance team.


28-01-08, 04:47 PM
Out of curiousity, where are you refering to and when?

29-01-08, 02:22 AM
Sorry, referring to NSW and any (or all) of the last reported or detected cases (which according to the DPI website was in Dec).

Just trying to get a comparison of the resources that NSW have been throwing at the cleanup stage.

29-01-08, 05:16 AM
I don't have the specific details. I can give some idea though.
The cases that occurred in early December did not take many resources - the infections occurred in areas that were well documented. There would have been some activity on the ground seeking out susceptible animals for vaccination - might have taken a couple of teams.

This activity is minor compared to the current random and targeted surveys where they are still seeking staff to finish the job of proving eradication before end February. This work might require more staff than were required at the peak of early September. I was told how many teams were required but my notes are in Orange and I don't want to hazard a guess. It is a staggering commitment.

A team is usually three or four people. I expect there will be dozens of teams involved.

30-01-08, 03:20 AM
Thanks Rod,

From what I've been told by people up here, Qld's idea of a team is a very lonely affair!

30-01-08, 03:22 AM
Hey just got my certificates.

they are only valid to the 6th?

so does that mean if EI isnt accepted as erradicated by june we are all going to have to have our horses retested every 6 months?

30-01-08, 03:43 AM
We expect that proof of immunity will be required but only until 14 March. Some events eg RAS will be requiring proof but it will not be a DPI requirment.
We expect to have enough information by 1 March to convince other states. Even if the case is not accepted the DPI will not be asking for proof of immunity after March. There will be an ongoing requirement for a THS statewide just to track where horses are moving.

Little Fish
30-01-08, 04:09 AM

How long did it take you mindari to get your certificates????

As im waiting for mine and hoping to get them very soon.

30-01-08, 07:00 AM
Hey Mindari, my certificates are only valid until the 6th also. Perhaps we are in the same area?

Rodh, I was advised by a lady at Orange that the DPI MAY give those horses vaccinated earlier in the piece their 3rd vaccination (ie horses with second shots done late October). I was also advised to put an Application for Vaccination through for it. Is this info correct???

30-01-08, 07:12 AM

dont hold your breath.

youll be long dead.

mine were done at the horsely park drive through and just turned up today.

MINUS every bit of information they had us fill out on those stupid forms, THAT WERE SOOOOO IMPORTANT.

all the vet got relayed back to him was the shortened version of the horses name and mine that was scribbled on to samples.

the paperwork has dissappeared into the eather.

had to go catch the horses and scan em for the vet so he could put the chip numbers on the forms.

how many of you have copies of the chip numbers?

or have scanners?

ha! aint our govt departments getting efficient.

Im in Penrith. my lot are supposed to not need vaccination, they were among the "lucky" ones our all seeing govt decided had to have it to the max so it could spread faster. remember unvaccanites spread billions of virus as apposed to the reduced amount excreted by vaccinates.

funny how theyve now figured out for themselves its faster to vaccinate buffer zones to stop spread. well after trying lockdown solely.

why listen to vets. they only went to uni to get old enough to look like they know what they are doing.

ok said tongue in cheek but it is a sad fact some do come under that, LOL just ask hutch. umm an my filly.

6 graduates diagnosis for a three legged filly.

"has a sore foot"

when he asked which foot, there was equal split on which foot.


no wonder dave gets a bit sarcastic sometimes.

Hey Rod

noticed in the Callihan report Dave was one of the vets called in.

if you see him, tell him ive another doozy.

new graduate tells me any animals susceptable to ivomec is better off dead as it eliminates the weak from the gene pool.

asked him does that mean he believes murry grey cattle and collie dogs dont deserve to exist.

guessed the answer?

after his boss found out hear he was seeking employment elsewhere

hopefully where there are no murry greys or collies for their owners sakes.

ummmm isnt there a job as head of AQIS be open soon?

maybe just the job for him eh?

30-01-08, 09:01 AM

You can get the V3 shot. Apply through the DPI website

For reason for vaccination - put "RAS event attendance" or whatever.
Also put that it is a 3rd vaccination - otherwise they will send 2 shots and charge for 2.

But do you really need V3? What event will be requiring it other than the RAS?

Helen Kirton
30-01-08, 09:04 AM
Hi Mindari,
I helped the DPI girls with the paperwork. I can assure you that the full names that were on the paperwork you handed in were written on the form that one of the girls had to fill in to go with the blood sample and the PCR sample. This paper also had one microchip bar code stuck onto it. These girls are not au fait with horses names and one could not understand that a horse can have such long names, she though they were all called by paddock names of Fred or Mary. She didn't realise that they had "proper" show names.
The other girl married up the form you filled in with the ANEMIS sheet she had and other microchip bar codes were stuck on this paperwork which all went back to Menangle.
I did the receipts for Derek - if it was only one horse and it had a long name I wrote the whole of the name and stuck a spare bar code on the receipt. I also stuck a bar code onto the original registration papers that were produced.
Where people had more than one horse, I wrote a short version of the name on the receipt and stuck on the bar code for each horse.
One would have thought with all that information the DPI would have sent the correct names to Derek for the certificates.
Don't forget that the clinic at SIEC was on 19.12.07 and then the Christmas-New Year break followed on quickly after that. With all the clinics going on, Menangle has been inundated with samples to test and I have heard that the lab. is working 24/7 to clear the samples but they have a backlog.

30-01-08, 09:56 AM
Hi Helen.
Im not having a go at you.

I know it was all done correctly. my comments are that after all that work our end, it wasnt married to the results sent back to derek.

and I think we both know this is the sort of slip ups that have ultimately led to the callihan enquiry.

not encouraging is it.

the big mare only part of her name came back, and chip no. n that i owned her she could have been a clydie for all they knew

remember the two ponies? theirs come back with nothing - zilch

no names, no breed, no chip, nothing, but their status n just that i owned em

30-01-08, 10:12 AM
Sounds like you did well. We got NOTHING back from the testing day we did on the same date ... just results. So we have had to start from scratch and fill in the details all over again!

Learnt my lesson from that .. so at subsequent ones WE took care of the paperwork! But now ... we are not even getting results through! ....Sighhhh ....bring on the 14th March!

Helen Kirton
30-01-08, 11:38 AM
Hi Mindari,
Not for one minute did I think that you were having a go at me.
I was jsut explaining the procedure that we went through so that people would know.
I know someone who is working at Menangle so I know how snowed under they are with the mountains of paperwork. I would have thought though that it wouldn't be too hard to marry up the two lots of paperwork, especially where the ANEMIS form was in the same name as the person who presented the horse/s.
Where people were agistees, we did staple their Attendance Forms to the ANEMIS form in the name of the property owner and a note was made on the form that those horses were agisted at that place.
It may be clear and simple for us who understand these things but may be like another language to people who have no knowledge of horses.
Anyway it looks like there is now light at the end of the tunnel and it will all be over soon.

30-01-08, 11:59 AM
Helen, you are so nice! I find it hard to have sympathy for an organisation that is getting snowed under by ITS OWN paperwork!! If the DPI ever discover computers, they may save us all hours and hours of work!!!

I come from a computer system/analysis background and it is obvious that a bit more money spent on some DECENT data and system design could have meant this whole outbreak was dealt with in a far more cost effective manner! Instead, the DPI have relied on dumping much of their work onto vets and organisers and other poor souls who have no choice in the matter!

Sorry ... enough venting ... need to get back to the DPI paperwork!

30-01-08, 01:03 PM
Rodh, thank you, your a gem.

I understand that I probably wont need V3, but I would prefer to have it as a precaution. The RAS, i'm sure will hassle me for the V3.