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29-01-08, 12:42 AM
I was reading a post from Leanne Owens which prompted me to start this one.

I love the early morning before the rest of the rabble get up.

We have just moved to a new property right on the edge of a huge lake. It is heart breakingly beautiful and every morning a pair of black swans swims around the peninsular with their new little brood of cygnets. The water sparkles in the sun and we see sea eagles overhead.

I make a cup of Earl Grey and go and sit outside and just enjoy. I can hear the horses snort and nicker and I love it.

Hope that wasn't too boring...

What's your favourite time of the day??

29-01-08, 12:47 AM

Mornings are for me - In fact this is late now!!!!

Almost too late to go out riding, as it's warming up! But off to give it go anyhow!

First thing I just love the smell of the new day. In winter like riding as the suns comes up. Go out in the dark to get them, tack up and away we go - lovely!

29-01-08, 01:03 AM
I love the early morning, it's so quiet and peaceful and you feel like you're the only person on the planet.

29-01-08, 01:13 AM
I love the twilight times.

I love the early, early morning, just before the sun comes up and all is still and quiet, except for the chorus of birds. I can see the mountains to the back of us, our dam looking like a lake, our horses standing around looking content that another day is about to begin.

I love the evening when that same calm sets in and I often leave feeding the horses till the sun is down and I can wander around in the half light and stillness, enjoying that transition from light to dark.

I love the full moon nights when I can go out and look at the horses in the soft light and feel that perhaps magic does take place, but I've just missed it by a turn of the head (and I remember in childhood leaving a bridle outside my bedroom so I could sneak out and ride bareback and wild on the nights of the moon on horses that loved the freedom as much as I).

I love the hour before a mighty storm when we sit outside and watch it approach (after putting the stallions in stables and throwing hay for mares AWAY from the trees that they'd like to stand under). I never cease to feel awed by the power of a Queensland storm.

Leanne O.

29-01-08, 01:17 AM
I have to say moving here the best time of the day is just as the sunrises and the mist lifts off the river behind.
Also there is no better time when the moon rises over the mountain in the valley behind and illuminates the entire place. Thats when I like to wander down to the horse paddock and sit with the mares in the moonlight - heaven.

29-01-08, 04:01 AM
My absolute favourite time of day is bedtime. Just sliding into cotton sheets at the end of a long day is blissful. I have a beautiful patchwork quilt hand-made by a good friend, and lovely old cotton sheets. My bedroom is lit by lamps, and has framed pictures of dear old horses on every surface. I never fail to appreciate that time of day.

29-01-08, 05:05 AM
So sad hearing you lot all talking about water.... If only we had some.... We live about 5km from a sandy, salty ephemeral river in dry, dusty farmland WA. We ahd a growing season of about 9 weeks last year, and it's still quite, quite bare.

However, the bestest ever time of day here is the early morning. We have a long dawn here, with a really slow sunrise. You walk along in the stillness, and the dust puffs up slowly round the horses legs. As the sheep come in to water, a lazy haze of dust winds through the air behind them. That little hint of coolness you get in the air before another 42 day is like velvet on your skin.

Evenings are shockers, though. WE have a howling Sou-Westerly that comes in late arvo, and blows it's guts out for a few hours. It's good that it pumps the water for us and 700 sheep in the paddock below the house, but for anything else it's evil!! :)

Noahs Girl
29-01-08, 05:47 AM
I love the early mornings too, but I am such a lousy sleeper that I usually miss out on their beauty.

I do love it on hot days, when the sun is going down and the cool air relievs you a little, while the horses munch on their tea by the house.

DB, if you don't mind my asking, which town are you in? I am from the Hills in WA, but we would love to go country, get away from the city rush.I always love to hear about where other WA people live, and the rest of Australia too!

29-01-08, 07:56 AM
I love the early mornings when the air is really crisp and daylight is just barely dawning. When I was working as a trainee instructor at Koombahla Park many years ago we'd work incredibly long hours a lot of the time and so often the only time I'd get to go out for a quiet ride on my own horse was at around 5am and I simply loved it. Koombahla Park has got a little bit more tired over the years because it's quite a big place (years ago it was 250 acres privately owned plus another 500 acres of crown land, although apparently it's a bit smaller now) and pretty full on to maintain, but back in the eighties when I was there it had the most wonderful cross country course and I loved to go around most of the course in the crisp early mornings.

I love just on dusk too, and also after dark on lovely moonlit nights when the air's just a bit moist. Also at Koombahla (oh, to be a kid again) on nights like that the other junior instructor, Andrea, and I would grab a sleeping bag and go and sleep out under the stars, and sometimes we'd take our horses out around the property for a midnight ride as well. In fact, one summer night while I was working there, Robin and Chris Lamperd, who ran the place, decided to get all of the agistees who were decent riders as well as all of us instructors and the regular helpers together to go for a midnight ride, so that's what we all did. About thirty of us all headed off in the moonlight and rode all around the property and along some of the more quiet roads in the area. It was an incredible ride, and one that's still one of my fondest memories, even after a couple of decades!