View Full Version : HELP!! FLOAT STOLEN!!!!!!!!!

29-01-08, 08:12 AM
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! My float was stolen from 5 Star agistment property off the Western Port HWY in Cranbourne South, VIC

It was an extended triple angle load with a swing out tack box, pull out awning and solid rear cover.

It is white with navy blue stripe and scrolling.

Made by 'Ace' Floats with logo on front above window.

IT was taken on Sunday 27th (Evening) Very brazen!
Electric brakes were probably cut

ANY infomation or sightings would be very appreciated

Contact me !!!

29-01-08, 08:15 AM
Hi BELLA888,

Sorry to hear your float has been stolen and I hope you get it back.

Can you post the registration number of your float?


Belle Cheval
29-01-08, 08:28 AM
Hi Bella,

Have you reported it to local police? If you have a pic of the float, post it on this link so us locals can keep an eye out for it.

I hope you get it back.

Elwood stinie
29-01-08, 09:14 AM
Bugger! I hope it was insured!

I have been told to paint your rego number on the roof of your float, if someone nicks your float it is easy for the cops to see from a heli copter and while the first thing a theif will do is repaint the float so it isnt easily recognisable, they wont often think to repaint the roof!

Does anyone happen to know if an insured float is covered if you dont have a tow ball lock on it?

I hope you get your float back it sounds like a great float!

29-01-08, 09:24 AM
dont give up hope. I had my float stollen too and i ended up getting it back.
Report it to the police. Put adverts up EVERYWHERE...even in the newspaper in the horse section if you can. My float was advertised in the newspaper a few days after it was stollen (they didnt even clean/repaint it). someone bought it for i think 500.00, thought afterwards that it was very cheap and asked the police if it was stollen. Poor man lost his money but they caught the dodgy druggies (who unfortunately died of an OD, *sob* how sad... NOT)and i got my float back.
Dont give up...post photos and indepth descriptions in horse shops, horse shows Anywhere you think people will look. The horse community is small.

good luck with it.

29-01-08, 09:40 AM
Elwood stinie that's a great idea about painting the rego on the roof! Will have to remember that one when I get another float.


Elwood stinie
29-01-08, 10:53 AM
Yeah I keep telling people about doing it but havent done my own yet!!!!!

And OP dont give up! I have heard of heaps of people getting their floats back! And yours sounds fairly distinctive! Just try to rememver any little dings or anything different about it coz it may get striped and painted, Things like the awning, even if they take that off I presume there will be holes from where it was attached.

I always feel sorry for the people that buy stolen cars or floats etc coz you cant always tell if a seller is dodgy, and the car/float goes back to the origional owner and the buyer looses all that money! I guess you should always check if things are genuine before you buy 2nd hand...

29-01-08, 11:45 AM
Bugger, snot, damn damn damn! I would follow, hunt down, and murder anyone who even looked sly at my float like that. It has taken me almost 40 years of slowly improving each time to get the float that I love to bits. I can empath9ise with how you are feeling!

Good luck - flood the windows of everywhere - service stations, shops, supermarkets, cafe's - with photos and info on it!!! Another tip I found out the hard way is to act completely irational and so upset you can't even breathe when talking to police about it...

29-01-08, 12:27 PM
What is its rego number - I have friends that way and will let them know.

Send a flyer to all the equestrian clubs and race tracks just in case.

30-01-08, 12:27 AM
Agree with all the above posters' suggestions to flood the area with photos and details.

Remember the horse industry is a very small world amd there is always some connection to just about every horse owner in the most unlikely ways imaginable.

Feed stores & saddlerys are the most obvious places, as well as plastering it all over the internet, and all the equestrian clubs I'm sure would be happy to post a flyer in their clubrooms.

In fact, our Pony Club has a rally this weekend (we are also in the South East) and I would gladly put up a flyer for you. Even if you could email me a photo and contact details I could make something up.

I know how I would feel if someone stole my float, or anything I own for that matter, so I truly hope the scumbags are caught and you get your float back in one piece.

30-01-08, 01:46 AM
Nothing makes me more furious that people that touch or take other peoples stuff, I hope you get this back a float is a major and expensive purchase, I can't help wondering though:
How does a float go from a 5 star agistment property?
A backyard,side of a road,Car park unattended property etc but surely an agistment property,sounds like someone with knowledge of when and where everyone would be.
Think or ask around anyone one that may have commented or asked questions with regards to your float, or better still your movements.Sometimes a simple question like are you going to something Saturday is enough to give the green light, which is why I never give a direct answer or ocassionally say yes or no and do the opposite.
I found when I was agisting make the hours irregular if possible you find out amaizing things when everyone thinks you have left and reappear 20 minutes later.
Sometimes an innocent person gives the thief the information without knowing, simple thing like you should see the float,don't know why they leave it there if it was mine I wouldn't - theif has 3/4 of the info he/she needs.
Hope you get it back, but do some ground work yourself not police bashing sometimes they impress me and other times I really wonder what they are there for, if their case load is high your float may go to the bottom of the pile.

30-01-08, 03:02 AM
what a bugger

will stick a note up in our arena and hopefully someone trabvelling in will notice a new float "arriving' somewhere. if all others on forum do same thing it will spread the notice out more. At least being such a large float it will be noticable.

30-01-08, 04:53 AM
I will keep a look out my well Bella. The rego would be helpful and I am going to paint mine on the roof. What a simple but effective tool. But how did they get it out of 5 Star . Was it parked where all the others were. I tend to agree sounds like an inside job.
There is not much equestrian events going on at the moment. However there is a open one day event coming soon to Sages RD Baxter Pony Club grounds if anyone is going keep a look out there. Good luck hope you catch the buggers soon.

30-01-08, 06:47 AM
Bella that is horrible I had the same thing happen to me some years ago.
It would be in your best interest to post a photo of it or a float like it if you can.

30-01-08, 07:07 AM
Its amazing how brazen these types are.

a friend was boarding a horse for a friend. they left the float behind the house. you could only see it for a second as you drove along the road.

they came sometime during the night, cut the chain round the gate and pushed it from the back of the house to the boundary fence some 80 mtrs then down the fencline out the cut gate. some 80 mtrs.

the lady was at home asleep and didnt hear a thing,

it was a white double float with a huge red heart on the front and they never saw it again.

so hope your luck is better.

as everyone said. flood info everywhere. more chance of someone seeing it before it was repainted remembering seeing it.

all the best in finding it.

n yep heard about the roof painting too.

am told its very effective

30-01-08, 04:05 PM
Is it worth a couple of calls within and surrounding area's to local registery office letting them know personally your chasy number (should be on your rego papers).
I tipping they may already have a float of the same of similar brand and just change plates. You don't have rego inspections do you just pay and go?

31-01-08, 01:15 AM
I live about 7 min from there. If you post a pic, and let us know what the reg is, those of us in the area can watch out for it.

Great idea about the rego on the roof!

One has to love people... Right?????

03-02-08, 05:37 AM
THANKYOU everyone for your support, it means alot

I am putting flyers up practically everywhere,hopefully this will return at least some infomation.

unfortunately i cannot find a photo of the float that is clear enough yet, but i will try and post one asap

great idea about the rego on the roof, i will definately pass that on to as many people as i can.

the rego number is R32-590

THANKS AGAIN for the kind words and offers sorry i havent replied to all of you has things have been pretty hectic here as you can imagine.


03-02-08, 05:55 AM
Thanks cobbobonee that would be great!!

the rego is R32 390


04-02-08, 05:00 AM
Bella I went into Horseland (Mornington) on Friday and saw a notice on the front door of a float stolen and assumed it was you. But see that you havent any clear photos so I gather there is someone out there in the same boat as you. I am not sure how often people floats are stolen off private properties but I do recommend people to keep and eye out as it looks like there might be a serial thief in our area. Also put a towbar lock on your float. Keep us informed.

04-02-08, 07:14 AM
I hope you get your float back soon, but you have put two different rego's....R32-390 and R32-590...which is it?


04-02-08, 10:27 AM
omg sorry to hear

there as some realy DODGY AS*S people out there.
as everyone said before i would just put up flyers.. hand outs in letter boxes.

i cant believe people have the nerve to steal someones float that someoone has worked hard for..

really hope u get it back.. good luck

keep us posted

also maybe if u have any pics of the float to post it on CH just so ur CH buddies can keep a eye out for it seeing as there are CH members all over australia..



06-02-08, 02:00 PM
Thanks for your concern Mickey

we even had the towbar lock on but the theives cut through it! unbelievable i know!!! how are we supposed to protect ourselves from theives if we were already doing evrything possible?


06-02-08, 02:01 PM
OOPS thanks rosco the rego is definately R32-590

07-02-08, 04:04 AM
Hey - I hope you get your float back.

We make sure ours is shedded so its out of sight, and we also have a towbar lock. The fact its on our property helps, and also that we have 'alarm' dogs!

I also take photos of everything I own thats worth something so if the worst happened - I have good clear pics. So things like the float, my good saddle etc.. Insurance companies often want this as well.

I also have a float that would need to be gutted or it would be recognizable... Not only does it have a custom paint job that is not exactly common, but I had certain things custom made and fitted... you would be hard pressed toi even find one similar...

I also had large stickers made of the rego, and have stuck them to the roof... custom plates help make something stand out as well....