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29-01-08, 02:37 PM
Please bear with me as this may be long.

My daughter's horse kicked through a fence and cut her leg. As it was hot to touch we were given anti-bacterial injections for 5 days, 20ml at a time. I am a little squeamish, so my very experienced friend did the injections in her neck. Two days after the 4th injection, Nimue had a hot, hard lump about the size of a small apple. It was painful to touch and she shook if you approached it. By the following morning their was a similar lump on the other side.

We took her to the vet, who thought it could be an abscess, but he was surprised when he lanced it that there was no pus, but just serum. He proposed that the needle may have pricked the ligament on the crest of the neck, though this seems unlikely as the puncture mark was low. He put her on bute and DMSO ointment, and advised to keep the wounds open to drain.

Today is 11 days post the vet visit, and one side seems to be healing OK, with a few smaller lumps which are decreasing in size, and the incision is healing. The other side is not so great, with the swelling still the size of a small apple and the incision looking a bit proud, although to touch it feels like a blister. I am unsure whether to treat the proud flesh or continue to try and keep it open, but will be discussing this with the vet tomorrow. Nimue is fighting fit, has full movement in her neck and the lumps are no longer painful to touch.

My question is whether anyone has had a similar experience, and what is the prognosis for these lumps going completely away? It sounds shallow, I know, but she is supposed to be a show horse and the lumps are quite unsightly. I plan on taking her to see a vet again this week (my vet had the ill manners to go on holidays!), but would be grateful for others experiences. I am treating the wound with peroxide and the lumps with DMSO once a day, although I am running out and am not sure of the consequences of continued use of this. I also have a photonic torch which I use once a day. Is there anything else I could be doing? The vet said hot compresses were of no use.

BTW her leg is fine. Congrats for reading all of this :)

29-01-08, 02:51 PM

i've heard things like this can happen if the injection didn't actually penetrate the muscle, so you end up with a ball of the serum under the skin. you have to make sure the needle is pushed the whole way in.

i think the lumps will probably just dissapate over time

you can try injecting into the rump, thats how i give penicillin (sp?) saves their neck from becoming a pin cushion with those 'twice-a-day-for-5-days' episodes

hope that helps

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29-01-08, 02:58 PM
Sounds like she has had a reaction to the needles, possibly from being put in to a ligament rather than a muscle, or just from having needles going in the same spot, or even a reaction to the drug. Massaging the area helps once she lets you touch it, and I think hot compresses will help too. If your horse starts to get lumps from injections and you still have more to give don't keep giving them in the neck but move to other muscles (rump etc) and keep going around so that by the time your back to the neck its been a couple of days since the last needle in the neck. And always massage the area for a few minutes afterwards.


30-01-08, 03:03 AM
Thanks for your replies. Hindsight is a fabulous thing, I will definately be injecting her in the rump on rotation if she needs this antibacterial again. What threw me was she has had long acting antibiotics in her neck with no dramas, but the volume of meds must have been too great.

30-01-08, 03:44 AM
Whenever we Have to do injections, we always change the site of the injection so that this sort of thing doesn't happen.

Should clear up ok though.