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29-01-08, 04:51 PM
I have searched the TB stud book without success:
would anyone have any information on this brand


Horse is a Chestnut gelding about 21 years old. He was originally bought in Bundaberg, Queensland in 1997 at about 10 years old age. Brand is on near side but no brand visible on off side. Appears to be Thoroughbred type though. No white markings but two prophets thumbs on near side neck.


Love this horse to bits, would love to know his history. Sorry for yet another brand question, but any information would be greatly appreciated.
Regards Sergeant pony

30-01-08, 01:04 AM
A registered Thoroughbred would need the identifying numbers as well as the name/symbol brand. If he was bred in Qld, there should be two numbers, one under another, beneath this brand. The lower number is the year he was born, top number is what numbered foal he was that year on that stud - so 12 over 9 would either be the twelfth foal born at that stud in 1999 or the twelfth foal born in 1989...teeth and appearance will tell you which decade to pick.

If he only has a name/symbol brand and no numbers, he may still be very well bred, may still be Thoroughbred, but not bred on a Thoroughbred stud that was breeding for registration or racing. Lots of stations used Thoroughbred stallions over mares to produce good stock horses. If he is, indeed, 'station bred' and unregistered, I'd like to point out that out west some 'station bred' horses were by imported Thoroughbred stallions out of magnificent mares that were proven from generations of selective breeding where only the best mares were used for breeding. Some stations imported Arabian stallions or Quarter Horse stallions and never bothered with registrations, they just wanted to produce top quality riding horses for working stock.

The brand also looks fairly crude - as though the O at the start is put on separately and crookedly from the other symbols - most 'three piece brands' are three letters/symbols on the one brand to give a neat, even brand, all on one level.

Good luck with it, he looks like a lovely type.

Leanne O

30-01-08, 07:08 AM
Thanks for that reply, I knew it would be a long shot seeing as though he doesn't appear to have a brand on the off side. I was just hoping maybe some one had seen a similar brand.
Whether or not I find anything out - I still have a great horse, whose given me 11 years so far of great loyalty and reliable riding.