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Following on from the "Thread for Endurance Lovers" I have a few questions that I would like to ask.

Someone mentioned that the Old Macs G2's were not suitable for rides longer than 40km, and possibly mentioned that the manufacturer advises you of this on the box/pack.

I had a good hunt through all the jargon on my box (apparently these boots improve your horses confidence hooray!!) I could find nothing to suggest that they were not suitable for long rides.

The only thing they DID suggest was that you break in the boots by going on rides no longer than 1 hour for the first few rides to soften the boot and prevent chafing. They also suggested wearing the gaiters/pastern chaps during the breaking in period.

Can anyone tell me if you can wear these on rides longer than 40km, or if you have worn them and gotten chafing or whatever?

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recommended riding distances

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Hi there S Savannah,

It was me that mentioned about the Old Macs in the previous thread as I am the Easycare Down Under Boot consultant servicing Sydney.

Quote from previous thread: "Good to hear you have got some boots now for riding - however if you are planning to do endurance riding or long distance, the Old Macs are not the best choice. Reason being that the collar of the boot comes above the coronet and dramatically increases your chances of rubbing (esp at constant speeds of 10k+ p/hr). Hopefully you have the gaiters that came with the boot as you will need to use these - but still, the boots are recommended for 40k per week or per ride MAX - whereas the high performance boots such as the Epics and Bares are recommended for unlimited mileage - which if you become an endurance rider, you will certainly need!." check my website www.bareequine.com.au for details on Bares and Epics.

When I initially started out on my barefoot horses years ago just heading off to training rides on the weekends with friends (endurance wasn't allowed bare back then!) I used the Old Macs without success. Rubbing of the pasterns and swelling the following day was enough for me to list them on Ebay and trade up to Epics. These rides were done at about average 10k phr. G2's will be fine for "daisy sniffing" trail rides and getting about, however if you do intend to get out and about with endurance, you will find they will not be suitable.

I haven't heard of anyone doing endurance of more than 20 or 40k with Old Macs - however I know some of the trail riders at the MS ride do use them for the week (approx 100-160k) but these are SLOW kms. ie: 20k over 6-7hrs including stop for monring tea, lunch etc.


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Thanks GG that second page with the riding distances and tread was very enlightening.

hands-on-horses which of the two boots, (easyboot epics/bares) would you recommend for a light build anglo that will be starting in endurance, doing rides over various types of terrain including rocky/hilly areas.

Is there much difference between the two? I think I will have to put my boots on ebay if they're going to chafe!! They haven't so far but why risk it eh?

I'm really ticked off that the Old Macs people don't specify distances on their packaging. Why would you promote a product as "usable at any speed on any terrain" and not specify how long they can be used for? Obviously this is something that a buyer should know about a product. I read the box and it looked fantastic, all these people on their website were writing testemonials about the boots etc... its very misleading!!! Especially at $250+ a pair!!!

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Can someone explain the difference between Bares and Epics?

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Hi there - just tuning back in...

I guess that is why there are "specialist" boot consultants out there now instead of your saddlery stores that only know as much as is written on the box (usually). This is why my business was started as it is extremely frustrating to go through what you are. .(ie: wrong information on boots for your intended discipline). Luckily for you, it seems you managed to get the correct size which is also one major factor that can go wrong when buying from a saddlery salesperson.

You can email me directly if you like so I can attach piccies and ask any more specific questions (not good at doing that here - piccies that is!).. email is: mail @ bareequine. com. au (remove spaces).

Epics are much easier to apply to the hoof (esp. for those new to hoofboots) than the Bares. The tread pattern differs for both. The Epics have a tread pattern the same as the old Easyboot and the Bares have a tread pattern that mimics the sole and frog. Bares also flex and move more with the natural hoof than do the Epics. They are both fantastic boots for distance riding and I use both styles on various horses here for distance work.

The "bungee" closure on the front of the Bare boot can be changed to an "easy up" Epic style buckle - making the boot easier to apply/remove - however, this adds to the cost of the boots too.

I am happy to help you with anymore questions, however I don't check in here regularly, so send me an email to address above.