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30-01-08, 07:59 AM
please help,

I want to register my horse with the EFA and I wanted to know what the rules are on name and how many letters it can be? as mine is .....21 (not including spaces) 23 with spaces, also what if the name is taken that you want for example, "All Mums Money" can you then go "all moms munee",

thanks D84

30-01-08, 08:05 AM
Just ring the EFA and check with them. They are very helpful and can tell you straight away whether the name is available/acceptable etc.

30-01-08, 08:06 AM
If you were serious and not pulling legs again you would know this because its on the form you fill in to register a horse...

Not rocket science love..

30-01-08, 08:13 AM
Yep...what Reg said. The REAL question is why? but anyway..

Here it is from EFA website:

Horse Names
Horse name not to exceed 28 characters including spaces.
Horses cannot be registered as trade names i.e. Versace, Calvin Klein or Nescafe. This is an FEI rule.
Prefix initials i.e. CH are not permitted. I.e. November Rain cannot be CH November Rain
Punctuation is not to be used i.e. full stops, stars etc. For example Mr Burns cannot be Mr. (full stop) Burns.
Variations to names are not allowed eg; 'November Rain' (currently registered) cannot be 'November Reign'.
Numbers, both standard and Roman, cannot be added to the end of a name if the primary name is already in use e.g. Gladiator
(currently in use) cannot be Gladiator 2, Gladiator II. EXCEPT Horses who have been registered with another federation or
recognised breed society register may be EFA registered using that name, for example 'Langtree Daisy'. Where the name exists
already, a trailing 2 (or higher number) could be added.
This exception to the rule also applies to horses being imported into Australia. (Including FEI and other Federations).
Unfortunately the database will not accept two horses with the same name so this is the only solution in this instance.

30-01-08, 08:41 AM
BITE ME!! was just a SIMPLE question reg!!

30-01-08, 08:44 AM
thanks belledor

30-01-08, 08:46 AM
You need help Daina...

30-01-08, 09:13 AM
you need it more!!

30-01-08, 09:40 AM
Pity you didnt ask for help with names... could think of a few for you
How about:
Office Relations
Boardroom Bump
Burn for You
Burn it Up
Sweet Lies
More Lies
Tell me a story
Story Queen...

Hell, I aint even started.

Simple question huh? Do you really think people do not see straight through you Daina?


30-01-08, 09:48 AM
Lol Reg least its some entertainment :)

Though I suppose Daina should think about how she wants people see her, as someone who we shouldnt even bother replying too as its all lies or someone who should be taken seriously.....Daina have you ever heard of the boy who cried wolf?

Thats why i didnt bother replying, if she was serious the first thing she would have done is look at the EFA website and look at the rules.

Still if she wants to make a pointless post, go right ahead.

30-01-08, 10:08 AM
Somebody has already lifted the rules from the EFA website for you, so I wont bother telling you what they are :)

I don't frequent here anymore, but maybe various other "people" should grow up and let the past be the past?

It doesn't matter if it was a serious question or not. If you answer it, then you might just help someone else out.

Think about that next time before climbing up on that high horse and letting rip....

***** Angel....with horns }> *****

30-01-08, 10:55 AM
How 'bout "the pretender" ?

I dont think EFA would allow "bullshitter" etc

30-01-08, 01:00 PM
Sassy - Its just as easy to access the EFA website and look it up yourself..

As for helping others out - on such a simple request? Well, if you are serious about registering your horse with the EFA you dont go to a forum - you go to the EFA and print off the forms rquired...

And I didnt let rip at all.. If that is letting rip, then you must have also led a sheltered life.

I guess the moral is to remember that little boy that cried wolf.....

30-01-08, 02:28 PM
Why dont you ring the EFA, I am sure they would welcome an enquiry that had little to do with EI!!!

31-01-08, 01:57 AM
How does a top class sponsored rider not know about EFA reg & rules?
Surely you have all their paperwork and rulebooks in your collection, or let me guess? Your sponsors pay someone else to take care of all of that stuff?
Uughh, I clearly got out the wrong side of bed this morning....

31-01-08, 02:37 AM
For christ sake. It was a simple question, she got a simple answer. Done.

Grow up and get over yourselves. Nothing makes you any better than any other person in here.

31-01-08, 04:24 AM
Obviously a number of people are still annoyed and some sick of being strung along by a number of previous posts which were far from genuine and certainly took advantage of very genuine forum members who vaulted onto their high horses and came galloping to aid a fellow member in need. (The boiling water saga which unfolded was beyond belief with no apology or explanation)
I believe Daina uses this forum for a little "fishing" - baits the hook and waits for the suckers -
If she wanted to be taken seriously she would clear the slate with some sort of apology/explanation and everyone would move on. (Or start afresh with a new name)
I don't like getting "taken for a ride" and obviously there are many others who agree.

31-01-08, 04:45 AM
~~balledor pushes a saucer of milk into the forum and leaves quickly~~

31-01-08, 05:02 AM
Balledor? Arent you going to stay?

Honestly - for those wonderfully helpful people that think some of us need to grow up myabe you need to have a think back...

Like Carson said - no-one likes having their chains yanked. Also, a liar is not often a well like person either...

But, I am sure that Daina appreciates your words of wisdom in her defence.. especially as her defence consists of 'bite me'....which surely would be considered a touch childish? And we all know she isnt a child...


31-01-08, 05:34 AM
LOL Reg. Not sure I have that much to offer here. I dunno WHAT is wrong with Daina but I am not going to lose any sleep over her either

Some of the folk here are very wise, and also have very looong memories ;-) I worry when the Daina's of the world sidetrack us and sometimes seem to pollute our thinking. ~WHATEVER~ her problem is, why get upset about it? Nuffin' we can really do about it but shake our heads.

~~when I see an angry snake, I don't grab a stick and start poking at it! Some things are best just left alone~~

31-01-08, 05:42 AM
Balledor - you are right.

I am not losing sleep over it either. But I unfortunately am one of those with a long memory... Once bitten twice shy.

I guess maybe is I am not tolerant enough of fools...

31-01-08, 05:49 AM
And Reg is our little forum watch dog making sure no-one else gets bitten.
Thanks Reg