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30-01-08, 09:25 AM
Hi all - I'm fairly new here. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for plaiting / preparing long manes for competitions. I don't want to pull it, cut it or shorten it in any way but want it to look neat and presentable at dressage comps.

Any ideas would be great!! :*


30-01-08, 09:35 AM
Running plait looks to be your only option - they can look fantastic if done correctly...

There is an art to a good running plait - and plenty of practise.


30-01-08, 09:44 AM
Sorry, I can't help with plaiting, but what a gorgeous horse :) What breed is he/she if you don't mind my asking? Looks like a Welsh Cob that I used to ride.

30-01-08, 10:01 AM
You can do a running plait or a diamond pattern thingie that I do. I'll try to describe...

Separate mane into even bunches with rubber bands. Then take half of one bunch and half the one next to it, and band together. Do this all the way along, then go down the mane, use as many rows as it takes! It ends up looking like diamonds, and looks very cool. I'll try to find a picture, coz it's kinda hard to describe. Looks awesome with rubber bands that contrast to your horse too.

30-01-08, 10:11 AM
Thanks anyway Ponytail :) She is a Clydie x Standardbred with an amazing temperament. Her reigistered name is Kalongri's B.A.Bimbo - she really is a bimbo and the blonde mane just tops her off - but she is a super horse and I just love her to pieces :*

30-01-08, 10:14 AM
Thanks Vaulter_1!! You described it very well and I know exactly what you mean. I have seen it before but had forgotten about it!! What colour bands do you think would look good? I thought maybe black?

30-01-08, 10:17 AM
That probably explains why I like the look of her, then! I have 2 standies, and 2 clydie X here. Thanks for the info and best of luck with the plaiting ideas :)

30-01-08, 10:21 AM
Aren't they amazing! I have an adorable clydie x cleveland bay yearling filly and I can lay all over while she is on the ground, sit on her while she is standing, worm and spray her without a halter and on Sunday she tried on a saddle!! Can't wait for the next year to go so that I can get her going. She will make Peanut (Bimbo) look bad :)

30-01-08, 10:23 AM
Thanks Reg - will start practising now maybe.....:7

30-01-08, 10:27 AM
I ride a percheron who's mane is down past her shoulder and running plait is definately the way to go. I even do the plait before I get on for training as it keeps her much cooler and makes reins a lot easier.

I know a lot of the fresian people who do dressage use the running plait also.

Google running plait. There are a few sites out there with some handy step by step instructions

30-01-08, 11:05 AM
Great - will do! I have a Percheron mare also (my husbands horse). She is beautiful but unfortunately he has hung up his boots and she is now for sale :( Wish me luck with the plaiting!!

30-01-08, 12:55 PM
A beautiful, BEAUTIFUL horse, and good on you for resisting the temptation to shorten her mane. I'm actually wondering if there is a rule stating that horses MUST be plaited up for dressage competitions? Perhaps as another poster sugggested, you could try a running plait, which I agree would really suit your mare and would look quite stunning.

A lovely horse with plenty of substance, I wish you lots of luck!

30-01-08, 01:01 PM

Don't the Freisians (sp?) etc compete with natural manes? It is a bit hard to tell from the pic, but it looks like the mane is long in parts but not even?? I would therefore go with the running plaits or diamond plait idea...

30-01-08, 01:20 PM

the bottom of the above page goes into how to do running braids and diamond thingys with pictures

30-01-08, 03:57 PM
When I first read this I thought here we go another one that wants the look without the work, I was wrong I have to agree I wouldn't shorten or touch the mane at all otherwise I think your horse would look out of proportion. A running plait or the other one everyone has suggested would be all you'd need, a spanish plait was it? Or perhaps a lattice plait.

31-01-08, 12:35 AM
There is a lady in NSW with Lusitanos, she has them professionally trained and riden and they compete at DressageNSW most months. She does a running braid but the mane is parted down the middle and braided down along the neckline. Dont know how its done but looks really neat and not much different to normal plaits, probably because the braiding stays on top of the neck.

31-01-08, 02:31 AM
Thankyou Vickits!!! An old riding instructor told me to get rid of her mane and said she looked like a dirty old bum!! I was devastated because I always thought she looked terrific and couldn't imagine her without it. Besides - it suits her personality down to the ground and she would get away with being such a Ditz without it :) My NEW instructor said it was great and told me to leave it alone!! :P

31-01-08, 02:33 AM
I was wondering if that was possible because I have thought that would look great if it could be done. Will definately give it a go and will pop a couple of pics up for you all to see. No laughing if it goes pear! :+