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13-02-08, 03:04 PM
To all you mothers out there...
My mate would like to know if you can ride while you're pregnant?

13-02-08, 03:07 PM
You will here all the fores and againsts, it is up to the person concerned at the end of the day.
I certainly rode with all 3 of my children, I really believed it helped me stay fitter. My last was born when I was an older mother I was 40 when I had here, I rode up until I couldn't fit in the saddle. Mind you I knew the horse really well and felt very safe on it. I had a C section with this last child and bounced back really quick. I put it down to the riding.

At the end of the day it is her choice


13-02-08, 03:17 PM
Agree with Biddi. It's a personal choice. I am fairly new to riding (have only had my horse 12 months) and gave up riding when I was 6 weeks along. For me it was about the fact that I wasn't entirely confident and didn't want to take the risk. It's been a terribly hard thing to do though. I am about to have this baby any day and can't wait to get back to riding!

13-02-08, 03:38 PM
think it is a very personal choice and entirely depends on your experience and the horse. i rode till i was about 6 months pregnant, took it very easy and didnt do anything that would risk me falling off. at abt 6 months it just became too uncomfortable and my balance was starting to get too messed up.

13-02-08, 03:56 PM
some mums dont have a choice.
ride and miscarry. others can ride to the day of delivery. one of my friends did with every child. i know because it was my old boy she liked to ride.

me, couldnt even walk to the letter box n risk miscarriage, once past the 5th month. although did come 6th on a 50 miler when 3 months.
so sick i thought id die and wondering what on earth was wrong.. so trip to the doc and wow

lol at least thats one baby can honestly say has won a buckle poor old horse was carrying two.

13-02-08, 11:12 PM
Very much up to the person.

I didn't ride, but that was more from lack of horse than because I wanted too.

If you've been riding and are sure of you horse, why not.

Wouldn't risk it if there was a history of miscarriage though.

14-02-08, 12:44 AM
I was going to ride until 4-5 months but had a scare early on and my doctor said no more riding. I've been hanging to ride but my baby is so much more important.

Its a personal choice, if she has been a rider for years and had a nice quite mount then go for it but if she has only been riding a short time has a untrustworthy horse then I'd give it up for 10 months.

14-02-08, 01:13 AM
My mum rode until 2 weeks before I was born!

14-02-08, 01:22 AM
I rode until the baby started kicking me instead of me kicking the horse. I think it was arode 5 months with the first child.

14-02-08, 01:48 AM
Again, personal choice and circumstances.

I rode with both pregnancies. Up to 7 mths with first one, 6mths with second one (bigger and not as fit). Quiet, quiet mare. Stopped for same reasons as mentioned above (saddle too small all of a sudden, mounting near impossible and balance all out of wack). Normal deliveries. Got rid of the first obs who said dont even look at a horse.

The trick is getting back into the saddle. Not recommended before your 6 week post birth check up.

I was back quietly riding/walking at 6.5 weeks. Weird feeling, as you know what to do, but everything is so gooey (lack of muscle tone and soft bones). But absolutely heavenly!

The trick is organising the pram outside the arena, feed times, doubling up on bras (if you are breast feeding) and later a play area for the children.

Best of luck!
G and B's Mum

14-02-08, 04:53 AM
I rode uptill 4 months. My Gyno told me while the baby is still within the pelvis it would be safe but once it starts to grow out of the pelvic area it would be wise not to ride only for the fact a fall ( and they can come out of the blue ) would then injure the baby.I continued to work my horse on the ground and when I remounted after the births she was there waiting for me and ready to go on with. The choice is simple. What is more important???

14-02-08, 05:29 AM
Totally up to the individual,
i rode up to 7 months with my first, only up to about 5 months with my second as i wasnt as fit.
i stopped competing after 3 months with both (more due to my hacking jacket and joddys not fitting, if i could have kept doing dressage in tracky pants i would have!).
i was still camping at events and straping for my horse (being ridden by my mum) up to and AFTER my due date. I remember putting XC boots on him in the stables and being asked when i was due when i repplied the previous wednesday the lady nearly had a heart attack! my baby was a very healthy 11pond 9oz, so i was huge!
i always say its more dengerous driving to the shops.
it keeps you fitter and helps you bounce back after riding.
Getting back into riding is another thing, TIME, i could never find any, it wasnt to bad after my first but after my second getting someone to watch 2 little ones while i go and ride is near impossible.

Woo Hoo
14-02-08, 06:37 AM
Its actually really good for strengthening those pelvic floor muscles!!!!! :)

My neighbor is a midwife and she says she can tell the horse riders - They don't have as much trouble and deliveries are usually faster and drug free.

The danger is falling off.

So ride as long as you feel confident and balanced. I felt safe until my 7th month when I found it hard to get on and felt that I was not balanced and would stack it at the slightest shy.

And get back on as soon as you can.

Fair Embrace
14-02-08, 08:09 AM
I think I seriously need all of you to speak to my OH.
I'm not allowed to ride now. When I went back to Vic over Christmas I rode my reining horse around in the arena. He is the safest horse around and never has put a foot wrong. When my OG found out that I had been riding I got the whole "But he could have stumbled and fallen on top of you etc" I understand him being concerned but he won't let me do the most basic things but then expects me to do the near impossible...........

Woo Hoo
14-02-08, 08:15 AM
haha of course he could have stumbled... and you could fall while vacuuming the house or cooking dinner or carrying the washing to the line ... the list goes on :)

14-02-08, 08:41 AM
Like everyone has said it is a personal preference but its really something you should think about and certainly talk over with your OH.
I hopped on and had a ride on a new horse of mine when I was pregnant with my daughter. After showing the pictures online a few people smacked me over the head and made me see what I did was stupid!
A little while later I was kicked in the ankle and decided to go absolutly cold turkey from horses for the whole period of my pregnancy and let my OH handle them. The kick was a little too close to home.
I'm now 30 weeks pregnant with number two. Before I found out I was pregnant I was wanting to take a different direction with my horses (start breeding instead of riding) so I had plans on selling my riding horse and then as soon as I found out I was pregnant I sold him right away.
Personally even if I had a quiet horse to ride I wouldn't throw my leg over the saddle and risk falling off.
I don't think riding is what does harm - its if you fall off. And of course most people rebut with that its as dangerous as driving a car, which it is, but just remember that your making a decision on behalf of your child and your responsible for its life.
I still handle my horses through this pregnancy but my OH wants to be with me at all times just incase something was to happen. Believe it or not I feel safer handling my arab colt then my brood mare and I'm about to start halter breaking our 6 month old shetty colt next week.

Fair Embrace
14-02-08, 09:57 AM
I have a yearling TB colt at home who is completely well behaved with me but very, very naughty for OH. I've found that my horses all seem to know that mummy is a bit 'precious' at the moment...

Lisa an Gypsie
14-02-08, 12:05 PM
I rode till 8 weeks and then horsey had a spell (he needed it!!), I had a few more rides until 26 weeks but nothing major. i only stopped because the quiet one needed a break and I didn't want to begin re-educating an OTTB when pregnant especialy since he's not that quiet. Hubby freaked when I went on my last ride so I decided it wasn't the idea to be pushing and took a break...lucky I did as I've had nothing but problems since 30 weeks :(!!!!

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14-02-08, 12:39 PM
I rode till 5 months. Biggest difficulty was the dismount! Had my mare trained to ride into my muck heap (straw in those days) and she'd patiently halt, up to her knees in dirty straw while I'd dismount. I worried about the jarring effect on the baby on hard ground, so the straw was great! OH used to call us The Two Fat Ladies! :(
Stopped riding when she got really nervy one day as a cattle truck (noisy old rattler) passed nearby. Figured it was time to quit.
You have to do what you feel comfortable with.

14-02-08, 01:15 PM
Although most people on this thread seem to be okay with the idea of riding whilst pregnant, I would add that it also depends on the type and severity of the riding itself.

I have heard a horror story of a top level dressage rider who competed and trained until very late in the pregnancy against both medical advice and that of her peers and delivered a baby with many many serious health issues and complications after its birth which are unlikely to be resolved.

My advice - if strenous riding with prolonged periods of sitting trot etc is involved - give it a miss - the baby is too precious to gamble with...

14-02-08, 01:52 PM
Hmmm, yes, I do believe it's all to do with how fit you are before you get duffed up. I rode two horses 13km a day for about 4 months int my 6th month of pregnancy, but was getting pretty shaky on the top by the end. Your body starts to melt in readiness, and you have nothing with which to hang on.

I lost a baby between the two I have now, as I didn't know I was pregnant, a dog attacked the horse I was mounting, and she started to spin. I was thrown by centrifugal force onto the ground. I lost bubs about four days later. It was OK. The next one, I only rode till about 4 months, as I was a little more wary the second time, and the only horses I had by this stage weren't what you'd call trustworthy.

15-02-08, 02:51 AM
if i still had my old gelding i would still be riding but my mare is just off the track and only 4 yrs old, i miss riding so much. my colt will be ready to break in this october and I'm due in july so I cant wait for that.

15-02-08, 06:10 AM
boy are u right about those pelvic floor muscles.

I didnt ride from the moment i knew she was on the way. as for having her. at the hospital they kept telling hubby dont worry it will be hours before the baby comes.

2 hrs and there she was. the doc said it was all the riding over the years suppose 4 quilty buckles would hve toned em up.