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Woo Hoo
26-02-08, 03:59 AM
My dog was put to sleep on Saturday and I am a mess. I found it helps when I talk about him so here is a picture of him enjoying the company of my little boy Luke on his last morning.
He was 16 and on Sat morning he couldn't stand up. Our vet came to our house and put him to sleep in his favorite spot on the lawn.
RIP Spike - I miss you!

26-02-08, 04:07 AM
Im so sorry for you, I imagine it would be like loosing a child, im not looking forward to that day at all, at least you had an amazing 16 years together, that im sure you wouldnt take back for the world


26-02-08, 04:11 AM
What a beautiful face, brings tears to my eyes. What a lucky fellow to have you as a mate and to know you would take care of him when the time came.


26-02-08, 04:11 AM
Sorry to hear about your dog. loosing a much loved pet is always very hard, but having know him for 16 years would make it even harder.
Best Wishes

26-02-08, 05:00 AM
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss Woo Hoo. Gosh I know how you feel - I've lost two beloved dogs in the past year (one 19 yrs old and another 8 yrs old from bone cancer)

It's always really tough the first few weeks, but allow yourself to grieve. As time passes, you'll start to feel better, and when you think of Spike and the wonderful times you shared as a family, they will be wonderful memories for you to keep forever.

~~~~those we love are never lost~~~~ RIP Spike~~~


26-02-08, 05:28 AM
I'm incredibly sorry for your loss, Woo Hoo. Much like Queen_V, we've lost two of our canine 'babies' over the past 18 months, Shonda and BJ, both were 10 years old when we lost them. And after having them as such a major part of our lives for over a decade (we bred them both and Shond spent every night of his ten years sleeping on the end of my bed, so the first few mornings of not waking up to that adoring face were absolute hell) there was this major part of our lives missing for the first few months after they were gone. Now, fortunately, the joyful memories of the times we spent with them are slowly starting to out number the sad times when we miss them so incredibly much. My heart breaks for you knowing that you had your sweet boy for as long as 16 years. Thinking of you and hoping the joyful memories start to out number the sad moments sooner rather than later for you.

RIP Spike.


Woo Hoo
26-02-08, 07:07 AM
Thank you everybody. I have been a blubbering mess today, but talking about him has really helped.

I put photo's around my desk and sometimes I can look and smile - but mostly I still tear up.

I know it gets better - I have lost pets before and yesterday I was okay. I went for a big long trail ride and forgot my troubles.

I lost the last dog 3.5yrs ago to Bone cancer and that was horrible!

At least Spike had had a long life.

I will be okay

Thank you all for your kind wishes.

26-02-08, 11:30 AM
What lovely gentle eyes. Two lovely boys and a sad but happy memory of 16 years.

26-02-08, 12:40 PM
Keep talking about him Woo Hoo :)

What a gorgeous little old man and how brave and wonderful of you to do the right thing for him with such love.

Of course you are a mess losing a beloved family member, in time the good memories will come back and you will smile through your tears...then just smile because will always be with you.


26-02-08, 12:50 PM
I lost my cattledog (aged 14, a good age for tropics, but I'd had him since pup), my 'dream horse' 18h holsteiner, my 96yo mother and my lilac siamese cat (kidney failure)in same year not long ago. My wonderful NT vet (Ulick Wong) came to see dog when he collapsed 8.30pm on a thurs evening, and his clinic is 30 to 50km away in rural area, I live in city. He brought his strapping young vet son with him (I guess he knew what they'd have to do) and they just did it and picked him up and took him away. I still wake up crying for them in the night, so I know how you feel. tears just now even writing about it all

Elwood stinie
26-02-08, 01:13 PM
Wow it is hard but you must know you did the right thing! There is nothing worse than a person keeping an animal alive when it is suffering, and lovely that your vet could come to your dogs favorite spot, perfect.
Your dog has so much love in his eyes! That is a beautifull photo.
When i was a vet nurse i found the best advice was, "all we can
hope for is a good life and a quick death" sounds like that is exactly what you gave your dog.