View Full Version : Where to find "Graze On" weed product?

10-04-08, 06:03 PM
Hi everyone,

I've heard about a product called "Graze on" which is a weed spray that is safe to use around horses.... I was wondering if anyone had heard of this product & would know where to buy it?

I did a google search but was unsuccessful.


10-04-08, 06:11 PM
Never heard of it.

We use glcophosphate based weed sprays on the property for killing off those pesky weeds, and in the many years I have used it I have never had any problems with the horses. It actually says it is safe to use around animals on the packet - but if possible I will leave them off the paddock I have sprayed for 3hrs so it has time to sink in.
Just make sure when you are spraying that the dew has lifted, it's not raining and there's little wind as these things will all make the spray not work as well. It'll kill any fast growing plant it touches ( including your grass) so be careful. I paint it on to the thistles that sit by themselves to avoid killing the grass.


10-04-08, 06:12 PM
It's spelt Grazon... might be why the Google didn't turn up anything :)

Do I recall correctly that you live in Dayboro? Gleam O Dawn produce in Samford sell it... possibly the local Hardware too, but not sure on that one.

10-04-08, 06:15 PM
Oh... as Equinnox said... glyphosate (eg. Roundup)is usually the first port of call for paddock weeds. It is safe for horses and much cheaper than Grazon, which is pretty hardcore and quite a bit more $$$.

Which weed are you looking to kill off? Any in particular?

10-04-08, 06:22 PM
Grazon we use for woody weeds - blackberries & the like where Roundup is not effective

10-04-08, 06:40 PM
I use Grazon. Try Ebay there is a guy on there selling farm supplies and you can get it for around 50% retail.


10-04-08, 08:02 PM
I love Grazon, you can observe next day where you have been spraying, instant result and 100% success, plants and shrubs look very unhappy indeed.
It does not kill the grass, and is supposed to be the only herbicide that gets rid of blackberries longterm.:7

10-04-08, 08:15 PM
Keep in mind that some weeds such as veriegated thistles "fight back" after they have been sprayed and become toxic to stock, so even though the chemical may have a short withholding period for grazing, there may be other issues- sprayed v. thistles can kill cattle, unsure of the situation with horses, and we all know they will eat anything they are not supposed to.

11-04-08, 05:22 AM
Thanks very much everyone, you guys are a wealth of knowledge & always so helpful!! I'm not sure the exact type of weeds, but there seems to be mainly woody stemmed buggers & definately cobblers pegs. Some with purple flowers (dont think its salvation jane though).

11-04-08, 03:25 PM
If the purple flowers are light lavender coloured, round fluffy ball type things, it's probably billy goat weed. Very common around here. Glyphosate should take care of it.

11-04-08, 03:51 PM
As for which weed killer to use - I use Grazon when I have a variety of weeds and/or I can't identify the weed as it has good coverage. Kills tree saplings as well. It does not kill most grasses so is good for broad spraying - Glyphosate will kill most everything except for your toughest weeds eg woody & succulent - so if there are a lot of weeds go for one that does not kill your grass as well. Weed specific and weed family specific sprays are cheaper but not if you have to use a few types of them to get the weed coverage you need.

Grazon is as safe as a weed killer as you will get these days. A friend has a 10acre block in the middle of suburban houses and had a mother of million (MOM) problem - when using the Qld recommended MOM specific spray, some of the neighbours were getting sick. The local council advised he used Grazon and has been using that for the last few years with no problems being reported from neighbours (MOM takes years to get rid of).

Grazon can be purchased from most produces/rural hardwares ... although I must checkout that online one mentioned above. Also note that a lot of councils do subsidise the purchase of Grazon so talk to your local council.

I recommend that your do remove you horses from the paddock while the weed die off occurs as some weeds do become toxic and tasty as they die off and some already toxic weeds that your horse would not normally touch become tasty when dying off (eg MOM).

Hope that helps! :)

12-04-08, 12:25 AM
We have found "Graze On" fantastic. I am in far north Qld and weeds can grow overnight. Round up kills evertyhing including the grass and the first to grow back is the weeds. Graze On doesn't kill the grass so eventually you get good grass coverage which makes it harder for the weeds to grow up.

12-04-08, 01:07 AM
Grazon won't kill marshmallow, if that is on your place. And any marshmallow seeds under the soil will need another go when they appear as shoots.
Hammer is considered expensive (depending on paddock sizes it works out not expensive really) but is brilliant at cleaning up all weeds.