View Full Version : Found a great winter combo- just wanted to share

28-04-08, 04:57 AM
We purchased a rug on ebay a couple of weeks ago - and thought I would let everyone know how fantastic it is in wet weather.

It is a YIMAR brand. It was amazingly cheap (around $80-$90 incl postage, and arrived 3 days after I paid for it)

The last couple of days have been very wet here (yay - first rain in SA since can't remember when). Put it on her on Friday morning and even though she has a shelter (and trees), trusty neddy stood outside in the rain. I left her in her day yard today so she had access to her shelter, but put her out in the paddock for an hour or so this afternoon (still raining but thought she would like to be out for a while). So she found the wettest, muddiest spot and rolled. When I bought her in and checked her the cotton sheet she had on was bone dry, even though there was muddy water running of the bottom of the rug (and it had been wet for around 48 hours)

The one I got was 1200D and 300gm fill, so I know it may be too heavy for some (not for our girl, she is a senior and really, really feels the cold), but I think they have other weights.

Just thought someone may be interested if they are looking for a rug for winter.

PS - I am not in any way related to the company so I hope this isn't considered advertising, just some info from someone who has spend many 000's buying 'waterproof' rugs that leak like crazy.

28-04-08, 06:10 PM
Hmm, thanks for that. Saw them on ebay but they were a bit of an unknown quantity to me.

But now that you and your mare have been 'guinea pigs' I'll have another look and see whats on offer.



28-04-08, 11:08 PM
How would you rate the sizing? ie, true to size? For example, I find skyeparks to be generous in size, whereas the GG rugs are ok, but short on length (drop). Then again, I have a rather large horse, so probably not the easiest to fit as he has a large chest. However, I also have an old boy, TB, here as well, and I wouldn't mind finding something to keep him a bit warmer. We nearly froze our faces off today!

29-04-08, 01:02 AM
I would say the rug was true to size, but not overly generous, if that makes sense.

It is a little hard to judge with our girl, as when we got her she was skin and bone and took a 5'3" rug. She went to a 5'6" and looks like she will end up taking a 5'9".

We got a 5'6" and it fits her fine, but the next one we buy will be a 5'9" to make sure her bum is well covered.