View Full Version : Horseproblems, the Harrys Practice thread revisited

04-05-01, 03:55 PM
Horseproblems, the original post was mine....after having watched Harrys Practice on Sunday night. I was having a grumble about the float loading scene, as well as the one about hanging a little toy above your horses head to stop it from chewing its lead rope.
What bothers me about this sort of thing, is that people like Harry set themselves up as popular idols for a huge adoring and sometimes naive audience.
This generally shouldn't be a problem, as not much can go wrong when your poodle wont jump through a hoop. However, lots and lots can go very dangerously wrong when your horsie won't simply walk on the float with a bribe, and your seven year old kid is trying to copy Harry in his infinite wisdom....
Can anyone remember if the float was actually attached to a vehicle when the horse was being conned in?
Anyway, I seriously believe that either Harry's Practice should stick to kittens and goldfish, or get an experienced horseperson on board and be a bit more selective about what sorts of horse topics they tackle!

Emma (Guest)
05-05-01, 12:37 AM
Maybe Harry should follow Don Burke's examples - Get Parelli on board!!

NOT!!! (Guest)
05-05-01, 01:26 AM
Now that would be going to far!

mousee (Guest)
05-05-01, 04:43 AM
I don't tend to watch him because i find him quite patronising particularly toward kids and the elderly clients on his show. i do remember seeing an episode where Harry 'assisted' in a foaling. The mare had no complications but the good Dr found it neccessary to help pull the foal out and then force it to drink, giving the impression that all foalings need to be assisted in this way. I was really unimpressed

05-05-01, 07:16 AM
Thanks Chinners,

Yes, I totally agree. Luckily, the horse was so plain ignorant on the ground that it followed the bucket but did you see it almost take his head off when he wasn't watching it.
Anyhow, what he did was against every principal of every successful floating system known to god and man. I wonder if he reads this forum. Seems like a great bloke though. :-)