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29-05-08, 07:44 PM
Who out there in CH-Land is currently a student in some capacity? How is your end of semester exam preparation going?

I work full time and study a 3-quarter load in a Bachelor of Laws - so I'm busy! After these exams I only have one semester to go- Yay- and then the hard work begins!:P

So what interesting things are you all studying, and what do you hope to do with your qualifications?

29-05-08, 08:25 PM
Im studying Captive Animal Management (a nicer name for zookeeping) Im off to canberra to work in the zoo there for another week this weekend, cant wait, love it down there!!!


29-05-08, 08:34 PM
I am supposed to be in my second year of my Bach of Education, but i have differed for the year..

A Vertue
29-05-08, 08:59 PM
I'm working full time and studying a Bachelor of Commerce, hope to be an accountant one day :) Then maybe I can actually afford this sport I've chosen.

29-05-08, 09:38 PM
just finishing up my BSc majoring in Zoology and Psychology
Just have some psyc papers left this year as i started psyc a year later.

Deciding if I want to do masters or if I want to add archaeology on and have a double degree (but it's under anthropology yukky arts subjects blegh).

not sure if I want to do masters in zool or psyc
either some psyc thing to do with animals
or something to do with ecological restoration, or endangered birds
or Moas (extinct flightless birds - hence the archaeology)

thought about clinical psyc, but decided that working with people with problems would mess with my head.

I could be a zookeeper also! Or animal behaviourist

Any ideas, I don't really know what I want to do :(

I demonstrate for first year biol labs (just had my last lab on tuesday yay) and work at Wendys (ice cream)

29-05-08, 10:20 PM
im still in high school! do i count? if so - crazy!!! competing almost every weekend and studying till late every night (CH not a huge help) =S its worth it though =)

if i dont count =( just let my drift away then...

Luv ~dressage_star~

...and he whispered to the horse, trust no man in whose eyes you do not see yourself reflected as an equal..

29-05-08, 10:25 PM
I am still in high school. 3 months away from QCS. ARRRHHH!!!
But after i am hoping to get the right OP so that i can study to be a teacher.... :)
******Cowgirl- A better looking cowboy with brains******

29-05-08, 10:51 PM
yeah me too...yr 12 tho, so not that much time left for horsies atm!

I'm doing psych next year too....but teaching is definately the smart career choice to mix with horses.

Good luck to all on mid-year exams! Then we can get back to riding...:-)

29-05-08, 10:54 PM
haha! only grade 11 for me =P enough pressure though... rule is

bad grades = no riding
good grades = lots of riding

very simple to understand but time consuming to follow through!

Luv ~dressage_star~

...and he whispered to the horse, trust no man in whose eyes you do not see yourself reflected as an equal..

29-05-08, 10:56 PM
hmmm well been studying part time just bout to go full time i think for diploma in nursing and then use that to get into Ambo officer at the end of next year. well thats the plans, depending on horses things could get waylaid a little bit.... :) lol

29-05-08, 11:09 PM
I finished my Honours degree in Biotechnology last year, in plant molecular biology, where i was investigating the mechanisms suspected to be involved in salinity resistance in barley crops.

I'm about to start a phD, also in biotechnology but in nutritional biofortification of cereal crops, so still molecular biology. So no exams for me anymore as such but a lot of hard work, presentations, writing scientific articles etc! So what I'll be researching is the mechanisms responsible for transporting iron and zinc into the grain of rice (and possibly wheat as well if I have time). Basically this will enable us to identify varieties of rice that are more efficient at mineral accumulation in the grain - which is really important from a nutritional perspective, because the higher the nutritional value of the grain, the better the diets of people will be - especially important in third world countries where they are effected by diseases due to zinc deficiency etc because of limited diet, due to economic factors and lack of availability of foods... hopefully will be able to develop a molecular marker which makes it easier to work out if a certain variety of rice is better for you than others... anyway I'm rambling on.... I hope that makes a bit of sense and gives you a general idea :) I tried not to put too many science-geek words in there LOL

and I'm hoping to get a horse and fit it in around that !! haha

p.s. annnd I'm hoping from this I'll end up in a research lab either in a company or eventually run my own lab in a university - if i stick to the university side of things I guess I might try to become a professor one day (far down the track), although it looks like a craaapload of work and time - and because i want time for horses, I might pass on that hahaha

30-05-08, 12:00 AM
Second Year Education... and Theology/Philosophy. I am taking a break from writing my major essay for Philosophy - great fun.

I want to be a primary teacher when i finish but before that i would like to do honors and then my masters at some point as i would like to be a principle eventually.

As for exam prep...ummm... lol!


30-05-08, 01:50 AM
I'm doing Bachelor of Social Work & Social Planning, first year, have been part time this semester as I had RPL for 2 topics but I'm gonna try full time next semester! :o Lucky me I only have 1 exam coming up but I'm sure I'll stress enough for 4!

sierra bow
30-05-08, 01:55 AM
ARRGGGGHHHHH yes i'm studying as well for exams coming up!!! today was the last day of classes, and exams are coming up. I'm first year vet science, and Biochemistry is KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have 6 exams over the two weeks and i'm just a little bit stessed :) lucky horsie gets a few weeks off though!!! hehehe

good luck everyone for exams.....

30-05-08, 02:13 AM
Totally studying in fact I am finishing my last assignment EVA!!!! Hope the last 3 years have been worth it. Just think all that study time can be horse time.

30-05-08, 02:18 AM
>Who out there in CH-Land is currently a student in some
>capacity? How is your end of semester exam preparation going?
>I work full time and study a 3-quarter load in a Bachelor of
>Laws - so I'm busy! After these exams I only have one semester
>to go- Yay- and then the hard work begins!:P
>So what interesting things are you all studying, and what do
>you hope to do with your qualifications?

Oooo me too! I'm doing a Commerce/Law double degree I am working part time (20hrs pw) and overloading so doing five subjects this semester instead of four. Also got first pony (he is almost horse!) this semester so uni work has been suffering a bit ;)

I have a graduate offer with the firm I currently paralegal at, I hope to use my qualifications to earn lots of money to spend on horses ;-)

30-05-08, 04:03 AM
Yep, another one here, working full time and finishing Bachelor of Business (Major in accounting) via distance ed. Just the one subject to go after this semester, can't wait, really over it at the moment :-)

Good luck to everyone studying at the moment, it is hard finding the time for the horses. Still, I don't feel so alone now after this thread:-)

Cheers, Harmony

30-05-08, 05:50 AM
I am doing my final yr Ba Accounting....

Not bad for a high school drop out LOL.... Just wish I hadnt waited till I was 30 something to do it x(

So now I juggle full time work (as an accountant) a 5 and 7 yo, plus horses and doggies... Hmmm no wonder the house is such a friggen mess :P

30-05-08, 02:42 PM
OMG - look how many future accountants are on here

Im not currently studying - been there, done done. Did a Bachelor of Commerce while working full time and also the CPA qualifications. Finished studying about 7 years ago.

Just wanted to give you all some encouragement as studying is so worth it! I look at my friends who didn't study, very intelligent, but constantly hitting career blocks due to their lack of qualifications. I am very thankful I got it over and done with.

Accountant has so many possibilities. I have never gone down the public accounting path...tax, auditing - YUK! I have always worked for big Corps and it is fairly limitless as to the streams you can work in. For instance, I am currently a finance analyst in a big corporate marketing department, evaluationg how marketing decisions increase our profit ect

So yay to all you accountants! The money is great, but the hours can be long - not great for trying to fit in mid-week riding.

30-05-08, 04:55 PM
Yes im a student again :( I work part time at night. I miss my full time salary but at least i get the days free so i can ride and go to tafe and do my work experience to get through the courses.

Im about 3/4 of the way through Animal studies, next semester i'll be doing the Horse industries course and then at the beginning of next year i'll be doing Vet Nursing and then maybe equine nursing.

Its not a career that will pay very much :( but im not doing it for the money. In fact the job i left to do the course probably paid more than i will ever get as a vet nurse. But its very rewarding and interesting. You have your good and bad days and the vet and nurses that i am doing my work experience with are fantastic.