View Full Version : need a farrier - NOW!

05-05-01, 10:33 AM
hey dudes I need help now...my pony dearest has ripped a shoe off, theres kellyville on sunday and my farrier cant make it.
Anyone know a farrier who would come and tack it back on for me?

Thanks everyone!

05-05-01, 10:54 AM
sorry. meant to say one htat will do around castle hill/dural/kenthurst

Caroline (Guest)
06-05-01, 12:53 AM
rappie, have a look in the post by LindaH regarding a farrier course from the last day or so.. there's a few numbers in there that you could try.
good luck :-)

dollyd (Guest)
06-05-01, 02:57 AM
good luck rappie!

06-05-01, 03:10 AM
Have you tried Mark Colbran? 0412 951 951

06-05-01, 07:36 AM
im not bagging anyone but...

i rang mark last night and he promised he'd be there at 9 this morning.....still no shoe.
Does anyone know if events like these have farriers there?
Also, are the arenas at kellyville likely to be grass or sand?

(Just thinking he'd be ok in sand, he was when he lost the shoe)