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30-07-08, 04:34 AM
Hi ya guys,
I've been trying to save money lately and have made my own W/L BUT feed stores are only selling rice pollard/bran in pellet form.
They contacted Coprice for me and it's because there was too much waste due to moisture spoilage as it was, so they made it a pellet.
Do any of you know who else does rice pollard the old way? I'm in Vic, on the Mornington Peninsula.

30-07-08, 05:29 AM
I'm sorry I can't be of any help but I can sympathise, I'm having the same problem.
And the thing that drives me up the wall is that other people who board at the same place as me, order it from the same feed store that I do, but somehow theirs always turns up in the original way! It's happened everytime I've ordered it, without fail.
I much preferred it in the original form.. so if you have any luck finding somewhere that still produces it.. let us know! :)

30-07-08, 07:19 AM
I've fed CopriceM for decades, but wasn't happy to discover it contained quite a lot of pollard, not a good feed for the tropics (I'm in darwin). But haven't yet found a better alternative. May go back to oats.

30-07-08, 02:24 PM
Sorry I don't know anyone else who makes the rice bran in bran form but just wanted to add a tip for you.

Tip: Weigh your rice bran pellets as there's a huge weight difference between the bran form and the pellet form. I've gone from feeding a whole scoop per feed to half a scoop and the weight is the same.:)

My horse seems to prefer it in pellet form but I preferred the bran form(great for mixing supplements into) but I did have a lot of trouble with weevils.:-(

30-07-08, 07:35 PM
My concern is that it is being fed in the pelleted form and not any moisture added. I always soak it first but takes forever. It was much easier in the powder form. What happens to horses digestion if they eat it dry???????

31-07-08, 12:08 AM
I too feed rice bran and found my new bag was those little pellet things too. Doesnt matter for me, by the time I mix up the feed with water and horsey chews it up its all the same!!

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31-07-08, 03:33 AM
>I've fed CopriceM for decades, but wasn't happy to discover
>it contained quite a lot of pollard, not a good feed for the
>tropics (I'm in darwin). But haven't yet found a better
>alternative. May go back to oats.

CopriceM contains Rice Bran. This was incorrectly labelled as "Rice pollard" for many years but it has never had the same calcium:phosphorus ratio as a pollard. It is the bran of the rice grain.

I find it far more convenient to feed in the pelleted form. No more powder blowing all over. You don't need to soak rice bran, it just prevents it from blowing (after all the product is nearly 20% fat) adding water doesn't make it "swell up" like it does copra.

Unfortunately, for the first time, I have a horse that is getting the runs from the pellets and rice bran.

01-08-08, 08:35 PM
I had the same reservations about the rice bran - I have a coeliac horse and that is his diet staple, I have found it to mix up nearly as well as the powder if you put it on the bottom and then pour over the water before adding the rest of the feed ingredients, this gives it time to soak and it turns to mush just like the powder form!! I also use Speedibeet as it is good for dampening downa feed for supplements to stick etc!!

01-08-08, 08:50 PM
I bought a bag of Coprice Rice Bran last week, and it was still the powdered form. Maybe my feed store hasn't sold out of the old stuff yet?

02-08-08, 12:01 AM
Copra is coconut, not a horse-friendly product. years ago research postmortems showed that copra had coated inside of gut.

02-08-08, 02:21 AM
It's supposed to take a month or two for the powder to be sold out.

02-08-08, 02:29 AM
Sorry, a bit off track here, but what do you all dislike so much about rice pollard (powder) ??

02-08-08, 03:59 AM
You should try the NutriRice (pellets)...it's brilliant! Horses absolutely love it...they will eat your arm off for it, and it doesn't seem to make them hot and very good for putting weight on...I could live without it now I've started using it... :D

02-08-08, 04:57 AM
I have brought rice pollard in a pallet form. I am not sure how much water I have to put with it. It seems to swell alot so to me it seem like it needs more water.

02-08-08, 05:34 AM
>Sorry, a bit off track here, but what do you all dislike so
>much about rice pollard (powder) ??

If you don't wet the rice bran it can blow away in the wind or be left behind by the horse. The new pelleted version doesn't do that. :)