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khaven (Guest)
11-05-01, 02:58 PM
Interested to hear experiences, good or bad.
Tossing up on treatment for a young filly, with stifle injury.

HB (Guest)
11-05-01, 11:39 PM
I have used Drew several times and he seems to be effective. I only use him as my regular chiro is only coming up from VIC every 6 months now. There are alot of other chiropractors around you can try and on this forum a while back I heard some good things about Ken Butler his number is Ken Butler 0249772682. Good luck - through experience I know that chiropractic is beneficial for horses.

Aunty Ma (Guest)
12-05-01, 01:24 AM
I am very pleased with his treatment. Our ASH stallion was stepping short behind for a long while and it was not until he was being ridden at a Show with the ground being boggy that he pulled up lame. Vet coul not work out what was wrong. We were recommended Drew...didn't tell him the problem... he went over the horse and said this horse is either lame or stepping short on the near side back leg. Which he was. Only needed one treatment and is fine now. I have always been unconvinced about horse chiroprators but not now.

Marian (Guest)
12-05-01, 01:34 AM
Where is Drew Moiiram located.

Looking for a goo chiro in Vic.


Marian (Guest)
12-05-01, 05:38 AM
I think my computer just wanted to make me look silly.

:-) Marian

khaven (Guest)
12-05-01, 07:30 AM
Thanks for you replies, I might give it a shot.
Marian, he travels the country I'm told, but lives in Sydney.
PH No. 02 98266200.
I know he's in the Albury area, this coming week, the 14th.
Hope this helps.

vps (Guest)
12-05-01, 10:21 AM
I used to work for a lady in sydney who had drew and his father and many other chiros look at a TB gelding who had won at sydney. The horse had been spelled and was unsound, they all fixes him but when taken to sydney uni he had a pelvis rotation which was unfixable and hense had to be put down he did not keep condidtion etc. When later on I spoke to person who rode him for owner they said after a few drinks the only way they kept condition on horse was 10ml of bute daily as he was unsound. Nasty business as owner was unaware. So the chiros fixed him for neck, stife, everything else under the sun. I also used to have a warmblood showjumper and under a routine check he had his head manipulated, I then got old Mr Motram who said that nobody should ever have done that without sedation as horses dont relax on command. Anyway it took 8 mths and many manhandling hours later to get a bridle on that horse without putting him in the float as he decided his head hurt and he would strike. Not nice on a 17h warmblood when you are 5'6. Try Ian Bidstrup from Wangaratta he is very good, does not crack, crunch or tennis ball but teaches all new vets chiro at melbourne uni, he has a gentle mannner and tells me he has had much stifle sucess. He is also a vet which I think is peace of mind and is insured. He goes to Albury and if you email me I can give you his phone number. Bob Fielding reccommends him and I do as well.

Pumpkin (Guest)
12-05-01, 12:08 PM
i have found choropractors a waste of money, and have no intentions of letting another one near any of my horses. yes i have used them many many times in the past. i have found Bowen treatment far superior, provided you have a proffesional do it. Also i have spent thousands of dollars on myself on chiropractors. After many years i finally am getting ahead by having Bowen on myself. Yes can give case historys on self and horses to attest to Bowen.

khaven (Guest)
12-05-01, 02:33 PM
Thanks vps, I think I might try Ian, I have heard good things for a long time now about him but have thankfully not needed him until now.
I'm really sure it's the result of an injury, and is not too bad, only occasionally you'll notice it catch.
Your right, it is peace of mind, knowing he is a vet!
PS: Couldn't find your e-mail address...