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12-05-01, 12:07 AM
On the radio this morning they were talking about the latest plan for the brumbys in Kosiusko NP. Apparently they will be luring them into yards with salt then trapping them and relocating to a property in S.Vic and possibly selling them. They are concentrating on the group in the alpine area, about 20 horses. They plan to LEAD them out ! At least it goes to show the public pressure after the last fiasco has had a good effect

Snowy Local (Guest)
12-05-01, 01:11 AM
Jane do you live in this area??

This is not public pressure after what happened up North. It was never the intention of KNPWS to shoot brumbies from helicopters in the Apline region and discussions have been going on with various groups long before what happened up North.

It was always their intention to relocate but coming up with a suitable plan was the problem. Should this one work that is good, if not then they will try another. Nothing is going to be done until next summer as winter is fast upon us with -2 in the mountains this morning. Only the ground work is starting.

I get my information of what is going on straight from the horses mouth (so to speak) and I have seen a lot of white lies appearing on the subject.

If you are so concerned why not give KNPWS a call
(Ph 02 6450 5555) and I am sure someone there will explain everthing to you. Don't just listen to heresay on this subject.

12-05-01, 01:35 AM
Hi Snowy Local,

I'm not 'so concerned' just sharing what I heard on the raido today as I thought people might be interested seeing there was such an outcry after the cull in Northern NSW.

12-05-01, 01:37 AM
And the information should be valid as what I heard was an interview with Peter Mitchell from NWPS, who is coordinating the project.

Snowy Local (Guest)
12-05-01, 04:20 AM
What he said is valid.

It was your implications that annoyed me. Why comment if you are not interested, or maybe you wanted to make a bit of trouble.

If you cannot say anything constructive then don't say it.

12-05-01, 04:30 AM
Goodness me, how you construed my post as trying to make trouble I don't know. Such a thing could not be farther from the truth. There was such a hue and cry last time something was attempted about the brumbies, I thought it might be nice for people to know that those in power have taken that on board and looked at alternative options. THAT was the intention of my post.

12-05-01, 07:56 AM
geez Snowy - step off here. Jane1 made an innocent comment about what she had heard on the radio and you jumped down her throat.

steady there!!!