View Full Version : OH Is Taking an Interest!!!

26-08-08, 10:30 PM
My OH has been voluntarily bringing himself along to help feed and rug the horses every night lately!

This is the Man who swore he would be having nothing to do with the horses when we moved out to my mum's so I could live on the same property as my Horses!

Better than that... He has asked to be taught how to rug them :o

And is actually making progress... I only have to fix a few bits and pieces each time :)

Funnier still... I've caught him having Man to Man chats with my Gelding Chester (my riding horse) while he waits for me to check the rug...

And he checks on them during the day to make sure they have enough water!!! without me asking :o

Very strange... But welcome! :7

26-08-08, 10:46 PM
WOW you are lucky :-) . I wish my hubby would take more of an interest.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. You just have to dance in the rain.

26-08-08, 10:56 PM
Hi Shadow mystique he sounds like one to keep, as long as he doesnt try to steal your horse from you ;)

26-08-08, 11:07 PM
whooohoooo go hubby

my rugrat is now 12, you would think he would be saying no to the horses but has just started to show interest, so my 20yrs old gelding is coming out of retirement for giving him lessons lol

26-08-08, 11:27 PM
LOL, I don't think there is any chance of him usurping my horse... He's like a vampire, he only comes out in the dark if he can help it... :7

Hes a computer geek... Disguised as a SNAG :7

Apparently the "Sunlight Burns" in his words :)

I'm safe in the knowledge that my daytime pursuits are my own :) Buts its great that he's taking an interest as with my foal due in December I'll be spending even more time out there :)

One more sign that the time are a changin... He's looking forward t the foal :o

I'm definately keepin this one :)

27-08-08, 08:31 AM
Cool! Sounds like a funny guy!

My guy (massive 6'3 half cook islander) is totally afraid of horses! When I'm interstate and he has to feed, he stands about 2m away, outside the fence, and pelts them with hay biscuits from there so they can't "get him".

27-08-08, 10:24 AM
Cbrown- haha very funny! I like it. Big old softy after all ay!
******Cowgirl- A better looking cowboy with brains******

27-08-08, 11:19 AM
cbrown... lol its pretty much the same with my OH :D He around 6 foot and built (excuse my language... its his description) like a brick #### house :) But he finds the horses terrifying

When my Gelding (15.3hh) paws his dinner or snorts my OH is suddenly about 10 meters away... I swear its teleportation :) Apparently the horse is MASSIVE and was going to ATTACK him :) I almost fall over laughing every time :)