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07-09-08, 01:18 AM
Have been trying to think of things that are good about not having a horse in me life.
was thinking mmmmm maybe no more dirt mountains under me nails (and god knows what else LOL)
but figured nah whats a bit more scrubbing when bathing.

so thought okay, coming home with me shoes unmanured and unmuddied would excite me...
but having gumboots squashes that theory!

But i think i have finally found it, the "joy" of not owning a horse


I got it a few days ago and have been carrying it around in me pocket ever since, just admiring
its beauty and perfection :7

but sadly today it was broken :( on what you may ask... horse food of course LMAO

TD had run out of Copra and since i love a good challenge, and i couldn't let my CH buddies prove me wrong ;)
I popped into the feed store and grabbed the last 2 bags of copra (now im not sure if this "No copra in Oz left" rumour is correct or not, but i did feel like i had won the last golden ticket :P )

was happily dancing down the aisle juggling me bags of copra, till i realised that my precious $100 note would have to die, so that i could go "ner ner" to me buddies.
was a hard decision to make, almost heartbreaking... but in the end the Copra won out... and my "joy" of not having a horse in my life is no more.

so please give me some inspiration!! if dirty nails can be scrubbed and notes can get broken, what else can inspire me not to crawl back to TD and say "i wanna play ponies"? hehehe

07-09-08, 07:50 AM

Surely there was some crawling on the part of TD to cause the pretty green note to be broken? Are things not turning out quite how TD envisaged?

It seems to me there might be case to be made for Mutual Crawling?

Broken notes notwithstanding, I would love to see you riding again....go on admit it, you would love to see you riding again :)

Broken notes are just part of the pain we all understand :) Have broken many including once to my shame a $200 coin but that was many years ago when I was young and silly.


07-09-08, 09:18 AM
Hi Anubis nah just felt sorry for the little bugga, dont worry i'll play it like a good Mummy and
make her feel "guilty" ;) Guilty is what us Mums do best you know LOL

i have thought of something else to help us non horse owners feel better... rain!
while you horsey owners are sloshing around feeding and slip sliding in the mud, us non horsey members are tucked up in our lounge rooms all dry and warm :P

can you see im really struggling for ideas to think of things why not owning a horse is good :7
but hopefully others can help in our quest to why we are "better off" :+

08-09-08, 12:32 AM
Hmm.. the occasional sleep in? Actually.. I set my alarm an hour early because it takes me that long to get up haha.

I think you nailed it with being able to laugh at us out in the rain.

The other day I'd forgotten my Driza-Bone and my gumboots had mysteriously shrunk, I was soaked to the bone and little (dry) horsie just didn't feel like co-operating with her mummy. As I saw little steeds backside disappearing at high speed into the rain for the third time I resorted to shouting empty threats at her - "I'll put you in a stall! DO YOU WANT ME TO PUT YOU IN A STALL??!?" (she hates being stabled). Ofcourse I'd have to catch her first to do that. I'm sure SOMEONE was laughing at me that day.

Oh wait I know! More money to spend on chocolate? More time to spend eating said chocolate?


Undomesticated Equines could not remove me.

08-09-08, 10:23 AM
No more snot stains on your t'shirts or jumpers x(

No more main pulling (kills my thumbnails)

No more poop scooping

No more early mornings in the cold

Save money in petrol to and from the agistment property (for those that do)

No more hanging out in sheds filled with spiders

No more hairs in the washing machine from secretly washing dirty cotton rugs when OH isn't looking, but only finds out coz he's got chestnut hairs on his work clothes }( oops!

08-09-08, 04:48 PM
I hurt my back badly on the 15th Aug and since then have not been able to go outside and do all the usually things like horses, gardening, feeding chooks and ducks or any hoof trimming - but boy do I have a BEAUTIFUL set of finger nails. Clean, long and dazzling, so much so I even painted them today (mind you I dont recommend painting nails under the influence of valium and morphine lolol).

East Gippsland Hoof Care

08-09-08, 05:32 PM
Hi I love royal yep definitely don't miss the "im standing under trees out of the rain, so you come get me" looks, even the families rapted that they no longer have to see me ripping off my wet clothes at the front door LOL.

Hazel i ummm kinda broke me the new beaut washing machine my Daddy brought me :( when he gave it to me he said i wasn't to put horse rugs in it.
well i didnt promise i wouldnt... so figured a few (ok heaps and heaps) wouldn't hurt but they did.
poor washy is in having surgery so fingers crossed he lives to wash a few more rugs }(

Hugs Autumn thats sounds dreadful :( do you have someone to help you with the animals?
im sure you would give up your beautiful new nails to spend some time with the ponies :)

I got to spend a couple of hours with TD's pony the other day and it was magic, just spent time having a mutual grooming session, just wish he hadn't chosen my backside to groom LOL

08-09-08, 09:08 PM
I'm not sure it goes under the "joy" of not owning a horse, as much as the convenience...

I find the joys of owning animals far outweighs the inconveniences (most of the time)!!, Although I definitely do have days when I think "geez I wish someone else could feed up so I could sleep in/go out etc"
And I'd have to work a lot harder to burn my money and ruin all my good clothes, hehe!

But it is comical what we put ourselves through for the love of the horses, my non-horsie families think I'm clinically insane (if only they knew :9 ...)

09-09-08, 01:38 AM
I'm with Sarj. I even don't mind the running around after horses in the rain.. that much.

And there definitly is a certain joy to spreading White-Horsey-Hair love around the house :D.


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10-09-08, 11:26 AM
The joy of not owning a horse(s) would be a) having money and b) not having to work in some horrible job to earn the money to pay for the horse(s) :-)