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13-09-08, 09:12 AM
How did the meeting on the 4th go. Did they get many turn up and what was the verdict re the Adelaide Horse Trials.

14-09-08, 12:18 PM

14-09-08, 01:23 PM
Hey guys,
the joys of horses i didn't get there as my filly decided to take a nice chunck out of her n/s rear fetlock and i got carried away playing nurse for my baby :) However i have the link for the mintues from that meeting for you to have a read through :)

Still going ahead this year!! Its a start i guess!!


But then again with the below (victoria park race course) being totally re-vamped and no longer a race course who knows what the furute may hold as all horses are stabled at victoria park over the adelaide 3 day event???


Jenny Barnes 1
14-09-08, 07:39 PM
'proposed and delete 'horse riding''(yeah I know just look at who proposed and seconded it - enough said if you followed the Vic Park grandstand saga). Why do they dislike horses so much! And its all well and good that they have all those community playing fields but where is the space for people to park cars anywhere (or is the community only the eastern suburbs that can walk there).

Looks like they don't want the horses even being on any part of Vic Park by the looks of the maps and minutes including the horse stalls and warm up areas.

And they want to keep more of the racing buildings than just the old grandstand - that is interesting.

At least nothing will happen to the area this year (its 8 weeks wil the horse trials).

14-09-08, 08:58 PM
Its probably not the horse they dislike, more likely the people they need to deal with who believe life should be served up on a silver platter.

15-09-08, 04:30 AM
We've got idiot pollies chucking tanties because they can't build a big grandstand to watch cars from & having to throw on a big sun shade instead (WTF???), the same idiot pollie who abuses the idiot city residents who complain that the cars are too loud & there are too many people, and the festivals are too loud & bring too many people, and we want to be a hub of sport and culture, but only as long as it's not too loud, doesn't involve cars or horses, & doesn't bring too many people.

We will be the laughing stock of the International eventing community if our moronic government & city council cancel Adelaide 3 Day. We're already a laughing stock for referring to our city as 'Radelaide' (CRINGE).

I am so sick of the pointless power battles between the pollies & the Adelaide City Council.

Unfortunately I was unable to go to the meeting as I worked arvo shift, but I sent a lengthy submission.