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Tate (Guest)
15-05-01, 12:37 PM
Hello to all my dear friends: Emma, Jacki, 9.5 fingered George, SNH, Abbyjo, I have a very important announcement to make. This was provoked by a certain t.v. show that airs on the ABC on weekdays at 5.00 pm, a recent show in which I had a ....learning....experience, two very important people which helped me with my 'learning' experience and the most important person of all my dear friend and mum, Kate H.
Here it comes ......


As to all the people that helped me I offer my gratitude to you.

Thank you for the help and have a good night.
Jacki can you tell me when the horse rescue show is on so that I can get Dancer ready.
Thanks, Tate(not Tad :) )
P.S. I did enjoy the show on the weekend.

16-05-01, 12:59 AM

Welcome back! You know you could always take up tightrope walking on Dancer's back...the skills you displayed on Sunday were pretty impressive!

Horse Rescue is June 10th and they have a beginners ring also.

Make sure you park next to us so we can chat at you all day!

Emma R
16-05-01, 01:34 AM

Good decision to come back riding - I hope you receive encouragement from more than just your current riding friends, because us 'hackies' should all encourage more people to take up the sport - after all it's supposed to be fun!!!!!

We all really look foward to watching you compete and having mum cheering you on at the sidelines (don't forget to take photo's though Miss Kate!!!!!!).

Thanks for a great Sunday - will email you privately.



16-05-01, 06:47 AM
Good on you Tate?

I bet you mum is very excited about this news you have shared with us.

We need more guys in this sport to keep all these girls in line.

You will have lots of fun riding, there are a lot of nice people that will help while mum has her Miss Kate hat on.

Good Luck,
Gary, Gr!!

abbyjo (Guest)
16-05-01, 07:14 AM
Good on you Tate, will look out for you at the Horse Rescue Gymkhana, Oh by the way its on the 10th of June. Have fun riding.

Kate H (Guest)
16-05-01, 12:13 PM
Holy Hell,
I came home from work, started cooking dinner and heard this sound outside.
Had a look and guess who it was??????
Matthew aka Tate riding Dancer, bareback and only a halter on......boy, was I impressed......He stood her beside himself and ran at her and jumped on, wow, wow, wow. Wish I could hve done that years ago........
So casual, so who cares.
So thanks to the people who have caused the change of heart....You know who who you are...
Look out Horse Rescue......Matt is on his way, but I refuse to clip the "old girl". Dancer will have to go as nature intended her to be in Winter. Matt will have to decide if he wants to ride in the Beginners ring or in the open rings.

Help, send me a programme so I can help Matt decide.......

16-05-01, 02:11 PM
Heya 'TATE',
The good old horse_guy_17 is here, sending a g'day to you, and a congratulations for giving the showring a go.
As Gaz said...we need more guys.
I am sure Mum will be really supportive.
look forward to catching you at the Horse rescue Show.
Cheers, Jeremy.

Krystlepurple (Guest)
16-05-01, 03:36 PM
This is great to hear Tate, as yes guys are a dying breed out there.:)
Hacking can be fun most of the time, well Jeremy and I certinally had a ball at Bathurst thats for sure...... I hope you enjoy the show, might see you round at one of the shows.

SNH (Guest)
16-05-01, 11:42 PM
Maybe Clemens could start giving vaulting lessons again. Sounds like Tate's a natural! Wish I could still do it............. Did you get a program? Can fax one today if you need it.

17-05-01, 01:47 AM
Good morning all,
Got a free so I decided to pop-in.
SNH, any chance in getting one faxed to me please?
(02) 47 739638.
Cheers, Jeremy.

PS - Perhaps we can finally meet at this show?!?

Kate H (Guest)
17-05-01, 03:26 AM
No haven't been able to track down a programme yet. It would be appreciated if you could fax it to work on 1800 652 794 and mark along the top Attention: Kate.
Thanks every so much.
And to everyone encouraging young Matt, Thanks to you too.

19-05-01, 10:56 AM
Hey Mathew......
times comes when we all need to go do some REAL horse stuff.I love that you ride an appaloosa....so why not don a rope and learn to catch something.How cool........mathew the gorgeous cowboy ...roping .....girls....hehehehehe
Sorry Kate, to be a little encouraging.....but Mathew... you could be doing two things here....girls (and you will start sonn to appreciate them)LOVE cowboys........
Your cute mare could be just thing to throw a rope off and sent the feme fatalles a gog.......
TIME FOR SOME serious thought here.
I of course you want to go hacking (heaven forbid!!!)i could find you a hack....... to ride ......but much better to attract the chicks.......RODEO.....YOUNG MAN.....its fun.......
opps .....gonmna go have a scotch .....cause your mums gonna come after me now.....
LOVE KATH ......
ask for a rope for your birthday

19-05-01, 11:01 AM
sorry guys,I didn't hit spell check,now I really need a scotch!!!
;-) :-)

Kate H (Guest)
19-05-01, 11:35 AM
You Devil........
Matt needs no encouragement with the girls!!!!!!
But I do agree that he needs to do the straight thing with horses.
God love Dancer. Hasn't been ridden since 28/6/2000 and Matt just goes and gets on. We haven't tried to throw a rope off her yet, but I guess that ANYTHING goes with an Appaloosa.......
and knowing Dancer, she would just take it in her stride.
Will have to bring them both up to you and get Michael to give him a few tips.......
He's just read this and is excited and wants to give it a go.
You should see the goats and dogs take off when Matt goes outside with a whip. What are they going to do when he tries to rope them...........Holy Hell.
Thanks Kath
Is this the get even after your HAPPY BIRTHDAY song at the Royal?????
Just wait.
Seriously, I am happy that he wants to ride again, haven't pushed him, and am amazed at just how much (Whoops, another name) he has learnt over the years around the shows.
It is really great that some of the showies want to help him........So we are going to the Horse Rescue show on 10/6 to ride in the beginners ring 11 yrs and over.
Keep aware, I am on your trail now..........

19-05-01, 11:39 AM
Hmmmmmmmm.!!!!!!!!!!!the birthday song??????????I've only Just began( oops..another name.......hehehehe.)
love ya matt...Go rope those ducks..hehehehehe