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05-11-08, 02:33 PM
Hi All

A friend of mine in the USA is looking for the registered name and any registration details on an Australian-bred TB mare. This mare is a valued member of their family, and has had a foal that they'd like to register, but they have no details on the mare's registration. Maybe someone on CH could help??

The mare was shown under two names: "Kookaburra" and "Just for Fun".
Her Sire: Foscarini
Her Dam: April Sands
DOB 10-1-90
Exported to US in late 90s as a Grand Prix jumper.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

05-11-08, 02:57 PM
April Sands (AUS) 1982

Aust.Id.: 133448 brown mare Date of Birth: 28/08/1982

DNA Typed: N

by Nassau (AUS) 1977 Contact: Ms PA Standfield, NSW

from Sweet April (NZ) 1970 Retired (03/07/2000)

bred by Mr EJ Dooner, Mrs E J Dooner, NSW

Official Australian Stud Book Pedigree
Biscay (AUS) 1965 Star Kingdom (IRE) 1946
Magic Symbol (AUS) 1956

Nassau (AUS) 1977
Foal ref: 32:1548

Seduisant (AUS) 1966 Better Boy (IRE) 1951
Downdraught (AUS) 1954

April Sands (AUS) 1982
Foal ref: 35:1802

Alcimedes (GB) 1954 Alycidon (GB) 1945
Honey Hill (GB) 1944

Sweet April (NZ) 1970
Foal ref: 22:1566

Pirene (NZ) 1960 Sabaean (GB) 1945
Sitting Pretty (NZ) 1951

Family: 8E Taproot: Scandal (GB) 1855

1990 01/10 gr filly Jessarini Foscarini (IRE)

Jessarini (AUS) 1990

Aust.Id.: 477879 grey mare Date of Birth: 01/10/1990

DNA Typed: N

by Foscarini (IRE) 1981

from April Sands (AUS) 1982

bred by Mr K Upton, NSW

Official Australian Stud Book Pedigree
Rusticaro (FR) 1975 Caro (IRE) 1967
Rustica (GB) 1966

Foscarini (IRE) 1981
Foal ref: 40:250

Busted Flush (GB) 1970 Busted (GB) 1963
Donna (GB) 1956

Jessarini (AUS) 1990
Foal ref: 38:58

Nassau (AUS) 1977 Biscay (AUS) 1965
Seduisant (AUS) 1966

April Sands (AUS) 1982
Foal ref: 35:1802

Sweet April (NZ) 1970 Alcimedes (GB) 1954
Pirene (NZ) 1960

Family: 8E Taproot: Scandal (GB) 1855

There you go! Tell her I want a foal named for me :)

05-11-08, 04:14 PM
WOW! Thank you soooo much! My friend Jen is VERY pleased!!

And isn't the internet a wonderful thing????? How cool that within minutes a question asked in the USA can be answered in Australia?