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10-12-08, 09:36 AM

There was a post a little while ago with some nice horse 'sayings' a friend of mine is going through a hard time with her lame horse and i wanted to send her some encouragement. It ended with 'remember that girl, ride for her'

If anyone can fill in the big blanks let me know :)

10-12-08, 09:53 AM
Hi Lydia is this the one you mean?

Somewhere behind the rider you've become, the hours of practice you've put in, and the coaches that have pushed you, is the little girl who fell in love with the sport and never looked back. Ride for her.

It was posted by Dressage star. this one probaly wont help your friend but it might give them a giggle :)

thanks to Hegdwitch.

Handle every stressful situation like a stallion.
If you can't eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away.

When do you say enough is enough?

10-12-08, 10:00 AM
There's something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a person (or something like that). Forget exactly who said it, but it was someone famous, possibly Winston Churchill?

10-12-08, 01:00 PM
yep it was him.
Try this site: www.horses.co.uk - it has loads of good quotes.

10-12-08, 01:09 PM

thanks :) that quote always reminds me to forget all the negativity and to ride simply for the love of it. My friends new horse is very lame (maybe permanent) and she needs some cheering up!

Thanks again

10-12-08, 01:17 PM
Lessons From Your Horse:
When you're tense, let me teach you that there are lions in the woods, and we need to leave. NOW!!
When you're short tempered, let me teach you how to slog around the pasture for an hour before you catch me.
When you're short-sighted, let me teach you to figure out where, exactly, in 40 acres I'm hiding.
When you're quick to react, let me teach you that herbivores kick much faster than omnivores.
When you're worried, let me entertain you with my mystery lameness.
When you feel superior, let me teach you that mostly, you're the maid service.
When you're self-absorbed, let me teach you to pay attention!! (I told you about those lions in the woods...)
When you're arrogent, let me teach you what 1,200 pounds of yahoo-let's-go! speed event horse can do when suitably inspired.
When you're lonely, let me be your companion. Let's do lunch. Also breakfast, dinner, and snacks.
When you're tired, don't forget the 600 pounds of grain that need to be unloaded.
When you're feeling financially secure, let me teach you the meaning of "veterinary services, additional."

Cheeky Chappers
10-12-08, 04:07 PM
A horse without a rider will always be a horse
but a rider without a horse is only a person


10-12-08, 05:42 PM
My best companions have no less than four legs

Cheeky Chappers
11-12-08, 11:33 AM
Hi Ranger,

Your Avatar reminds of the white horse of Westbury back home... where is yours?