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14-12-08, 09:24 PM
Ok, now I may put a few peoples noses out of joint, so let me apologise up front.

But why oh why do so many arabian advertisers put photos in of their arabians rearing?

Now the arabian fraternity are always saying what wonderful natures they have, how versatile they are etc.......... (sorry to those that hate lots of full stops, sheesh nowadays how PC one has to be }( )

Just looking through one of my arabian horse news books today and I was astounded by the amount of studs advertising stock, and think its a ok to put there beloved stallion and or youngster rearing????

Can anyone explain to me the mentality of this?

For me advertising any horse no matter what breed is about showing its good points, and to me as a rider, a horse rearing has of no interest to me what so ever.

Thought it about time we had a good old chin wag :+

Oh and by the way for those of you that think I am just arab bashing again, nup not no way, have arabs in my own paddock, just not happy with the way they are portrayed thats all.


14-12-08, 10:31 PM
Bored, MD?

So, how many photos show a rearing horse, MD? 10? 20? 30.....maybe?
I can send you hundreds of photos showing just how versatile and good natured arabians can be.
Here is a friends' 3 stallions.

14-12-08, 10:57 PM
Aarrgh ... apostrophe in the wrong place ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I HATE THAT!!!!!!

}( }( }( }(

Sorry md, can't comment on the rearing theory. I'm an Arabian fancier from a million years ago and they didn't rear then .... well they sorta did but it was only man made. And they didn't look like American Saddlebreds when they were stood up either. sigh.

14-12-08, 11:12 PM
Cute pic GG!

Made me smile

14-12-08, 11:26 PM
Ok . being serious ... I used to show an Anglo stallion. I bred him, I dressaged him, I showed him in hand and under saddle. He was the best horse I have ever had.

But showing in hand was a nightmare because of the absolutely clueless bunch of other Arabian handlers out there. They would let their stallions rub noses with other stallions .. imagine the roars ... they had beautiful polite horses they had no idea about ... makes me shudder now because I bet it hasn't changed.

15-12-08, 08:15 AM
Yep bored and the threads get boring to}(

Cute photo gg vice.

Of course there are lovely versatile arabians out there, have owned some and own a derivative, what I am getting at is the advertising of them rearing and how that can actually do their business any good.

Yep most are not advertised this way and thats great, they are just advertised in overstretched out poses with touched up photos:+

Nah just having a go, but really does anyone see the irony of this, they claim that the horses are quiet and versatile and well behaved and yet here this thing is rearing, ah maybe I am getting old, they wouldn't have advertised them like this years ago.

Not a lot has changed Midnight, except that now days its mainly professionals handling the in hand horses so they tend to keep away from each other, what hasn't changed is the fashion of scaring the bejesus out of the poor thing as they trot it out for the judge, like running their whips along the bunting they use to separate the rings so that it makes a racket hoping it will give them more expression, all it did at the last show I went to what scare the crappers out of the horses.

If buying anyhorse what would you prefer to see, something under saddle (if riding age) or if not a nice photo of the youngster just standing or trotting around its paddock? (without the dam plastic shaker bottle to make its trot look un natural).


15-12-08, 10:50 AM
Sad isn't it .. the normal stuff on the list is dead boring.
Freckles seems to have retreated to the nearest mirror to check his ego , and the good old days of phil rogilla et al are just a dsistant memory.

Midnightly .. if you put up a post telling us all about your favourite anglo stallion .. I will follow suit.. then maybe there will be a flood of good stories about good horses.
Not stories just about favourites,(we all have favourites) we need stories about great horses who have earned their stripes in spades.
I have owned two.. one was my much loved anglo stallion and one is the current greedy guts Anglo gelding who is surely having triplets now the grass is growing...
Without being able to edit threads the risk is that good subjects will be me too'd into irrelevancy, especially by the youngsters.

I guess that is one of the prime failings of the list these days.
Bring back fran as moderator.

15-12-08, 10:54 AM
>Bring back fran as moderator.

Now I know you have lost your marbles!

"Teamwork is a lot of people doing what I say"

15-12-08, 11:16 AM
The problem with selling Arabs is that the Arab breeders are there own worst enemy.

The obsession with the Halter horse and the amount of twits breeding them because they are pretty is destroying the breed.

We have a beautiful quite Arab/WB. Cant sell her, Why? The Arabian blood. She is super quiet, but no one wants anything with Arab in it.

The only people interested in Arabian are Arab fans, if you mention the Arab blood to anyone else you can hear the dial tone in your ear before you finish the sentence.

15-12-08, 11:42 AM
Yep, just been practicing this new look -


15-12-08, 12:03 PM
LOL! My Anglo gelding is having triplets too!!:P

DO I would love to have the money to buy an Arabian Warmblood. I love that bit of Arab in them. It gives them class, spark, elegance and most of all brains.:)

Generally I'm not a huge fan of the purebreds mostly because the majority of them are bred for the show ring and not the quality versatile riding horses they're meant to be. I much prefer Crabbet blood to other lines as they tend to be a little smarter and a little more sensible.

I have to admit the general advertising of the purebreds often leaves a lot to be desired. MD a rearing horse certainly catches the eye in a pic but usually for the wrong reasons. I would prefer to see a pic of a stallion performing well under saddle rather than one of the silly stretched out poses they prefer to show you or a rearing pic.

15-12-08, 12:06 PM
I suppose it appeals to the mentality of some of the people that are looking to buy, Arabians that are show horses need to have attitude and spunk by the bucket load. I suppose the rearing shows off these things and shows that the horse has the right attitude to be a show off and to spark up when needed such as they do when they go into the show ring.

However I don't think it makes the breed look "bad" or that it sends the wrong impression, as long as they have been taught the rearing as a controlled movement (as many of the stallions etc posing in these photo's would have) then I think it's more a credit to their unique character, there are not a great deal of horses with the energy and zest and concentration level to learn to rear on command.

I think the type of Arabian people that are trying to promote how queit the breed is, and the people that are using these photo's and probably showing them at a high level are two different types of people, and are looking for different things in their horses.

I have an Arabian Pony who is one of the quitest ponies I have ever owned (he is $75% Arabian) he is an absolute gem of a pony, I have also had ponies with more welsh or more RP in them than Arab and they have been complete hot headed maniacs. Each horse is different and I think one would be silly to make a judgement based on their breeding alone. As with dogs, particular breeds have particular characteristics, however not every pit bull will be mean and vicious such as their stereotype and not every Arab will be hot headed...

Anyway, there's my opinion I can see that this topic will go around and around in cirlces because there is no right answer and it's a matter of particular taste..

15-12-08, 12:29 PM
(he is $75% Arabian)

Does that make him $56.25?:P

Yes not every Pit Bull is mean, but would but one as a family pet with the reputation they have?

15-12-08, 12:39 PM
LOL - I'm sitting here doing our sales figures for this month and flipping back and forth between this and Ebay where I'm bidding on something that I cannot find anywhere else and am dreading how much is going to end up costing me, so I have $$$$ on the brain atm...

"Yes not every Pit Bull is mean, but would but one as a family pet with the reputation they have?"

Personally no way, but you'd be suprised how many people do and that's their choice.. We have Boxers and they are the most beautiful natured dogs and in general the breed have a reputation for being friendly. However I still will NEVER trust them 100% around my kids because regardless of their breed they could always be having a bad day and I think horses are the same no matter what the breed is or whatever characteristic they are bred for..

My point was it's horses for courses, some people dig the rearing majestic arabian thing ad some don't..

Le Le
15-12-08, 12:44 PM
My 15yo purebred arab playing with my OH


I wouldn't advertise him with a rearing photo as he is a ridden horse. And i do dressage on him (currently training elementary/medium). He has spunk and attitude though, but has never reared or bucked when i am on him... just playfull and a child at heart :)

15-12-08, 02:37 PM
The numbers in the halter rings are steadily decreasing. Just because the halter horses have the high profile, there are just so many more Arabians that are good honest riding horses and great ambassadors for the breed.
The halter horses are just are small fraction of the overall Arabian horse population.
A good Arabian should be able to win at halter and under saddle. Really don't like these 'extreme' types that can't move properly, long weak backs, and horrible legs! But this is not the fault of the breed, this comes down to the aims of the breeder, AND WHAT THE JUDGES ARE REWARDING IN THE SHOW RING!

15-12-08, 04:30 PM

15-12-08, 05:13 PM
Hi I agree with the change in Arabian 'type'. I don't believe that the Arabs in the show ring are true to the breed standard.

Also what Arabian horses are worth, in particular endurance horses, I have been looking at endurance bloodlines and have stumbled on a youngish filly.


I was looking for Mindari Aenzac blood (he has won over a ,million dollars in the UAE), which there is unfortunately not a lot of and found this one. It looks like the bottom part of her pedigree is quite good as well.

Any endurance ppl out there who can give some idea of the bloodlines etc.

15-12-08, 07:26 PM
Excellent endurance lines.....you could talk to a good friend of mine.
This is her website http://ridingarabianhorses.com
She knows the Aethon lines very well.

16-12-08, 12:05 AM
md wrote:
"Nah just having a go, but really does anyone see the irony of this, they claim that the horses are quiet and versatile and well behaved and yet here this thing is rearing, ah maybe I am getting old, they wouldn't have advertised them like this years ago."

Hell no....

16-12-08, 07:30 AM
Ah well I stand corrected, you see I only arrived in Australia in 1988, so must of missed that one:7 (who is that on the cover by the way?)

Still seems a silly way to advertise what should be a riding horse not a rat on a string, maybe I am just getting old and grumpy.

Put it this way if I was in the market for a riding arabian then I would not even ring the breeder that is silly enough to put their stallion and or progeny in a photo rearing, one of our warmbloods her rears all the time in his paddock, why co's he thinks it a huge hoot, his mother does the same (must be that 3% arabian blood }( ), but he is not allowed to rear in hand and never has under saddle, and I certainly would not advertise him doing it.

Rearing is natural for horses especially colts, stallions and geldings, heck if a stallion cannot rear he cannot serve, that is how they play and how they fight, but I still think its a waste of advertising space.

But each to their own I suppose.

I would much prefer to see them ridden or if too young natural, or inhand naturally, but said all this before so I must be bored :7

16-12-08, 08:56 AM
Is it Naazim? (It was his favourite party trick).
*GG heads off to dig out her old Mags*