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21-12-08, 11:08 AM
hi guys well ive defineatly decided that this year christmas day will be better spent home alone for me,so much bickering going on within the family.i went out this morning and bought all my christmas day food.....i got what my family would normally have just on a smaller scale.also bought my dogs some nice chicken breast fillets to roast along side my chicken and veges so they can have a nice lunch with me.so heres to a hassle and stress free christmas day lunch and dinner for me woohoo lol.

21-12-08, 03:40 PM
Join the club dilutesrule!!! i am in same boat, slightly different oars!! Will have a nice relaxed day though which should never be taken for granted!

As long as i wake up, give the horses their licorice, a lovely scratch and cuddle, and feed the cat and the neighbours animals - my day will be blissfully my own...

..not that I don't wish everyone on here who does the big family a wonderful day - I do! Just love the thought of not driving anywhere, putting up with certain rels and eating way too much...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas dilutesrule!!

21-12-08, 04:51 PM
I am soooo jealous. My Christmas is shaping up like this: Christmas Eve, my German OH's family arrive at our place (which will obviously have to be spotless) for the traditional German Christmas (which is normally held on Christmas eve). Total of 9 people including our family or 10 if my Sister-in-law's sulky, spoilt stepdaughter deigns to come. She doesn't speak to anyone, disdains all her presents and drags the SIL and BIL away before dessert.

Then, Christmas Day, at my Mum's house with my family which, if you count my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and everyone's spouses and children, is comprised of some 27 people. And no, we don't do Secret Santa which means a gift for every last one of them. And a HUGE meal because we all help cater. I usually go home by 3pm with a massive headache and have an early bedtime because:

Tada: Boxing Day this year, I am hosting the traditional annual street party where everyone who lives on our cul-de-sac street gets together to catch up on the year's doings. It's not arduous because everyone brings their own food and drink but with 15 or so families coming I will have to make sure the house is spotless (again) and that a certain neighbour's utterly feral children don't drag out burn any family heirlooms (they did it to another friend so I am not exaggerating)!!!!

So, you lucky solitary people, on Christmas day at lunchtime, think of me, only halfway through my 48 solid hours of Christmas. Don't bother having a drink for me (I'll be having plenty of my own) but add 30 minutes to your after-lunch nanna-nap for me please?

21-12-08, 05:13 PM
It's not arduous because everyone brings their own food and drink
>but with 15 or so families coming I will have to make sure the
>house is spotless (again) and that a certain neighbour's
>utterly feral children don't drag out burn any family
>heirlooms (they did it to another friend so I am not
Not the neighbours kids I know is it? Wow. :o

Anyway unless we catch up before then do try to have a Merry Christmas CBZ :7 :7

21-12-08, 05:22 PM
Not the ones you are probably thinking of, no! These are twins who used to go to our school (but are now in much-needed private schools) and the boy twin is THE most disobedient child I have ever seen. He NEVER follows a single instruction. His Mum does her level best but his Dad couldn't care less. His Dad was with the kids at a house up the road when they got hold of an antique walking stick and burned it. The neighbour was understandably cranky and said to the Dad "Hey, mate look what your ***** kid's just done." The Dad just looked up from his beer, shrugged his shoulders and said "Nothing I can do about it". Aren't people amazing?????
Understandably, my OH is frantic about them coming but you can hardly have a street party where one family is not invited. Actually, you can but the fanilies not invited are left out because they were very un-neighbourly and built swimming pools too close to their boundaries or they were rude to my BIL once.:P

Anyway, you have a lovely Christmas too MMC and I'll talk to you in the New Year. :7 I'm off to buy locks for all the rooms I want those lovely little s***s to stay out of.

21-12-08, 05:23 PM
hi dark horse thanks for your kind and positive words.glad to know that my decision isnt so bad after all.
ohhh cbz my head is buzzing at the thought of your christmas period.
i bought my self a 1/4 leg ham and a marinated chook and some pre prepared roasting veges and some decidant icecream and a caramel tart with double cream!! oh and some nibblies so im certainly not missing out on the goodies just missing out on all the crap that goes with families on xmas day.the day will be get up and go for a long walk so i can eat guilt free,head up to the stables to feed the lad then home,close front door,turn off mobile,take phone off the hook,turn on oven,crank up mamma mia on dvd and blisfully pass the day away woohoo!!!!
merry christmas everyone and a fantastic 2009 to you all.....

21-12-08, 07:58 PM
I have to spend some time in the Hostel where my mum was scheduled earlier in the year, - which completely freaks me out because 1. I never got along with my mum even though I was her carer (looong story) and 2. all the other residents want to touch me and talk to me and honestly it FREAKS me out.
2. My brother and SIL have decided (as in 2 weeks ago) to get a divorce. this sux as I really love BOTH of them and its very hard right now talking to both and trying to support both of them.
3. My dad who lives with me is really not very good, going downhill watching mum waste away - its been very hard for him.
SO, not a big jolly old Christmas here either. We dont have any extetnded family like cousins or anything. I do have fabulous friends though, I always have said Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. They are my saving grace.
So not altogether bad, just not the best is all :-) Still chin up and all that :-)


22-12-08, 08:00 AM
I love christmas :-)

My christmas day is like yours cbz, just a lot more people. We have who ever hosts christmas lunch cooks, my sil would be cooking right now as I type I am sure :-) This year it is not me :-) I just have to take a dessert.

Christmas morning it is christmas tree and breakfast at my house for my immediate family and the grannies.

Christmas night it is back to my place for swimming, pool, black jack and poker :-)

And the presents, I get what you mean cbz, I spend a fortune and it is just crazy buying all of those presents for everyone, at the moment and have been for some time now, I am going out every single day buying presents. But it is all worth it come christmas day, all the presents are so fun :-)

I bought my christmas dress yesterday, which I just love, I still need to buy new shoes and jewellery for the day.



22-12-08, 12:55 PM
dilutesrule... I wish for a nice quiet xmas day on my own with the horses and my cats. It would be bliss...

However I have to do the extended family thing yet again.

I only just scraped out of going 3 hours up the coast for christmas eve (extended family of in-laws), have to go to my aunt's place for the family thing on christmas afternoon for a big dinner type thing, where my grandpa and Nan will both be there (bad divorce many years ago)... so that one will not be pleasant.
Then on boxing day 1.5 hour drive to the immediate in-law family gathering as I'm not doing the xmas eve thing I have to go to that one. and then a post boxing day bbq with close friends (this one I'm looking forward to)

*deep breath*

And on top of all this I can't afford presents for anyone after paying a vet bill this week from my horse choking...

But it gets better... At any minute I might be excused from the madness as my mare has not yet foaled and may go any time now... :D

I have my fingers crossed for a nice quiet christmas at home with my horses still, as she just might give me an awesome christmas present :)

22-12-08, 04:17 PM
hi shadow sounds like your mare might be your saving grace from a hectic christmas day......your not mad lol she has been crossing her legs for you intentionally. hope all goes well with foaling. i wonder if your foal will arrive wearing a big christmas bow hehe
keep us updated

horsey mum
22-12-08, 06:58 PM
hi dilute, with all your yummies you have going there, you should pack yourself a picnic and go and have lunch with your four legged family, take a little radio, a little vino, a little blanket and you are set, christmas cheers to you :+

from horsey mum

22-12-08, 08:03 PM
great idea horsey mum....want to join me hehe,we can roll around the horse paddock full of vino!!!!

23-12-08, 10:59 AM
You can be sure that there will be tonnes of pics and a full report for everyone on CH when the long awaited bub arrives.

I'm a little worried about her as it looks like a big one so I'm keeping a close eye on her to make sure she copes with it okay.