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24-05-01, 12:07 PM
Last weekend my almost non horsey husband willingly (shock, horror:o) decided he was going to come for a ride with me and a couple of friends in the national park near our home. All was going well until we started going faster than a walk! Howls of pain issued forth, with a plea to please walk again. Upon discussing the problem further it was decided that the up and forward method previously discussed on a recent post on CH was not working. I tried getting him to stay clear of the pommel but was informed that the pommel wasn't the problem. Apparently when 'they' get warm they hang down }> and he sits on them. Ouch!! x( Problem solved I thought, I will just get him a jock strap. Alas I have searched the web and can't find a store that sells them in Aus over the internet. My question is this where do I get him one from. A Sport store? or a mens wear store maybe? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as he actually enjoyed his ride apart from the crushing experience and he is keen to continue. :-) :-)

Deb (Guest)
25-05-01, 02:27 AM
:-) :-) :-)
Hi, I just read and laughed. Sorry I cannot help with the locality of a jock strap, surely a sport shop would have them?? But I had my hubby read this, he has done a bit of casual riding but he always rides in tight jeans.........beats me how he does it to be honest, but said he can relate to the problem well...:-)
If I find where you can get one I shall put a note up...}>

25-05-01, 02:36 AM
Hi Cinder, isn't it wonderful when the almost non-horsey husband finally decides to give riding a whirl! My partner had a similar problem after his first ride. He was in agony for days afterwards. But, keen to have another go, (or not to appear faint hearted!) he tried bike pants under jeans on his next ride, which seemed to help. As for purchasing a jock strap, I'd give Rebel Sport a try. If they don't stock them, they may be able to point you in the right direction.

Now, the only problem I have when riding out with my partner is that he tries to ride the same way he drives a car - fast, faster, fastest - grrrr :-)

LB (Guest)
25-05-01, 02:40 AM
Oh dear. My stomach hurts from laughing!!!

Unfortunately i have a new b/f (no thats not that bad thing) but he's keen to learn to ride so we can do it together (ride that is), but I think i'm too afraid now just incase this happens to him. How do you deal with that sort of stuff in a new relationship without laughing? Or crying for that matter!!?? :-)

25-05-01, 03:15 AM
LB - as the saying goes, no pain, no gain. I'd warn your boyfriend that in the days following his ride, he may...ummm, ahem....experience pain that may be somewhat frustrating *grin*.
Why not take him shopping beforehand, to make sure he is properly attired for his first ride.

Good luck, and who knows, you may end up with a horsey boyfriend - but I'm unsure as to whether that is a good or bad thing!

Denny (Guest)
25-05-01, 07:11 AM
I had a good laugh also.
My other half who also rides often mentions that he has heard that some men wear panty hose.
No - he hasn't admitted wearing them to me!
But I was wondering where my panty hose were going and why they were sooo stretched!!

25-05-01, 12:42 PM
Thanks for the replys guys. Hubby has had a read and has today discussed it further with the male friend we went riding with and has decided he is going to give a very tight pair of undies a go next time. ;-) I will let you know how he gets on!!:7 :7 :7

25-05-01, 11:46 PM
A nice tight pair of Wrangler jeans!!! ;-) My Hubby rides and was also a saddle bronc rider and says its the only way :D
Must confess, I like him in the tight jeans too. :9

26-05-01, 02:09 AM
Oh dear I nearly wet myself :P.

Well my BF will probably kill for telling the world, but he doesn't wear undies at all (Mmmmmm mind wanders }>) and hasn't for about 4 years.
He also is a rider and he just rides in jeans and they are not tight, so now you have me wondering where they .......um.......go :o......mmmmm I might just have to ask him tonight :7

DavidO (Guest)
26-05-01, 03:34 AM
So far you only seem to have replies from amused females.
So heres a male perspective.
There is only one way cure to this problem, a decent size saddle. I bet these poor guys are trying to ride in a saddle way to small, hence when they try to rise there is not enough room in front. This is common as women use a smaller saddle than men.
This is the only cure, and no amount of bike shorts, jock straps, etc, will help.

BWS (Guest)
26-05-01, 07:56 AM
As a male who rides three to four times a week i'll put my two bobs worth in.

I think it basically comes down to your seat and staying in a relatively stable position. My guess is these guys are probably trying to go to fast before they have a secure position. I remember my first riding instructor explaining that men do sit slightly differently but I'm not sure if I can actually see any difference when people are riding.

I personally find an all purpose saddle fine (may try a stock saddle?), my theory being if you are sitting a woman's dressage saddle its going to push you into a deep seat in a saddle thats probably too small for you.

Hope this helps.

26-05-01, 12:18 PM
Guys! Thanks for your ideas. He was actually riding in a nice large Syd Hill Poley specially lent by one of the male friends.
I think I might try the tight undies and tighter jeans idea. At least if it doeasn't help him it will be extremely good on my optic nerve and veryyyyy cute!}> }> }> I love this! :7