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15-01-09, 01:51 PM
All of them! dont care what i look like (can already do a good impersonation of a hillybilly so will just add to the charm LOL) but i want them out.

over the last 2 years have had nothing but trouble with my teeth :( and after another week of "crying" with the pain im off to the dentist in a hour (anyone want to come hold me hand ;( )

how do i convince him that i really dont care if i end up looking like granny clampett, but just want the pain to end?
cause as soon as one tooth is "fixed" another one takes its place

Has anyone got false teeth, how did you convince the dentist that root canals are something that only italians and their gondolas should know about LOL.
and will getting drunk before hand calm my nerves ;)
regards from a in pain pauper

Woo Hoo
15-01-09, 02:08 PM
I have never even had a hole (did you just call me what I think you just called me?)

But... My sister had all of her teeth out when she was in her early thirties and no one could tell she has falsies.

Both my parents have falsies and my father got his at 36yrs old but Mum was about 60 when she had hers out. Mum takes hers out all the time as they are uncomfortable.

In all 3 cases there was gum disease and the teeth were making them sick.

None of them recommend it and are always telling people to look after their teeth!

Good Luck!

15-01-09, 02:14 PM
Hi Woohoo yes i did just call you a very rude name LOL,
i've unfortunately inherited my fathers genes, which means no amount of care will make them strong and healthy :9

usually i just persevere but am over it and just want them gone.
am even to the point where i dont care if i cant eat chockie again just want the pain to stop.

Woo Hoo
15-01-09, 02:23 PM
you can still gum the chocolate

15-01-09, 02:25 PM

I drove up a very steep hill in blinding sun light in 1984 and right near the crest of the hill, where I could see nothing, I drove at speed under a cement truck that was stopped in the middle of the (only) lane and the men were out of the truck - this was around the corner of my house and I did not have my seat belt done up yet. Excuses but I was working full time as well as doing a PhD and was running on about 3 hours sleep a night and had been doing so for years.

When I woke up in hospital it was apparent that my upper teeth had taken the full impact, with many fragments of them in my lungs and all mostly smashed. I have an upper denture and it is not that bad seriously. I take it out only to clean it every day while I have a shower and I don't think you - or even a boyfriend - would know.

While my reasons were dramatic, as well I had crumbly teeth that were always painful and had had many root canals. Later I wished I had opted for the type that are more like crowns that attach magnetically to the roots (as it was all covered by insurance) but in some cases, the roots were not there also.

I do know where you are coming from - and wish I could hold your hand


15-01-09, 03:13 PM
Geez Paups ...

Getting ALL your teeth out ... just like Grandma Clampett ???

Well ... I could have a job for you when you get back !!! ;) ;) ;)


}( }( }(

15-01-09, 03:30 PM
i had shocking teeth. no proper care when i was a kid. i had all my uppers out in my late 20ies. half pulled one week and the other half the next week and a plate put straight in. thought i was dying for about 5 days. was told only take them out to clean your mouth out with salt and water, and put them straight back in, or your face will swell and you will have to go without for 3 or 4 weeks. so i stuck to it and didnt take long at all and i was right as rain.
tell you now. BEST thing i ever did. dentists just string you out to keep fixing teeth that are wrecked anyway. just be sure and go to a decent dental surgeon and get a plate made ready to go in when the teeth come out. and take a photo with you of what your teeth looked like. those blokes who make plates now are brilliant,,match your own teeth, even the colour so you dont have a mouthfull of piano keys.
Dont think getting drunk will help tho. the hangover coupled with the pain will NOT BE NICE ! and you dont want to be ill and loose your new teeth down the dunny either. and before anyone says "oh gross", i assure you i have seen that happen more than once.
good luck. lets know how you get on

15-01-09, 03:36 PM
Not happy, going to bed now.

15-01-09, 05:38 PM
Ohh Paups, tooth pain is the worst kind! I am only just getting to the point of no pain from having my wisdoms removed... the hole left over has only just closed up, and the pain through my jaw has taken over 2 months to go away.
The kicker? Suddenly both my top back teeth have holes in them! Looked fine on the x-ray but within a month of having the widom teeth out these pesky holes did appear! Now I have to go back to the torture merchant ;(

Best of luck with whatever you choose... gummy shark or otherwise. Chocolate can be eaten with or without teeth!

(anybody else suprised our no. 1 chocky addict has toothy problems?):P

15-01-09, 06:48 PM
Pauper ((HUGS!!)). I am not a huggy person either. Tooth pain is the worst!

My Grandma (RIP ) got falsies in her early 20s. She had a beautiful pair of false teeth. You would never have known. She had a gorgeous smile :7 .

15-01-09, 10:48 PM
Be assertive with the dentist and just tell him/her you want them out. It's not worth the pain and sometimes I think some of them keep fixing your teeth to get more money out of you.

I swear, if it's a choice between root canal and an extraction for me, I'll be asking for the pliers!

15-01-09, 11:33 PM
dont let em talk you into root canal..

they make a motza, you risk death.

im not kidding.

a friend of ours had root canal as did the wife of another friend.

both ended up fighting for their lives in ICU

all those little germs living in your mouth have a freeway to your jawbones and its only a hop into your veins.

brian as lucky, he had the heart attack at the doc's
they had gone to his heart and were destroying the valves. all from a root canal.

murrys wife endured months of agony before the cause was revealed.

I only have a partial plate for the moment. lost a front tooth trying to undo a knot in a rope. NOT a good idea.

but considering how fast the rest are breaking away from the fillings done decades ago its either root canal or dentures.

I prefer to leave it in my handbag but family go ape reckon i look like a bogan with the gap tooth look.
must admit it think its only fair, as a kid i used to think the old lady in the next street with the long plaits and the missing top tooth was a witch.

look in the mirror and what do I see??

now its my turn. what goes round perhaps does come round eh?

at the rate im going might see u in the next chair


Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur

16-01-09, 12:13 AM
Mindari my gf (female friend...not partner...lol) had root canals, and after months of visits to ICU's and Emergency departments, they booked her in to have maxiofacial (not sure of the spelling) surgery, to remove half of her jaw bone, as they were unable to get the infection out...

Root canals only make dentists rich (and doctors and surgeons for that matter). My gf said in future, she would have her teeth pulled as this was cheaper, dramatically reduced the risk of infection, and was much much less painful...

She is 33 btw, and now has falsies which she is very happy with...I know what I would be doing...lol


16-01-09, 07:25 AM
I wholeheartedly agree re root canal surgery. It is sooooo painful. I seem to need almost three times the anesthetic most people have and I STILL feel the pain. The last root canal I had cost $2000 all up and I ended up losing the tooth itself several months later anyway. Bloody waste of time and energy and money and did I mention the pain???!!!!

Paups, get the worst ones taken out and be done with it - don't know about them all though - you could be Australia's next menace of the ocean - instead of Jaws IV it could be Pauper Gums from the Deep...

Good luck with whatever you go with x}( }( }(

16-01-09, 01:16 PM
I have had 2 root canals over the years-all horse related. If I had heard these stories I think they would have had to hit me over the head to get me in the door. First one was horrendous as they had to drill 3 injections into the enamel to numb the tooth - vomited for 2 days after (mostly due to stress from the event). 2nd one wasn't bad at all. Only problem is they eventually go grey and you need false fronts on them and you can always pick them.

If that dentist won;t do it pauper - get a second opinion. Your mouth your decision.

16-01-09, 06:09 PM
**Pauper pushes Sarj down a big winding staircase**

Dont you blame me "life food" its genes i tell you, bad genes.

Well i still have me sore tooth, thanks to a dentist who resembled a actor from planet of the apes without the personality x(

for the pricely sum of $75 i received a lecture on how bad my teeth are (stupid moron, dont think they would be hurting this bad if they were in great shape x( )
told that the only thing he would do for me was root canal treatment (wonder if me planting my foot up his backside would be deemed as root canal treatment }( ) and a prescription for antibiotics (about the only thing he did b####y right)

so after 10 minutes of him laughing when i said i had a morbid fear of dentists and a lecture that would have been better left for a 10 year old, i was ushered out of there with a bill and in worse shape when i arrived ;(

so now its back to the specialist, will cost me the equivalent of 4 months agistment :( but at least i wont be lying in the chair thinking of ways to show him why gelding should also be done on humans }(

Thank you to everyone for your concern, now has anyone got a pair of pliers they could lend me :)

16-01-09, 07:14 PM
"so now its back to the specialist, will cost me the equivalent of 4 months agistment but at least i wont be lying in the chair thinking of ways to show him why gelding should also be done on humans"

Sorry paups, maybe I missed something. Does this mean you are going ahead with root canal or getting falsies?

16-01-09, 07:27 PM
who is that lovely horse? great rear end for jumping or dressage!

16-01-09, 07:32 PM
Poor Paups, I know how awful the pain is but PLEASE be careful about getting root canal therapy, it is a big waste of money.

I am just about to have teeth out that I spent $1500+ on about 6 years ago after being conned by the dentist that they would last the rest of my life. Spectacular failure!! I have had many antibiotics and trips to specialists but the only solution is extraction.

As someone else said, Your teeth, Your decision!

Ignore the boring dentist lecturing you and take some pain killers. Good luck.


16-01-09, 07:41 PM
I've had couple of root canals done, they can't give you anaesthetic because only lack of pain tells them that they've got all the nerve endings out. I have wonderful, very deft Chinese dentist, and even he can't manage that as a no-pain procedure. I'm 70, and my dread in life has always been needing false teeth, so I've done everything I can to keep them. But may have to give in, as one tooth is giving me pain, filling disintegrating, two teeth past it, going back, luckily so long as I don't smile too widely noone can see. resorted to dabbing scotch on it, helped a bit, scotch (no ice, that hurts) orally is also helping. Don't get drunk first, alcohol will make effects much worse. Get drunk after! I'm in darwin, so probably my wonderful dentist too far away for you

16-01-09, 07:46 PM
Hi Gimetime i saw a different dentist about it a while ago but apparently because its close to the sinus he wouldn't touch it.
so off to a specialist i went, but what he wanted to charge me to rip it out scared me nearly as much as going to the dentist in the first place.

the specialist said something that made me think maybe it wouldn't be so hard to take it out, so thought it might pay to see if i could get it done cheaper but after paying $75 and not being any better off i'll just sell the TD, the saddle or anything that stands still :7 and will get the specialist to take it out.

Montego every time i see a dentist in their new beaut Mercedes, i wonder how many poor people were conned into root canals just so the dentist could get their shiny new car }(

Ummm Hilarytim's you lost :P

16-01-09, 07:49 PM
"they can't give you anaesthetic because only lack of pain tells them that they've got all the nerve endings out"

OMG :o :o :o ;( Hilarytims if nothing else would ever turn me off a root canal that certainly would!

i even have the gas to get me teeth cleaned, and a nurse to hold me hand LOL

16-01-09, 08:50 PM
LOL Pauper. I punched a dentist once because the anethestic was wearing off. I told him I could feel it and he said just hang on he was nearly finished! Next thing he hit a nerve and I hit him (pure reaction). He gave me another anethestic then!!!

Now I always sit on my hands. One dentist asked why and I told them. She said "Just let me know if you start to feel anything won't you dear!"

17-01-09, 11:39 AM
Oh Paups, I feel for you. I have the most wonderful dentist..have been seeing him for 17 years, he's taken my wisdom teeth out under full g/a in hospital, he's done a big problematic root canal...no pain during his work....plenty of pain before hand, but during his procedure..none..he is absolutely paranoid about causing pain and he so gentle it's wonderfully comforting. During my root canal, I must have been somehow allergic to the substance they clean the tooth out with...because that night I was agony, he said come straight back but he wasn't there that day so I had to see another dentist ...well during the 'simple' procedure, I experienced more pain than I did when I broke my femur...so the next day I came back to my real good fairdinkim lovely dentist and I told him about the pain the other bloke caused me, and he went straight out and I heard him giving him a real serve in the next room...ha ! Anyway, next three appointments were free because of that...which was pretty good... The problem tooth is still there, causing no more problems now..but I do have crappy teeth and many many issues, so I know exactly how you feel.

18-01-09, 12:17 AM
'my vet made the same comment about vets who operate on luxating patella's in puppies and youngsters under 2 years.
he said many that are loose as young puppies come good with maturity.

when i went to the dentist after my front tooth broke she wanted to do root canal right or wrong, n wanted 3,000 for it if my ears were working right?

then finally after questening admitted it could last only a year as the break was at the gum line so very little tooth left to fit it too anyway. so much to her disgust i had it out.

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur